Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

After a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, you can stroll on the Turkish coast and enjoy a new Attitude towards Life.

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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Brazilian Butt Lift – Autologous Fat Transplantation and Implant Treatment through renowned cosmetic surgeons in Turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift maybe sounds exotic but is an aesthetic cosmetic surgery to increase the volume of the bottom with the use of autologous fat transplantation and treatment with an implant. Especially women and men with a small bottom are attracted to a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya have contacts to specialists who perform professional and routinely the Brazilian Butt Lift. Those cosmetic surgeons have long-term experience with autologous fat transplantation and implant treatment. They are working in accordance with the latest medical and technical standards and with regards to your wishes for a voluminous and well-formed bottom.

Brazilian Butt Lift turkey cost

Brazilian Butt Lift: With a private Counselling and your personal Treatment Concept it starts.

A successful cosmetic surgery has to be planned very well in advance. At a personal appointment with your plastic surgeon, you will get a detailed explanation of the procedure of a BBL. This is a good opportunity to meet your doctor, his team and his clinic. In case of needed anaesthesia, there is an anaesthesia team on stand-by. The surgeon will question you about your medical history and do some preliminary examination. That’s also the time to discuss possible risks, complications and suitable alternative methods as well as the cost.

Your surgeon will make sure the BBL is the right method for you to give your bottom a new harmonious form.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey cost
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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey – Procedure and Technique

For this operation, you will be under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon is working together with an anaesthetic team. A section is made in the fold of the bottom, there where a scar is hard to recognize. The specially for you selected implant in form and size will be inserted under the gluteal muscle. The opening will be closed by multi-layered stitches and a surgical drain is laid. Our Turkish surgeons advise staying one night for observation. Your doctor will inform you about the correct behaviour after the operation and possible side effects. After a healing process of six to eight weeks, you can enjoy the view of your beautiful bottom.

Under certain conditions can a buttock augmentation with implants be supported by autologous fat transplantation. This has to be checked before. The autologous fat transplantation will be done in two steps. First, liposuction is under the Tumeszenz technique performed.

This body’s own fats are prepared and injected above the large gluteal muscle. For detailed inquiries ask your Turkish cosmetic surgeon! He will check, which variants are suitable for you.

Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can broker for you an appointment with our Turkish specialists for your BBL.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey antalya

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey Before & After Photos

bbl türkei vorher nachher
Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey Before After
BBL Türkei Vorher Nachher
Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey Before After
BBL Türkei Vorher Nachher
Brazilian Butt Lift in Antalya Before After

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey - FAQ

With a Brazilian Butt Lift, the bottom will be operatively enlarged and modelled, normally, with the use of body’s own fat with autologous fat transplantation. If there is not enough body’s own fat available an implant is used. The procedure can combine both methods.

A shapely bottom is the symbol of aesthetic femininity. Taut, round, and luscious a bottom should be. But not all women received this by mother nature. Targeted gymnastic exercise reinforces the skin and vascular muscles, but don’t bring always the anticipated result. this is the reason why more and more women looking for a plastic surgery method to get an optimal result. A Brazilian Butt Lift is suitable for patients who wish for a curvaceously bottom.

Before a Brazilian Butt Lift liposuction has to be done. This obtained fat is prepared and will be injected by autologous fat transplantation. If there will be the use of implants the surgeon has to set an incision in the fold of the bottom to place the implants. The incision will be closed with fine stitches after the operation.

In the first four to six weeks after a Brazilian Butt Lift, you will have to wear compression clothing to support the healing process. Light office work can be done after three to five days. Heavy physical work is not allowed before two weeks after the operation. You should avoid doing sports for the first four weeks.

A modelling with the body’s own fat results in a 60 to 80 per cent engraftment of the fat cells and longterm lift effect. An augmentation with implants gives you a permanent result. The doctor has to decide from case to case which treatment method is suitable for you.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the cosmetic surgeries with little risk. As with all procedures, it can come to complications. After liposuction, haematoma and swellings have been reported. These will subside after a few weeks. Other risks are secondary haemorrhage, infections or problems with the healing process. In rare occasions with the use of implants, induration can occur. If this is realised in the early stage, it can easily be treated.

Once you have decided to get medical service from Aesthetic Travel, you will get a first-class treatment for a small price. A Brazilian Butt Lift, performed in one of Turkeys prestigious clinics will cost you approximately EUR 2.990. All details for this cosmetic surgery can be explained by phone. Afterwards, you receive a written offer with a fixed price done in all transparency.

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