Biliopancreatic Diversion in Turkey

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The Biliopancreatic diversion is an effectual Bariatric operation for a substantial loss of weight.

The Biliopancreatic Diversion to the Sleeve Gastrectomy

A Biliopancreatic diversion is an operative method to reduce weight. The Biliopancreatic diversion in Turkey is often performed with a duodenal switch. The operation is a good option for patients with a high level of overweight and a BMI of over 50, if other methods for a weight reduction didn’t work out. The high expertise and longstanding experience of our specialists and surgeons in Turkey will return the sense of life and health to you.

Biliopancreatic Diversion in Turkey

In the first step of the operation about 80 percent of the stomach will be removed. The remaining small part in the form of a sleeve looks like a banana. In the Biliopancreatic diversion the part where the food merges into the small intestine is kept, also a limited part of the small intestine.

In the second step of the operation the surgeon connects the end portion with the duodenum close to the stomach. With this procedure the intake of food and nutrients, including proteins and fats, is definitely reduced.

With a Biliopancreatic diversion in Turkey normally only one operation is needed. In some cases there will be two operations. After the first part the weight loss will be controlled, before the bypass will be performed.

Biliopankreatische Diversion Kosten

The Advantages of a Biliopancreatic Diversion

A Biliopancreatic diversion is performed to help you to lose overweight. Additionally the risk of life-threatening ailments is reduced. These include:

Maybe in your country surgeons will perform this kind of operation only, when changes in your diet and exercise behaviours have failed to reduce weight. Likewise an operation there will be more costly as in Turkey. Often health care will not refund a Biliopancreatic diversion.

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    Before a Biliopancreatic Diversion

    The Turkish specialists will examine you before the operation. On the day of the surgery you will get a general anaesthetic. An anaesthetist is watching over you and controls continuously affect and circulation.

    During a Biliopancreatic Diversion for Weight Loss

    Our Turkish specialists will discuss the operation with you before. Most operations can be done laparoscopically. With this the traditional large cuts can be avoided. Also, it reduces costs and regeneration time.

    The operation will take a few hours. After the surgery, you will be taken care off by our trained staff in a postanaesthesia care unit.

    After Surgery

    You will be fed a fluid diet after a Biliopancreatic diversion. Stomach and intestine need time for recovering. Your diet plan will change from fluid to passed food and after a few days you can eat already soft and later on normal food.

    Our Turkish operating team will recommend additional vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent a deficiency.

    It is possible that after a a Biliopancreatic diversion in Turkey, that you will lose 70 to 80 percent of your overweight within two years.

    Biliopankreatische Diversion Türkei Kosten
    Biliopancreatic Diversion in Turkey – At a glance

    Duration of Procedure

    1 - 3 Hours

    Hospital Stay

    4 Days

    Recovery Time

    2 Days


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    Biliopancreatic Diversion in Turkey – Frequently Asked Questions

    The a Biliopancreatic diversion will be performed in a Turkish Specialty hospital. The duration of your stay depends on your recovery. In many cases and a laparoscopically operation patients can leave the hospital after two days.

    Once you have decided to have an operation in Turkey, our specialist will give you detailed information. Perhaps there has to be done some examinations and laboratory tests.

    It is important for the doctors to know what medicines, vitamins, minerals or other supplements you take. In case you are taking blood thinning medications arrangements have to be made. Also vital are information about diabetic to be adjusted.

    After the surgery, you will stay a few days in hospital. The trained staff is taking care of you and prepares you for discharge. Maybe you opt for a few days vacation in Turkey after your operation.

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