Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey

You suffer as a woman from a diffuse loss of hair and your beautiful hair is getting thinner and the scalp is already to see? No problem!


Hair transplantation in women Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Long, healthy and shining Hair from Turkey for you

A hair transplant with your hair is the result of technological developments. More and more men stand by their new superb head of hair. With women, it is not so much publicised yet. But it is not only men who suffer from hair loss, more and more women from 40 years of age on suffering from thinning hair. The reasons, therefore, can vary like in men and can be genetic, hormonal, a result from stress, ailment, smoking or a wrong diet.

Women experience stronger physical problems with hair loss because society expects beautiful (long) healthy and thick hair as the ideal of beauty. Women are very sensible when it comes to hair loss and baldness. Help comes in the form of our FUE method of hair transplant. Every woman can have full and thick hair, just talk to your Aesthetic Travel Team from Antalya and give us a call!

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hair transplant women turkey

Is Hair Transplant in Women possible?

Of course, a hair transplant can fix your problem with hair loss. We here from Aesthetic Travel have helped already many women to have again beautiful hair. Hair units or wigs should be only resolutions for a short while. These mediums don’t bring permanent and satisfying results. With a hair transplant, you regain your natural growth of hair. Not only your hair will grow but also your self-confidence!

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hair transplant women turkey
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Why a Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey?

The main reason why She or He should have a hair transplant in Turkes is obvious the passed on price advantage. Generally, patients receive the same high-quality service for about half of the price in European countries! Maybe the question arises, how can this be? The answer is: The difference lies in the different costs for staff and overheads in clinics in Turkey.

In some countries of Europe, like Germany, a hair transplant can cost a few thousand Euro more than in Turkey. The same is correct for hair follicle transplants for men. Also, is the quality standard in Turkish clinics very high. We work here with the most modern equipment, certified by ISO-Norm and TÜV.

Utilize this price advantage and combine your new hair with an unforgettable holiday in Turkey. Aesthetic Travel will make all the arrangements for your stay with service for translation, hotel, and transfers. Give us a call or written inquiry!

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Hair Transplant in Women Turkey - FAQ

Hair loss is a serious problem for women and men. Excessive hair loss is often an inherited problem. Another cause can be hormonal changes, ailments or mishaps. Hair loss with women is a very sensitive problem and sometimes tabooed. That’s one of the reasons why many women suffer silently. Are you unhappy with some bald areas or thinning hair? Consider an effective hair treatment method for a new joy of living. The team of Aesthetic Travel offers you a permanent solution for your hair problem! Decide for a hair transplant in Turkey to enhance your attractivity, get a stronger self-confidence and lasting wellbeing.

In the last few years, Antalya in Turkey has developed into heaven for health tourism. The charming city of Antalya at the Mediterranean hosting international reputable clinics for hair transplants for women. A hair transplant in Antalya is much cheaper than in European countries. The reason is the lower costs for personal and overhead in Turkish clinics.

No! Hair transplants in Turkey are performed under strict safety and quality standards. Our hair experts and specialist have long-standing experience. The used equipment is TÜV certified for hair transplants in women. You can enjoy first-class care to very favourable terms!

Satisfaction of our patients is the highest priority. That’s why we offer and guarantee transparent fixed prices without any hidden costs. In the cost of hair transplants for women are the following services included:

  • Englisch speaking support in-house
  • Blood sampling and laboratory test
  • Extensive consultation
  • Transfers between hotel, clinic, and airport
  • Full board consisting of three meals
  • Stay in a single room in the clinic
  • Medication and care shampoo

No, for this cosmetic procedure there is only local anaesthesia needed. Women for a hair transplant in Turkey have no pain while treated. In the following days after treatment, redness can occur on the scalp but this will vanish fast.

Our patients are fully socially acceptable after 24 hours. It is recommended to relax for a few days and to avoid stress and bodily activities. As a tip, we suggest combining your hair transplant in Turkey with a holiday in Antalya to make the best out of it. You will be enchanted by Turkis hospitability and enjoy a relaxed stay in a wonderful city in the Mediterranean.
With a hair transplant, there is only a change of place of your hair. That’s why you will have a pristine result. Your new magnificent head of hair will look fully natural. Nobody will recognize your hair transplant treatment.

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