Inlays & Fillings in Turkey

Dental inlays are for the long-term fillings and made of premium synthetic, gold or ceramic.

Inlays & Fillings turkey

Inlays & Fillings in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Dental Inlays and Dental Fillings in Turkey

Is a tooth damaged by tooth decay, then there are a few possibilities to reconstruct it. Depending on the damage and which tooth is affected, we from Aesthetic Travel Team in Turkey can offer the fitting therapy and treatment.

The goal of every dental treatment is to keep so much natural substance as possible. Besides the version for a filling, there are options to use caps for decayed teeth.

Inlays & Fillings in Turkey

Inlays & Fillings turkey antalya

Which Kinds of Fillings are to make out?

The differences are between restoration filling and inlay. The first is a tough mass and worked into the tooth where it is hardening. The inlay has to be produced and in one more step to be fitted and fixed.

Do this the decayed dental substance has to be removed from the tooth. With minimal defects of dental decay laser technology or chemical, methods can be used in Turkey. Once the affected tooth is primed, it can be closed with the appropriate inlay or filling.

Inlays are produced by a specific computer technology direct in the clinic or a professional dental laboratory. Important here is the individual accuracy of fit. So that our team form Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can ensure this, your dentist will take castings. To guarantee a maximum on accuracy a special camera is used.

Inlays & Fillings in Turkey

Inlays & Fillings turkey cost

What Kind of Inlays and Fillings are differenced?

To seal your teeth damaged by tooth decay, dentists using several filling methods. Dentists in Turkey usually use the following materials:

  • Amalgam
  • Composite
  • Glass ionomer cement
  • Compomer
  • Gold foil compaction

Inlays & Fillings in Turkey

Inlays & Fillings antalya turkey
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What Inlay Types are differenced?

Besides the most durable gold inlays, we from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya recommend ceramic inlays. The reason for ceramic inlays is their individual adaptability in colouration to receive a natural look of the teeth. Their organic compatibility is very high. Irritations by heat or cold temperatures of foodstuff are more tolerated and no flavourful changes will occur.

Once the inlay made of ceramic is cut out of the raw material it can be placed into the tooth with a special adhesive. If you decide to have your new inlays in one of our recommended dental clinics with a laboratory in Turkey, you can have your inlays done in one session. Imprints and temporary prosthesis are not needed and you can leave the clinic with a gleaming and healthy smile.

Inlays & Fillings in Turkey

Inlays & Fillings in turkey

Inlays & Fillings Turkey - FAQ

To seal your dental decay and damaged teeth, we in Turkey favour Amalgam and Composite as filling material.

An inlay is a filling, which is individually made and a permanent seal for your tooth after treatment of your decayed tooth.

An onlay is a filling, which is a protruding dental cusp. This means the whole chewing surface is reshaped.

For the treatment of teeth damaged by dental decay, inlays are suited best, because they can be fitted exactly to the jaw and the whole chewing efficiency improves.

With a cap, the whole tooth is reshaped. This method is used, when more as 66 per cent of the affected tooth is lost.

The price for fillings and inlays in Turkey depending on the degree of damage to the affected tooth.

In many European countries are composite fillings in the front areas and also amalgam fillings at the side areas covered by health insurance.

Inlays & Fillings in Turkey

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