Prophylaxis in Turkey

Diligent dental hygiene is extremely important to keep natural teeth and oral health not to give diseases a change.

Prophylaxis turkey

Prophylaxis in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Prevention – Teeth are good, everything is fine

Health begins in the mouth: Wo is taking care of his teeth and takes hold of additional measures 1-2 times a year and follows a balanced diet, will get in return a high health-related quality of life.

For prevention of caries, treatment of dental diseases, and retention of the natural teeth up until old age, prophylaxis is helpful and advisable. We from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can bring you in contact with dentists from Turkey.

A Professional Tooth Cleaning is an essential Thing for the right Teeth Prophylaxis

With the help of professional teeth cleaning persistent deposits, tartar, and stains can be removed. This is maybe interesting for coffee and tea lovers, who want to have their gleaming smiles back to their faces.

Prophylaxis in Turkey

Prophylaxis turkey cost

Fluoridation and Polishing

One of the most important dental prophylaxis for caries is the so-called fluoride treatment. This chemical substance is contained in toothpaste, table salt, gels, varnish and is available in form of tablets. A polishing with fluoride can you receive at your semiannual dental appointment after professional teeth cleaning as the perfect finish.

We will be glad to arrange for your dental appointments with our dentists in Turkey for your stay as a patient or a holiday. Your health is our concern!

Prophylaxis in Turkey

Prophylaxis in turkey

The best Tipps for Dental Care in an Overview

Toothbrushing 1-2 times a day and in a hurry is not enough to keep your teeth flora and oral flora save and healthy. Optimal is 2-3 dental applications a day. With this, things like coffee, tea, cigarettes, and red wine have no chance to develop stains. One has remembered, that interdental space makes about 30 per cent of the surface of the teeth.

With professional teeth cleaning in Turkey you will give yourself not only a positive optically appearance but also do something good for your health. Also hard to reach places like caps, bridges, implants, and others can be thoroughly cleaned.

Prophylaxis in Turkey

Prophylaxis turkey antalya
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How does Dental Plaque develop?

When the above-mentioned measures are neglected and additionally much sugar consumed, develops a tough and sticky plaque from salivary juice and food residues. This plaque is a breeding ground for bacteria. An acidic environment develops in the mouth and leads to a demineralisation of the tooth substance.

With the use of correct toothbrushes, kinds of toothpaste, dental flosses, mouthwashes, periodically professional teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments we support our dental health and give bad breath, discolourations, and tooth decay no chance! Let the Aesthetic Team in Antalya give you detailed consulting. Just contact us!

Prophylaxis in Turkey

Prophylaxis antalya turkey

Prophylaxis Turkey - FAQ

You should have professional teeth cleaning at least once a year, better twice.

A dental prophylaxis is meant to have professional teeth cleaning to remove stubborn stains, to prevent tooth decay and keep your oral flora healthy.

From one dentist to the other dentist the cost for the service of a professional teeth cleaning can vary from county and place. The average is about 3.50 Euros per tooth.

Patients can save on costs with professional teeth cleaning in Turkey. Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will give you detailed consultation.

Normally, professional teeth cleaning is a private service and not covered by health insurance. You will have this to be cleared with your insurance.

Prophylaxis in Turkey

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