Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey​

Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey​: A mini gastric bypass operation is considered a newly and more and more practiced method these days. Same as with a gastric bypass surgery, a part of the small intestine will be bypassed. This will reduce the area of resorption.

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Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey​ / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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The Omega (Mini) Bypass

For many patients the Omega (mini) bypass is an effective option to the standard gastric bypass surgery. Thereby is the Omega (mini) bypass not far different from the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass method. A mini bypass in the Turkey will help you to reduce weight, because the intake of food will be restricted. Even the appetite will be controlled by a change in the enteric flora.

Mini bypass operations have been performed since the early 1960s, but have been discarded. With the development of the keyhole technic or laparoscopic surgery the mini bypass operation had a popular comeback. If this gastric operation is performed in Turkey, you will have a fast, effective and affordable alternative to a customary bypass in your country.

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Mini Bypass Operation Turkey Operation

A mini gastric bypass operation is a relatively fast and simple operation and carried out by medical specialists and surgeons. In the first part of the operation the surgeon splits the stomach with an endoscopic instrument. From this a new, smaller stomach will be formed. Since this one will be much smaller as the old one, the intake of food is reduced.

Most parts of the stomach stay in the body an will still produce digestive juices. This will help with the digestion. The separated part of the stomach will no more have contact with food.

In the next step of the Omega bypass operation creates the surgeon an intestinal loop out of the duodenum and a part of the jejunum to the lower part of the stomach and bypasses about two meters of the small intestine. Food will merge with the digestive juices directly in the small intestine.

With this circumvention of the duodenum and the jejunum intake of food and calories are reduced. Less calories, meaning loss of weight.

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After the Omega Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey?

Generally, patients who got an Omega Bypass Surgery in Turkey get well in a day. To be safe, we recommend patients to remain in the hospital for three to five days. Our talented and experienced medical team helps patients to get up from the sick-bed and walk in no time to avoid blood clots.

During the hospital stay, patients will be provided with liquid diet. Gradually, the diet will be getting to the solid food. In this way, the body gets sufficient time to adapt to changes caused by the surgery.

In the first days after the operation, patients will have to live on a fluid diet. Slowly the food will be changed to solid food. This gives the body optimal time to react to changes relating to the operation.

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Expanding Numbers on Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

The amount of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgeries is increasing constantly. For many patients, there are some good reasons to get Mini Gastric Bypass Sugery in Turkey such as high qualified medical team and equipments, the amazing dealing with before and after the sugeries and also affordable pricing. This technique is confirmable safe, economical and result-creating. Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey provides you with permanent weight loss, and helps you get rid of some obesity related diseases. A high quality of life experience through a budget friendly Gastric Bypass Surgeries awaits you in Turkey!

Mini Gastric Bypass Turkey Reviews

Anela Ajdari
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I underwent gastric bypass surgery. My dear companion who looked after me was there for me non-stop, no matter what I needed or wanted to know whether before or after the operation. The surgery itself went well. The hospital is very modern and clean, you always see someone cleaning and the nurses and doctors are incredible, which unfortunately I wasn't able to experience here in Germany. So all in all I was super satisfied. Great praise and thanks to the entire team.
Corinna Lotsch
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I felt cared for from the first minute. It is rare to find such competent staff. The gastric bypass operation went really well and I've already lost a lot of weight and everything is fine for me. Two days later I was feeling so well that I was able to leave the clinic after just two days. Thank you very much you gave me a new life 😘

Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey Before & After Photos

Schlauchmagen Türkei Vorher Nachher
Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey Before & After
Schlauchmagen in der Türkei Vorher Nachher
Mini Gastric Bypass Turkey Before & After
Mini Gastric Bypass in Antalya Before & After

Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey – FAQ

Omega Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey includes only one link between the new stomach and the intestine. While in Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass there are two. Mini Gastric Bypass surgery takes shorter time. That’s one of the reasons why a Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey is substantially more affordable.

Studies show that, a Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery and a standard Roux-en Y gastric Bypass have almost the same results of weight loss, and they have similar health advantages.

  • In this technique, the new mini stomach can take less food and in this way you would not only eat less but also slower.
  • Your body will absorb less calories, because the food will not pass through the duodenum and jejunum.
  • The surgery changes the hormone level and controls and suppresses your appetite

There are many reasons, why patients want to have a Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey. A few
will be listed with the most important facts for this surgery:

  • The weight loss with the Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery is comparable to the Roux-en Y technique.
  • Duration of the surgery and regeneration is significantly shorter.
  • This surgery is easily reversible, but patients are normally satisfied with the results.
  • The pricing of a Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey is much lower than in your country.

The duration of Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey is shorter and makes the surgery less expensive. Thanks to experienced and talented surgeons in Turkey you can be assured, you will be in good hands.

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