Transplant of Eyebrows in Turkey

Transplant of brows in Turkey for a more friendly look. Our specialists will give you a detailed consultation.

eyebrow transplant turkey

Eyebrow Transplant Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Transplant of Brows – A Trend from the Beautiful People

Eyebrows give the face character. The favoured look of brows have changed in the last few years and receive much more attention. Full, and bushy eyebrows are the prototype from stars like Cara Delevinge to put in perspective.

Eyes receive from naturally formed, full eyebrows a tremendous force of expression. In some cases of genetic hereditary or ailment occurs hair loss at the eyebrows. People with too small or no eyebrows appear ailing and unimpressive. Very understandable, that those people want to have full eyebrows and considering a transplant of brows.

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Transplant of Eyebrows – How it works

To remove flaws like scars or gaps in eyebrows permanently, the gentle FUE method can be of great help. With this procedure will be hair transplanted from head or body to the eyebrows. The FUE method is suitable for parts or whole restoration of eyebrows with a permanent transplant. For the transplantation, suitable hair follicles will be extracted. For a whole eyebrow, 150 to 200 individual hair implants are needed.

The procedure will be performed under local anaesthetic. The hair follicles will be transplanted one by one. Important by the transplantation ist to follow the natural direction of the hair growth and to get a natural thickness. The normal eyebrow transplant can be done ambulant. A transplant of eyebrows needs an explicit examination by a specialist.

eyebrow transplant turkey
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Why have an Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey?

Cosmetic surgery and transplantation medicine in Turkey has been discovered by patients from various European countries. There is more and more request from patients who want to have a transplant of eyebrows. The quality of conventional medicine and technique is of the latest standard in Turkey. Our specialists in cosmetic surgery have to follow very strict guidelines. This is also true for the expert team of Aesthetic Travel in Antalya. We give you detailed information on your questions and wishes in English before any procedure. We are also there for you and your aftercare needs. The procedure of a transplant of eyebrows in Turkey has the same standards as in your home country but it costs a lot less.

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey – much cheaper as in other Countries

A comparison of the costs of your home country and in Turkey will result in heavy savings. The cheap price is not compromising the quality of the procedure. The difference lies in our lower personal cost and cost of living in Turkey. This advantage we from Aesthetic Travel give to our patients.

eyebrow transplant turkey

Eyebrow Transplant Turkey Before After

Augenbrauentransplantation Türkei Vorher Nachher
Eyebrow Transplant Turkey Before After
Augenbrauentransplantation Türkei Vorher Nachher
Eyebrow Transplant Turkey Before After
Augenbrauentransplantation Türkei Vorher Nachher
Eyebrow Transplant Turkey Before After

Eyebrow Transplant Turkey - FAQ

The wellbeing of our patients is very important to us. Since an eyebrow transplant is an ambulant procedure, patients can leave the clinic after a short while. Our surgery specialist awaiting you for a follow-up examination you will have ample time for a relaxing short holiday. While on holiday you should follow the advice of your doctor to avoid complications.

Definitely! In some European countries the term cosmetic surgeon is not trademarked, in Turkey have to be presented some certificates. Our experts are regularly trained on the latest medical methods. Our well-practised team is using high tech technologies for the transplant of eyebrows. Communication in English is no problem, we are here to inform and for consultation.

Normally, we use the FUE method for an eyebrow transplant. Our specialists will give you guidelines to prepare for the procedure.

No! The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and you are by full consciousness. It can happen that you will feel a small pinprick.

No. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic so that you are always fully conscious. The anaesthetic that numbs the area around the transplant ensures that you do not feel any pain. However, you may occasionally feel a short, small prick.

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