Roux-Y Gastric Bypass in Turkey

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The Roux Y gastric bypass is a standard operation within the adiposity surgery a is one of the most performed methods worldwide.

The Roux-Y Gastric Bypass in Turkey

The Roux-Y gastric bypass operation is a method in the surgery for loss of weight. A smaller stomach will be formed and directly connected to the small intestine. Food is passed through the smaller stomach and transported directly to the rear end of the small intestine just to bypass the a large part of the stomach and the first part of den small intestines. This results in a reduction of weight without to change ones eating behaviour.

The Roux-Y gastric bypass is an ideal option, when diet and exercise not works and it comes because of the weight to health problems. The Turkish specialists and surgeons helping patients around the world with the Roux-Y gastric bypass to lose overweight and to lessen the potential risks of health problems through weight.

Specialists in Turkey for Roux-Y Gastric Bypass

Maybe the gastric bypass method in your country will be only performed, when you have tried already to lose weight with nourishment and exercise plans. The alternative to this is a Roux-Y gastric bypass operation in Turkey. The operation will be performed by experienced and well trained specialists and surgeons. In most cases the costs are less expensive as in other countries. One more advantage for a gastric bypass operation in Turkey is the good care before and after the operation.

Roux-Y Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Before operation will be performed, you will be counseled and examined by Turkish specialists. This extensive screening process is necessary to get optimal results for you as a patient. Maybe doctors will advise after the gastric bypass operation to change your diet, your lifestyle, to cure any other health problems.

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    Proceedings of a Roux-Y Gastric Bypass Operation in Turkey

    A Roux-Y gastric bypass operation will be performed in a specially hospital in Turkey. Depending on your recuperation the stay-in can take three to five days.

    Before the operation you will have a general anaesthetic. During the operation an anaesthetist is continuous controlling the effectiveness of the anaesthesia and your circulation.

    The operating methods used will depend on your individual situation and on the recommendations of the surgeon. In some operations the traditional open cuts in the abdominal region will be used. During most Roux-Y gastric bypass operations in Turkey, surgeons will use the laparoscopic surgery, whereas instruments will be inserted through small cuts.

    With both methods the surgeon will reduce the size of the stomach. The result of the new stomach will have the size of a walnut and can only contain a small amount of food. With the next step the small intestine will be cut on a part of it will be sewn to the new stomach. Food will be transported into the smaller stomach and from here directly to the small intestine. The food will bypass the largest part of the stomach and the first part of the small intestine and reaches instead the middle part of the small intestine. With this the intake of calories will considerably reduced and the patient is losing weight.

    Roux-Y Gastric Bypass in Turkey – At a glance

    Duration of Procedure

    1 - 3 Hours

    Hospital Stay

    4 Days

    Recovery Time

    2 Days


    from 4,590 EUR

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The operation takes normally a few hours. After the operation you will wake up in a postanaesthesia care unit. Here medical care personal is watching you for complications.

    First after a Roux-Y gastric bypass operation you will be fed a fluid diet, because your stomach and intestines begin to heal. Later, you have to follow a special diet plan with slowly changing fluid diet for passed food. You will be given vitamin and mineral supplements for a quick recovery. Later you can consume soft food.

    Once you have decided to get a Roux-Y gastric bypass operation in Turkey, you will be given advice, how you can prepare yourself for the operation. Perhaps shortly before the operation some laboratory tests and examinations have to be done.

    The bypass can lead to a long-term weight reduction. How much you will lose depends on the nature of the Roux-Y gastric bypass operation and your altered lifestyle habits. It is possible to lose within two years, 60 percent or more of your overweight.

    Additionally to a weight loss can a Roux-Y gastric bypass reduces or completely cause to vanish attending ills.

    The Roux-Y gastric bypass in Turkey will improve your ability to handle daily routines and improves your quality of life considerably.