Facelift Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

Facelift in Turkey in Antalya – costs & procedure at Aesthetic Travel: A look in the mirror reveals wrinkled skin on the face every day. With modern aesthetic surgery, you can regain your youthful appearance.

Facelift Turkey – Costs: from 3,990 EUR

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Facelift in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Facelift Turkey at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya

Facelift Turkey at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya: The natural ageing process of the skin and the underlying tissue does not stop at our face. Over time, you will recognise a few wrinkles or the occasional tiny fat pad. You wonder whether it is possible to give your face a youthful look.

Especially in the facial area, Turkish plastic surgeons proceed with particular sensitivity and in-depth knowledge, as on the one hand the incisions should be as “invisible” as possible and on the other hand your face should not appear mask-like after the facelift.

Our team at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya maintains close contacts with renowned Turkish facelift specialists and will be happy to help you get in touch with them. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Face Lifting turkey cost

Facelift Turkey at Aesthetic Travel: expert advice

Before the facelift in Turkey / Antalya, the Turkish cosmetic surgeon will first discuss your personal ideas and present you with the aesthetic-plastic measures to realise them. Your experts will assess the individual parts of your face: the forehead/eye region, the middle third of the face, the mouth region and the neck/chin area. The procedures are designed to harmonise the proportions of the face.

You will also be thoroughly examined and your medical history documented. Your cosmetic surgeon will also discuss the individual aspects of the treatment with you. This includes the possible risks and complications of the procedure, alternative surgical techniques and the costs of a facelift in Turkey. We will inform you about this in a separate section of our website.

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Face Lifting turkey cost

Professional facial rejuvenation

Our cooperating cosmetic surgeons in Turkey develop individual, customised facial rejuvenation concepts for you. They give your face a lasting, naturally youthful dynamic. The following structures can be remodelled during a facelift:

  • Deep nasolabial folds
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Cheek wrinkles
  • Sagging neck skin
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Double chin

Aesthetic Travel: Your partner for cosmetic surgeries, stomach reduction, dental treatments, ophthalmology, and hair transplantation in Türkiye, specifically in Antalya. Contact through WhatsApp.

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Facelift in Turkey: rejuvenation with precision

A facelift in Turkey is performed under general anaesthetic or twilight sleep, usually with a one-day stay in the clinic. By tightening the facial skin, removing excess fat and, if necessary, building up fatty tissue, the procedure gives the face new contours and a naturally rejuvenated appearance. Age and expression lines are effectively smoothed out.

Combination options and discreet procedure

  • Combination with other procedures: Can be ideally combined with nose and chin corrections to harmonise the facial profile.
  • Natural results: Experts in Turkey provide subtle changes that create a younger appearance without looking obviously operated on.

The Aesthetic Travel team provides comprehensive advice on customised facelift options to achieve a perfectly rejuvenated appearance.

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Aesthetic Travel: Your partner for cosmetic surgeries, stomach reduction, dental treatments, ophthalmology, and hair transplantation in Türkiye, specifically in Antalya. Contact through WhatsApp.

Face Lifting in turkey antalya

Facelift Turkey at Aesthetic Travel – before and after pictures

Take a look at the stunning before and after pictures of facelifts at Aesthetic Travel in Turkey, which illustrate the artistry and amazing results of the surgical procedures. They show the successful rejuvenation and natural results achieved by our experienced surgeons.

facelift turkei vorher nachher 1
Facelift - Before and after pictures
facelift türkei vorher nachher
Facelift Turkey at Aesthetic Travel - Before and after pictures
facelifting türkei vorher nachher
Facelift Turkey at Aesthetic Travel - Before and after photos

Facelift Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure: Frequently Asked Questions

At Aesthetic Travel you will find comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions about the cost and procedure of a facelift in Antalya, Turkey. Find out about affordable prices, the detailed surgical process, recovery time and the qualifications of the surgeons. Our website offers a wealth of information to help you make the right decision for your facial rejuvenation.

Facelift: Rejuvenation of the face

Definition of a facelift

A facelift, also known medically as a rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the visible signs of aging on the face and neck. By lifting and tightening the facial skin and underlying tissue layers, a fresher, more youthful appearance is achieved.

Goals and benefits

  • Rejuvenation effect: A facelift can smooth wrinkles, tighten sagging skin and rejuvenate the overall appearance of the face.
  • Individual adjustment: The procedure is individually adapted to the patient’s specific needs and goals.

Sequence of the procedure

  • Surgical Technique: The surgeon makes incisions in the hairline to tighten the skin and remove or reposition excess tissue.
  • Duration: The operation usually lasts several hours and can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation.

Recovery phase

  • Healing process: Swelling and bruising are to be expected after the procedure. Full recovery may take several weeks.
  • Aftercare: Careful aftercare and following the surgeon’s instructions are crucial for a successful outcome.

A facelift is an effective way to correct age-related changes in the facial area and can significantly increase self-confidence. It is important to select an experienced plastic surgeon to perform this procedure to achieve the best results.

The optimal age for a facelift depends on various individual factors and cannot be determined across the board for every person. Here are some considerations to take into account when deciding when to have a facelift:

Individual aging processes

  • Personal needs: The decision to have a facelift depends on the individual signs of aging and personal aesthetic goals. Some people show signs of aging earlier, while others notice changes later.
  • Skin condition: The elasticity and general condition of the skin play a major role. People with premature aging symptoms could benefit earlier from a facelift.

Average age for a facelift

  • Typically: Many people decide to have a facelift between the ages of 40 and 60, as the signs of aging often become more noticeable during this period.

Lifestyle factors

  • Sun exposure and smoking: These factors can accelerate the aging process of the skin, which can lead to the decision to have a facelift earlier.
  • Health condition: Good general health is important for the operation and healing.

Consultation with a specialist

  • Professional advice: A qualified plastic surgeon can provide the best recommendations based on your facial condition, skin quality and aesthetic goals.

Ultimately, the timing of a facelift is a very personal decision and should be based on a careful assessment of your individual needs and expectations. Expert advice is essential to determine the best time and course of action.

During a facelift, the incision is carefully planned to achieve both effective results and to minimize the visibility of scars. The exact placement of the incisions may vary depending on the surgeon’s specific technique and the patient’s individual goals. Here are the typical areas for cutting guides:

Traditional facelift technique

  • In front of the ear: The cut usually begins in the hairline at the level of the temples, then runs along or behind the natural contour of the ear and ends behind the ear in the lower hair area.
  • Aim: This incision allows the skin of the face and often also the neck to be tightened.

Limited facelift or mini facelift

  • Shorter incisions: With a mini facelift, the incisions are often shorter and limited to the area around the ear.
  • Aim: This method is suitable for patients who only need a slight tightening.

Additional cuts

  • Under the chin: An additional small incision under the chin may be necessary to tighten the neck.
  • Within the hairline: To further minimize the visibility of the scars, the incisions can be placed within the hairline.

Factors that influence the incision path

  • Individual facial structure: The specific features of your face play a major role in determining the optimal incision.
  • Extent of aging: Depending on how pronounced the signs of aging are, the incision can be adjusted.

A detailed consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is crucial to determining the best incision for your individual needs. The surgeon will determine the approach based on your aesthetic goals and the condition of your skin.

The cost of a facelift varies around the world, with Turkey often considered one of the most cost-effective options. Here is a comparison table showing the cost of a facelift in different countries, highlighting Turkey as the cheapest option:

Cost comparison for facelift abroad

CountryAverage price for facelift
Türkiyefrom €3,990
Mexicoapprox. 6,000 – 7,500 €
USAapprox. 9,000 – 12,000 €
Englandapprox. 7,500 – 9,000 €
Germanyapprox. 8,000 – 9,000 €
Switzerlandapprox. 10,000 – 15,000 €
Austriaapprox. 7,000 – 9,000 €

Important Considerations

  • Quality and experience: In addition to the cost, the qualifications of the surgeon and the standards of the clinic should also be taken into account.
  • Additional costs: Think about additional expenses such as travel costs, accommodation and possible aftercare.
  • Individual advice: Individual advice is important in order to understand the exact costs and scope of the procedure.

Turkey offers an attractive combination of low cost and high quality for facelifts, making it a popular choice for patients from all over the world.

The cheap cost of a facelift in Turkey can be explained by several factors:

Economic factors

  • Lower cost of living: Compared to many western countries, the general cost of living and operating costs in Turkey are lower. This allows clinics to offer high quality medical services at more affordable prices.
  • Competitive Market: Due to the increasing demand in the field of medical tourism, Turkey has an intensely competitive market, resulting in affordable prices for cosmetic procedures.

Medical expertise and infrastructure

  • Highly qualified professionals: Turkey has a large number of experienced and well-trained plastic surgeons who use modern and advanced techniques in facelift operations.
  • Modern medical facilities: Clinics in Turkey are often equipped with the latest medical technology and meet international standards.

Comprehensive service packages

  • All-inclusive offers: Many Turkish clinics offer comprehensive packages that, in addition to the procedure itself, also include aftercare, accommodation and sometimes also the transfer.
  • Personalized care: Patients from abroad often receive comprehensive and individual care, which simplifies the entire process and saves additional costs.


The combination of low costs, high expertise, modern facilities and comprehensive service packages make Turkey an attractive choice for patients seeking high-quality yet cost-effective facelift surgery.

Yes, a facelift can often be combined with other surgical procedures to achieve a more comprehensive facial aesthetic improvement. Here are some of the most common possible combinations:

Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)

  • The combination with an eyelid lift can rejuvenate the appearance of the entire face by tightening both the eye area and the face.

Forehead lift (brow lift)

  • A forehead lift can be performed along with a facelift to smooth the forehead and raise the eyebrows, further rejuvenating the face.

Nose correction (rhinoplasty)

  • The Nose correction can be done at the same time as a facelift to harmonize the facial profile and improve the overall appearance.

Chin and cheek corrections

  • Implants or fat transfers can be used to To emphasize the chin and cheeks and thus create a balanced relationship with the toned face.

Facial liposuction

  • Targeted liposuction in the facial area can complement the results of a facelift by removing excess fat and defining the facial contours.

Skin treatments

  • Laser treatments or chemical peels may be added to improve skin texture and reduce age spots or fine lines.

When deciding on combined procedures, it is important to consider both surgical complexity and recovery time. A detailed consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is crucial to assess individual needs and options and create an appropriate treatment plan.

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