Tummy Tuck in Türkiye– Benefits, Cost and Procedure

Bauchdeckenstraffung in der Türkei - Vorteile, Kosten
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Tummy Tuck Türkiye Cost Procedure: Modifications can cause a person’s abdominal wall to sag. After pregnancy, weight loss or other physical changes, the abdominal wall cannot return to its old shape, despite a healthy diet and intensive training. A tummy tuck in Turkey can help make your dream of a tight stomach come true. An operation in Turkey has many advantages. The procedure not only convinces with its low price, but also with its professional implementation in ultra-modern clinics according to the latest medical standards.

How does a tummy tuck in Türkiye work? – Tummy Tuck Türkiye Cost Procedure

You can get in touch with the clinic of your choice from home and get advice in an online conversation. Alternatively, you can get advice directly on site. In any case, a free initial consultation takes place. If you decide to have a tummy tuck, your general health will be checked and your abdominal wall will be examined.

In abdominal wall surgery, also known as tummy tuck, a distinction is made between a classic tummy tuck and a mini-abdominal plastic. Which operation is necessary in the individual case depends on the individual physical condition and the aim of the operation.

Depending on the extent of the abdominal wall, the surgical procedure for a classic tummy tuck takes around two to five hours. A mini tummy tuck takes one to two hours. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. You will then be looked after by the surgical team and can leave the clinic after just one day.

After the operation, you will receive regular follow-up examinations and can start your journey home after about a week. The goal of your tummy tuck is to make you feel good and increase your self-confidence. You will get a natural looking and flat stomach. Tummy Tuck Türkiye Cost Procedure.

An operation in Turkey offers you as a patient: In many advantages. You can book an all-inclusive package, which not only covers all medical expenses, but also the stay in a hotel and the travel to and from the hotel. That way you don’t have to worry at all.

What costs do you have to reckon with?

A classic tummy tuck in Türkiye is already performed from 3,500 euros. The cost of a mini tummy tuck starts at €2,990. The more excess skin that has to be removed, the higher the surgical effort and costs. These always depend on the individual condition of your abdominal wall. A tummy tuck can be combined with performing liposuction. In this case the prices will increase.

Why is a tummy tuck cheaper in Türkiye than in Germany?

In Germany, operations on the abdominal wall are not performed for less than 6,000 euros. The classic tummy tuck even costs more than 10,000 euros. The costs for an abdominal wall operation are therefore many times cheaper in Türkiye.

Quality of medical care and operations in Turkey correspond to the highest medical standards. The general wage costs in Turkey as well as the cost of living are lower than in Germany.

Turkey has its own production of medical devices and does not depend on imports. Every day, people from all over the world choose to have surgery in Turkish clinics. For this reason, the operations can be offered at more favorable conditions with the highest quality.