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weight loss surgery turkey

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

Turkey is a popular travel destination people from Germany, England, Austria, Switzerland and many of the other countries of World. Many people opt for a stomach reduction in Turkey because the operation is very cheap there. The clinics and doctors in Turkey also have a very good reputation. With a Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey you will be in very good hands. Reasons for a stomach reduction.

gastric sleeve surgery turkey

Gastric Sleeve Turkey

With the gastric sleeve Turkey you can lose weight quickly and, above all, permanently. Gastric sleeve surgery is a very simple but effective gastric surgery that reduces the stomach to a specific size. As a result, the patient eats less and gets full faster.

nose job surgery turkey

Nose Job Turkey

A nose job is particularly popular in Turkey. Many people choose rhinoplasty in Turkey because they are unhappy with their nose. Some want a smaller nose, others a straight nose. Turkey offers many good doctors and clinics for nose surgery.

breast augmentation turkey

Breast Augmentation Turkey

More than 100,000 breast surgeries are performed in Turkey every year. At around 3,000 euros, the costs for a breast augmentation in Turkey are significantly cheaper than in Germany, where the costs for a similar operation are estimated at at least 7,000 euros. A breast operation in Turkey is not only cheap. The Turkish cosmetic surgeons are also very well trained. Learn more about breast op Turkey cost.

bbl surgery turkey

BBL Turkey

If you also want to have a rounder and firmer bottom, then the Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey is just right for you. The BBL Turkey will lift and tighten your buttocks and you will get visible results immediately. The BBL is a relatively new method that has grown in popularity in recent years. It is also known as "Po Starffung Turkey". The treatment takes place under general anesthesia and usually lasts between 1-2 hours.

tummy tuck surgery turkey

Tummy Tuck Turkey

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is an operation to get your stomach back after weight loss, e.g. due to a stomach reduction in Turkey. In connection with the tummy tuck in Turkey, liposuction is also performed on the waists, also known as liposuction. Turkey tummy tuck is a popular way to get rid of excess skin and fat and get a more attractive figure.


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I have had a great experience with Aesthetic Travel. They are truly professionals. Very well organised, they made all the necessary arrangements so that my staying would be perfect.
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Since day I got to the hospital I felt safe. I felt cared for. The cleaning crew was professional and always onto of things. The nurses on the south side always was on time to give me my medicine.
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From the beginning everyone was so sweet und helpful. The translator was also very good at giving you a home-like feeling. To everyone still thinking about doing it - just do it!
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I went to Aesthetic travel for Gastric sleeve. I also need my gallbladder removed I was running to hospital in Northern Ireland for years with pain. I also had a hernia and the Surgeon was amazing
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I had gastric sleeve surgery through anaesthetic travel. This company are amazing. From the VIP airport transfers to and from the hospital to the hospital and the surgery.
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