Chin Correction

from 1,990 EUR

The shape of a chin defines the harmony of a face. Whether juvenility, dynamics, assertiveness – the chin is an important factor of the paralanguage.

Chin Correction by a Specialist in Turkey

After a look into your mirror, you found out that your chin is dominating your face profile or just unincisive. In both cases, you decided to change this. You want to have the aesthetic of your chin harmonically and gently adjusted to the rest of your facial expression. This can be done with aesthetic surgery performed by a cosmetic surgeon in Turkey.

Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya knows the most prestigious plastic surgeons and specialists in Turkey. We are here to help you to get in contact with them. Call us for your questions an inquiries about a chin correction in Turkey!

Chin Correction: Professionally qualified Consulting with a Draft for a personal Treatment Concept

Before any surgical chin correction, there will be specific agreements between you as patient and attending a cosmetic surgeon about your wishes and ideas for an ideal result. In a detailed consultation, all questions about a chin correction will be discussed. Themes are your medical records, the surgery techniques, alternative opportunities, any risks and the costs of your chin correction. You have to undergo an examination and of all data combined your doctor will develop an individual treatment concept just for you.

Chin Augmentation or Chin Reduction

While one has a to large chin another one has a small and bland chin. Both forms can be corrected with cosmetic surgery for a harmonic profile of the face.

We from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya know qualified Turkish surgeons for facial surgery. They deliver high quality and long lasting aesthetic satisfying chin corrections. Please contact our team for your questions and inquiries.

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    How do Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons a Chin Correction (Genioplasty)?

    Turkish cosmetic surgeons to look back a long time with experience with chin corrections. They are working by the latest standards of medicine and technique.

    Everything from the preparation of the procedure, the surgery, and after treatment will be done with expertise by the surgery team and the anaesthesia team. With well-founded know-how and instinctive feeling, they are performing the operation concept. You will be delighted with your new chin after the healing process.

    Chin Correction – The Surgical Procedure

    A chin correction is done under strict hygiene standards. Your surgeon can perform with your osseous matter or bone graft and give your chin an incisive form. With a chin reduction, some osseous matter removed. Both procedures will be performed under general anaesthetic. Incisions are made that no visible scars will be left. You will be taken care off after the operation from the team.

    A harmonious Profil of your Face

    After the healing process, you can enjoy a harmonious and aesthetic profile of your face. With this operation by Turkish cosmetic surgeons, you increase your quality of living in private and job wise. Your look in the mirror maybe takes a little bit longer from then on.

    The Team from Aesthetic Travel waiting and ready to advise you on all opportunities about a chin correction in Turkey by specialists. Don’t hesitate and contact us now!

    Kinnkorrektur Türkei Kosten
    Chin Correction – At a glance

    Duration of Procedure

    1 - 3 Hours

    Hospital Stay

    1 Day

    Recovery Time

    2 - 4 Days


    from 1,990 EUR

    Frequently Asked Questions

    That question is easily answered. The chin is a distinctive feature of the face. It is for many people a disturbing point when it does not correspond to the popular ideal of beauty. Especially men like to have a perfectly jaw-line that signals an expressional character.

    A chin correction aims to modulate the portions of the face with each other to have an aesthetic overall image as a result. Men and women who decide for a surgical operation in Turkey win with this procedure new vigour and enhanced self-esteem. They enjoy a view in the mirror and admiring their look.


    To be chinless is the description of a receding chin. This can be corrected with cosmetic surgery. Doctors using by procedures of receding chins anatomical formed silicone implants. A protruding chin can only be corrected by removing some of the osseous matter.

    A double chin develops by excess tissue. This deposits in the lower chin area. Mostly large fat deposits are responsible for this aesthetic flaw. Other reasons for sagging skin at the chin are ageing or heavy weight loss. Disturbing fat deposits at the chin can be removed permanently with liposuction. Sometimes additional lifting is necessary for a tightening of the skin.

    Immediately after the surgical procedure, a feeling of tension can occur. It can be treated with painkillers. You should rest for seven to ten days after the operation and before going to work again. Sporting activities and visits to the sauna should be avoided for at least four weeks.

    If an experienced surgeon performs the chin correction there will be seldom any complications. Every operative procedure has risks. Swellings and haematoma are reported and usual. These will disappear after a short while. In rare cases, it can occur post-operative haemorrhage, disturbance of the wound healing or infections.

    Our patients pay around 1.990 Euros for a chin correction in Turkey. The exact costs will depend on the efforts needed for the operation. Please, call us, so we can talk about the details of your procedure. Our team will be happy to see you soon in Antalya!