Tummy Tuck Turkey / Antalya: Costs & Procedure

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) in Turkey / Antalya: Our experienced surgeons use their aesthetic sensitivity to ensure that your silhouette is perfected and no longer has any flaws.

Abdominoplasty – Costs: from 3,490 EUR

Tummy Tuck turkey

Tummy Tuck in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Tummy tuck Turkey / Antalya: Find Your Expert

A flat stomach is an essential part of an aesthetically pleasing body shape. However, various factors such as ageing, pregnancy or a genetic predisposition to weak connective tissue can cause the tissue in the abdominal area to sag. Many women suffer from visible consequences such as stretch marks caused by tears in the subcutaneous tissue. Over time, the stomach bulges out and the once cherished wasp waist becomes a thing of the past.

Turn Your Dream of a Beautiful Waist Into Reality

If you have a desire to restore your tummy to a beautiful and attractive shape, then Aesthetic Travel is your ideal partner. We are proud to work closely with experienced cosmetic surgeons in Turkey, particularly in Antalya. These specialists have built up an excellent reputation in the field of abdominoplasty.

Aesthetic Travel: Your partner for cosmetic surgeries, stomach reduction, dental treatments, ophthalmology, and hair transplantation in Türkiye, specifically in Antalya. Contact through WhatsApp.

Tummy Tuck in turkey

Tummy Tuck Antalya – Consultation With Experts

A tummy tuck in Turkey begins with a comprehensive consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. After we have selected the ideal expert for you, you will have the opportunity to get to know him and his team personally and take a look at his practice. During an in-depth consultation, your individual wishes and expectations regarding the tummy tuck will be discussed. The specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery will explain the various medical procedures to you in detail.

Tummy Tuck Turkey – Information

An essential part of this process is taking your medical history and performing a physical examination. All important aspects of the operation are discussed in a comprehensive consultation. The surgeon will take the time to answer your specific questions about the treatment, discuss possible risks and alternative treatment methods and explain the costs transparently. After this initial consultation, a treatment concept tailored to your needs will be developed, taking into account the highest medical standards and your personal expectations.

Aesthetic Travel: Your partner for cosmetic surgeries, stomach reduction, dental treatments, ophthalmology, and hair transplantation in Türkiye, specifically in Antalya. Contact through WhatsApp.

Tummy Tuck in turkey antalya

Tummy Tuck in Antalya, Turkey With Aesthetic Travel

Experienced surgeons for optimal results! In Antalya, Aesthetic Travel offers tummy tuck surgery by qualified aesthetic plastic surgeons. These experts have extensive experience and a high success rate to achieve the desired results.

Gentle Technique and Personalised Treatment

In abdominoplasty, the focus is on a gentle incision that can later be easily concealed. Patients are operated on under general anaesthetic and receive careful aftercare from a professional team.

Precise Interventions for an Improved Contour

The procedure involves removing excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles. Liposuction in the hip area can be performed as an option to further optimise the body shape.

Aesthetic Travel: Your partner for cosmetic surgeries, stomach reduction, dental treatments, ophthalmology, and hair transplantation in Türkiye, specifically in Antalya. Contact through WhatsApp.

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Your Dream Figure With Aesthetic Travel: Discover Your New Aesthetic Body Centre

After around two months, you will be able to enjoy the results of your tummy tuck to the full. For many of our patients, this not only means a visible change in their body centre, but also a pleasing adjustment in their clothing size. Clothes fit better and are often one size smaller than before. Experience the liberating feeling of a slimmer waistline and the increased self-confidence that comes with it.

The Aesthetic Travel team will accompany you professionally and sensitively on your way to your dream figure. We are at your side from the initial consultation to the final result and look forward to supporting you in your quest for an aesthetically pleasing body centre.

Aesthetic Travel: Your partner for cosmetic surgeries, stomach reduction, dental treatments, ophthalmology, and hair transplantation in Türkiye, specifically in Antalya. Contact through WhatsApp.

Tummy Tuck in turkey antalya cost

Tummy tuck Turkey / Antalya: Before and After Pictures

Discover stunning before and after pictures of tummy tuck surgery in Antalya, Turkey. Our experienced surgeons at Aesthetic Travel realise impressive transformations. See for yourself how effectively a tummy tuck can change your body silhouette and be inspired by the impressive results.

Bauchdeckenstraffung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Tummy Tuck Turkey Before After
Bauchdeckenstraffung Türkei Vorher Nachher 2
Tummy Tuck in Turkey Before After
Bauchdeckenstraffung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Tummy Tuck in Antalya Before After

Tummy Tuck Turkey / Antalya Costs – Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the cost of a tummy tuck in Antalya, Turkey, with Aesthetic Travel. Our clear and informative website provides detailed information on prices and services to help you decide on a cost-effective and high-quality tummy tuck procedure.

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure aimed at creating a firmer, to create a smoother stomach. This process typically involves removing excess skin and fat as well as toning the abdominal muscles. Ideal for individuals seeking a slimmer abdominal contour after weight loss or pregnancy, abdominoplasty offers an effective solution to remove excess skin that cannot be resolved through diet or exercise alone.

Tummy tuck procedure

The procedure is usually carried out under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in the lower abdominal area, often from one side of the hip to the other. This incision removes excess skin and tightens the abdominal muscles if necessary. The cut is designed to easily hide under the bikini line, resulting in discreet scarring.

Abdominoplasty suitability

Abdominoplasty is particularly suitable for people who have excess skin on their stomach after significant weight loss or multiple pregnancies. However, it is important that candidates for a tummy tuck are in good general health and have realistic expectations of the result. It is not a substitute for weight loss or a healthy lifestyle.

Expectations and results

After surgery, patients can expect a visible improvement in abdominal contour. Results are often long-lasting provided the patient maintains a stable body weight and leads a healthy lifestyle. Abdominoplasty can increase self-confidence and help patients feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Cost of a tummy tuck abroad:

The costs of the tummy tuck vary internationally and depend depends on various factors, such as the regional cost of living, the prices of medical services and the experience of the surgeons.

Inexpensive options in Turkey

  • Turkey: Known for its high-quality medical services at affordable prices, the cost of a tummy tuck here starts at approximately €3,500.

Comparison with other nations

  • Western countries: In countries such as Germany, Great Britain and the USA, prices for a tummy tuck are generally higher. In Germany the costs start at around €8,500, in Great Britain around £7,000 and in the USA from $8,500.
  • Alternative destinations: In countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary, costs are often lower than in Western Europe or the USA, with starting prices of around €5,500 to €6,000.
  • Mexico: Prices in Mexico are also cheaper than in the USA, with a starting value of around $6,000.

Global price overview

  • CountryAverage price for tummy tuck
  • Türkiye – from €3,500
  • Germany – from €8,500
  • UK – from £7,000
  • USA – from $8,500
  • Czech Republic – from €5,500
  • Hungary – from €6,000
  • Mexico – from $6,000

Final considerations

When deciding to have a tummy tuck abroad, cost should not be the only criterion. The qualifications of the surgeon, the standards of the clinic and aftercare are also important. Thorough research and detailed consultations are crucial to making a safe and satisfactory choice.

The cheap cost of a tummy tuck in Turkey can be explained by several factors:

Economic advantages in Turkey

Turkey offers attractive prices for medical procedures due to its lower cost of living compared to many Western countries. These economic differences are reflected in the costs of staffing, rent and operating medical facilities, allowing clinics to offer their services at more affordable prices.

Influence of competition

In Turkey there is intense competition among clinics specializing in aesthetic procedures. This competition not only keeps prices low, but also promotes high quality medical care. Patients benefit from a wide selection of highly qualified doctors and modernly equipped clinics.

Government support for medical tourism

The Turkish government is actively promoting medical tourism, an important source of income for the country. Government incentives such as tax breaks for medical institutions allow them to offer their services at cheaper prices, reducing the overall costs for patients.

Economies of scale due to high demand

The high demand for cosmetic surgeries in Turkey, including tummy tucks, allows clinics to benefit from economies of scale. A larger number of procedures performed leads to a reduction in the cost per treatment, which in turn has a positive impact on pricing.

Efficient treatment processes

Many Turkish clinics are specifically focused on plastic surgery and optimize their processes for maximum efficiency. This results in faster treatment and recovery time, which indirectly contributes to lower overall costs while increasing patient satisfaction.

Mini tummy tuck vs. complete tummy tuck

Mini tummy tuck: focus on the lower abdomen

The mini tummy tuck, often considered a less invasive option, focuses primarily on the area below the navel. During this procedure, excess skin is removed and the muscles in the lower abdominal area are tightened. The advantage of the mini tummy tuck is the smaller incision and usually a shorter recovery time. It is particularly suitable for patients who have mild to moderate skin slackening or muscle loosening in the lower abdominal area.

Complete tummy tuck: comprehensive adjustment

A complete tummy tuck is a more comprehensive procedure that covers the entire abdominal area from the ribs to the pubic bone. Not only is the skin tightened, but the abdominal muscles are also reconfigured to achieve a tighter and more defined abdominal contour. This procedure is ideal for people who experience increased abdominal skin and muscle relaxation following significant weight loss or pregnancy.

Choosing the right procedure

The decision between a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck depends on individual needs and goals. While the mini tummy tuck is intended for minor corrections, the full tummy tuck offers a more comprehensive solution for more pronounced changes. It is important that patients discuss their expectations with a qualified surgeon to choose the most appropriate option.

Summary: Suitable solution for every need

In summary, the mini tummy tuck is a targeted treatment for the lower abdominal area, while the full tummy tuck offers a comprehensive reshaping of the entire abdomen. Both procedures aim to create an improved body silhouette, but choosing the right procedure depends on the specific needs and desires of the individual.

A tummy tuck may combine various cosmetic surgeries to achieve more comprehensive body contouring. Some of the most common combinations include:


The Liposuction is one of the procedures most often combined with a tummy tuck. It removes fat deposits in specific areas such as hips, thighs or back to achieve a more harmonious body shape.

Breast operations

These include Breast Augmentation, Breast lift or Breast Reduction. These procedures are often combined with tummy tucks, particularly as part of a post-pregnancy “mommy makeover” operation.

Buttock lift or buttock enlargement

These procedures improve the shape and size of the buttocks and can be performed together with a tummy tuck for a more balanced body silhouette.

Thigh lift

For a thigh lift excess skin and fat is removed from the thighs. This can be particularly useful after significant weight loss.

Upper arm lift

Similar to the thigh lift, the arm lift removes excess skin to achieve a firmer appearance of the arms.

Facelift or other facial operations

Some patients also choose Face lift to achieve a comprehensive rejuvenation result.


It is important to note that the combination of several plastic surgery can increase the risk and complexity of the procedure. Therefore, this should always be discussed with a qualified surgeon and considered individually. Each patient has different needs and goals, and the surgeon can help develop a treatment plan that best meets these.

During a tummy tuck, also in Turkey and especially in Antalya, the incision is typically chosen to achieve the best aesthetic results while keeping the scars as inconspicuous as possible. The exact type of incision may vary depending on the extent of the operation and the individual needs of the patient. Here are some general guidelines:

Horizontal incision

The standard incision for a tummy tuck runs horizontally, usually just above the pubic hair. This positioning allows the scar to be hidden by underwear or a bikini. The length of the incision depends on the amount of skin to be removed and can extend from one hip bone to another.

Umbilical transposition

During a full tummy tuck, a second incision is often made around the navel. This is necessary to reposition the navel after removing excess skin and tightening the abdomen. The navel remains in its original location on the body while the skin around it is reshaped.

Adaptation to individual needs

The exact incision and length may vary depending on individual anatomy and desired results. An experienced surgeon will place the incision to achieve the desired results while taking care to minimize the visibility of the scars.

Minimally invasive options

In some cases, particularly a mini tummy tuck, the incision may be shorter and limited to the lower abdominal area.


The decision on the type of incision should always be made in consultation with the treating surgeon. This will evaluate the different options based on the patient’s aesthetic goals and physical baseline. In Turkey, known for its advanced plastic surgery techniques, patients can expect expert advice and treatment.

If you are considering a tummy tuck at Aesthetic Travel in Turkey and prefer to pay in installments, you can make this happen by using the external financing service Credit4 Beauty. Here are some important steps and considerations:

Financing by Credit4 Beauty

  • Partnership: Aesthetic Travel partners with Credit4 Beauty to offer financing options for cosmetic surgeries such as tummy tucks.
  • Your own initiative when applying: You must obtain financing independently from Credit4 Beauty must be applied for, as Aesthetic Travel itself does not offer direct installment payments.

Important financing details

  • Data protection and responsibility: Aesthetic Travel is not responsible for data collection, processing and approval of financing by Credit4 Beauty.
  • Check credit conditions: It is important to carefully check the credit conditions, interest rates and repayment terms at Credit4 Beauty.
  • Approval process: The loan approval process is based on the specifications and requirements of Credit4 Beauty.

Steps for financing

  • Inform yourself: Find out about the financing options and the application process on the Credit4 Beauty website.
  • Application: Submit a financing application to Credit4 Beauty if you agree to the conditions and consider the financing to be suitable.
  • Coordination with Aesthetic Travel: Coordinate the approved financing plan with Aesthetic Travel to plan your procedure.

Final thoughts

Installment financing through Credit4 Beauty can be a practical way to manage the cost of a tummy tuck at Aesthetic Travel in Turkey. However, it is essential to carefully consider all financial terms and obligations before deciding on a loan. Transparent communication with Aesthetic Travel and Credit4 Beauty is recommended to ensure a smooth process.

10 important questions and answers about the tummy tuck:

  1. How long does recovery take after a tummy tuck?

    • Complete recovery can take several weeks, with patients often able to resume normal activities after 2-4 weeks.
  2. Are there visible scars?

    • Yes, scars do occur, but they are usually placed so that they are below the bikini line and can therefore be easily hidden.
  3. How long do the results of a tummy tuck last?

    • Results can be long-lasting, especially if a stable body weight is maintained and a healthy lifestyle is maintained.
  4. Can I get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

    • Yes, but pregnancy can affect the results of the surgery, so it is recommended to have the procedure after family planning.
  5. How do I prepare for a tummy tuck?

    Before the procedure, you should be in good physical condition, be a non-smoker or have stopped smoking, and follow all of your surgeon’s instructions regarding medication and diet.

  6. How high are the risks of a tummy tuck?

    • As with any surgery, there are risks including infection, bleeding, scarring and reactions to anesthesia.
  7. Do I have to go to the hospital for a tummy tuck?

    • The procedure is usually carried out in a hospital or a specialized clinic, although a short hospital stay is often required.
  8. Are the results of a tummy tuck visible immediately?

    • Immediately after the procedure, swelling and bruising may obscure the final results. The visible improvements will become more noticeable in the weeks following the procedure as the swelling subsides.
  9. How long do I have to wear special clothing after a tummy tuck?

    It is often recommended to wear a compression garment for a few weeks after surgery to minimize swelling and aid healing. The exact duration varies depending on your individual healing process and your surgeon’s instructions.

  10. How do I prepare for a tummy tuck?

    • Before the procedure, you should be in good physical condition, be a non-smoker or have stopped smoking, and follow all of your surgeon’s instructions regarding medication and diet.

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