Breast Lift in Turkey

Firm breast is female attribute. With endogenous tissue and high tech can women obtain a beautiful breast and a natural erotic cleavage.

Breast Lift Turkey

Breast Lift in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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With a Breast Lift to a beautiful Breast

Every woman wishes for a beautiful and firm breast, especially when, after a pregnancy the breasts are not the same anymore. Often sags the breasts with increasing age. This is a normal effect. That does not have to be! We at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya offer cosmetic surgeries!

With the help of our professional teams of specialists in Turkey you can own after the cosmetic operation again a firm, well-formed breast. Talk to us about details of costs, treatment, procedure, and stay in Turkey!

Breast Lift in Turkey

Good Reasons for a Breast Lift

A well-formed Breast is an expression of beauty and feminity. A lift of the female breast (Mastopexy) will be performed here in Turkey as part of cosmetic surgery. Pregnancy and reduction in weight can affect the elasticity of the breasts. It’s not only the aesthetic aspect we are looking at Aesthetic Travel, but also in the context of the whole bodily health. Sagging breast can cause problems with your posture with back- and neck pains.

With the help of modern methods for a breast lift in Turkey, we reduce the skin, but the volume of your breast stays intact. Of course, in case you wish to increase your breast, there is the possiblity for a breast augmentation at the same time.

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What has to be considered before a Breast Lift in Turkey?

From a medical point of view the surgery for a breast lift is unproblematic. The most important precondition of the patient is, that she is matured. Ideas a pregnancy and the lactation period are over. Generally, there should be 8 months between the end of the lactation period and a breast lift in Turkey.

Once you have decided to have a plastic surgery for a breast lift, it will perform as inpatients in one of our hospitals. The surgery takes between 2 to 3 1/2 hours under general anaesthetic. There are around twenty differentials medical charts to be used. Which one is for you depends on the surgeon, and the patient and her wishes.

The surgery with the fewest scars is the periareolar lift. The surgeon removes from around the nipple a circular strip of skin. The T-cut is most lifting methods and will be explained to you in detail by our Aesthetic Travel Team.

By all methods used for a breast lift in Turkey some excessive skin is removed and the nipples will be moved upwards. A drainage of blood and secretion is provided. After 10 days is the first follow-up check, followed by one more after 4 weeks. Patients should use after the operation sports bras and all athletic activities should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks.

Breast Lift in Turkey antalya

Breast Lift in Turkey Before & After Photos

Bruststraffung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Breast Lift Turkey Before After
Bruststraffung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Breast Lift in Turkey Before After
Brustvergroberung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Breast Lift in Turkey Antalya Before After

Breast Lift Turkey - FAQ

A breast lift (Mastopexy) is a method of lifting and forming von sagging breasts. It’s only natural, that female breast with increasing age lose elasticity. Other reasons are pregnancies, lactation periods, and loss of weight. A breast lift in Turkey is principally for all women with sagging breasts.

A bust reduction can be done already in young years, if it causes discomfort and health problems. A bust lift is normally performed when the skin and tissue of the breast slackens age-related. After a pregnancy or loss of weight a large decline in volume of the breast, a breast augmentation can be done.

With a breast lift the glandular tissue and the areola are lifted and excess skin removed. Sagged nipples will be lifted and placed accurately. This procedure can be combined with the placement of silicone-filled implants, when there is not enough endogenous tissue.

There is the I-cut and the scars will be around the nipples and vertically to the inframammary fold. The L-cut or the T-cut will have an additional cut in the inframammary fold. With the Benelli-Method a circular cut around the nipple is made. Each body of a woman is different, in the end, the surgeon decides which cut has to be used.

Every plastic surgery has a risk, but this will be minimized by medical care and modern operating methods. Our breast lifts in Turkey are performed in renowned hospitals and TÜV-certified medical technology. In rare cases after a breast lift there can be experienced post-operative haemorrhages or wound healing disorder. Temporary loss of sensation can occur around the nipples.

A breast lift will be performed under general anaesthetic and patients don’t have pain. In the first days after the surgery some women experience an unpleasant feeling of tension. This can be treated with pain relievers.

After one week you are capable of doing sedentary occupation. Heavy work and sports you can do after four to five weeks. The scars will be in the first few month reddish, but this will disappear with times passing by. After three to six months the healing process is finished.

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