Beard Transplant in Turkey

A beard transplant is performed by our surgeons from Aesthetic Travel with painstakingly finishing touches and a sharp artistical eye.

beard transplant turkey

Beard Transplant in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Beard Transplant in Turkey – the cheap Alternative

Sporting a thick beard is trending. That’s a problem for fashion-conscious men without distinctive facial hair. Many men suffering from a sparsely or scrappy growth of beard. The men who do not want to deny themselves a full beard can decide to have a BT. A beard is still a sign of masculinity. Great understanding finds patients with a wish for a beard by our hair transplant specialists from Aesthetic Travel in Turkey. Especially in the Muslim region is a beard a status symbol.

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Beard Transplant in Turkey – The Affordable Alternative

Many affected men have the problem, that a beard transplant in their countries or origin is extremely expensive. Turkey offers here an affordable alternative for bts at a cheap price. This is made possible through much lower overhead costs for the clinics, so the quality of the service has not to be compromised. Our highly trained experts from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya with long-standing expertise in beard transplantation waiting to fulfil your wishes. From the first consultation to the procedure to the aftercare, our team will be with you. You can take advantage of our all-inclusive package with a hotel near your clinic. Since a beard transplant is an ambulant procedure, you can combine your treatment for a beard transplant and the aftercare with a nice holiday at the shores of Antalya. Please contact our Aesthetic Travel Team for detailed information!

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Beard Transplant – The only efficient Method

Many men without a perfect basis for a nice looking beard by nature trying their luck with diverse medicines for the growth of beard. In the long-run and permanently those chemical agents will not have many effects on your facial hair. The cosmetic surgery gives with the beard transplant a satisfying result free of risks. Just in the last few years, the methods for hair transplants went through changes for perfection. The FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is also used in beard transplants. Strips of hair or individual hair is taken from the back of your head depending on the method.

Clinics in Turkey using normally the FUE methods, because of the comfortable procedure for patients. Facial hair is not growing in clusters but individually, so follicles have to be separated before they can be transplanted. For patients, it is only a minimally invasive procedure without great strain. The operation will last for three to five hours and is performed under local anaesthesia and is generally free of pain. Normally there will be no scars left. Our specialists in beard transplantations have long-term expertise in this kind of operation and the used methods. We will be glad to give you detailed information. Give us a call and we will answer all your questions regarding a beard transplant.

beard transplant turkey

Beard Transplant Turkey Before After

Bart Transplantation Türkei Vorher Nachher
Beard Transplant Turkey Before After
Bart Transplantation Türkei Vorher Nachher
Beard Transplant Turkey Before After
Bart Transplantation Türkei Vorher Nachher
Beard Transplant Turkey Before After

Beard Transplant Turkey - FAQ

That is a very good idea. your beard transplant is a minimal inversive procedure and does not need a long stay in the clinic. You can use the time from the treatment to aftercare examination for a relaxing holiday. Your doctor will give you some guidelines and bits of advice for does and donts.

The medical and technical standards in Turkey are the same as in European countries. Beard transplants are performed by experts from Aesthetic Travel for many years already. They have all the needed expertise to give you perfect and satisfying results. Like with every operation there can be complications but with the experience of our specialists, they are reduced to a minimum.

Conversations and consultations are done in English or with the help of an interpreter. The experts of Aesthetic Travel will give you detailed information. It can happen that not all care personnel can speak and understand English but an interpreter is always nearby.

Based on the experience of the last years normally beard transplantations are performed by the FUE method. In the after treatment, it is made sure that the hair roots establish well.


With the Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE for short, individual hair follicles is extracted from selected areas. This individual extraction makes sure not to leave any scars. The follicles are transplanted in the area of growth of beard.

A beard transplant is performed under local anaesthetic. Patients will not feel anything like some pinpricks, even when they are sensitive to pain. You can decide with a clear conscience to have a beard transplant in Turkey with Aesthetic Travel in Antalya.

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