Veneers in Turkey

Malocclusions, innate spots on the teeth will be solved through the use of veneers and you can show a perfect smile without guilty conscience.

Veneers turkey

Veneers in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Veneers in Turkey – Beautiful Teeth without Polish

Aesthetically defects, like chipped off corners and rough edges, are not only not looking nice, but often lead to dental problems. One reason is, that it provides a target area for bacteria. Another reason is, that more pieces can be chipped off. Deformity and discolourations give a bad aesthetic.

With the help of the modern Veneer technique, our dentists and veneers in Turkey can help without polishing of the teeth to bring back a good look. Ask our Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya – we will inform you in detail!

Veneers in Turkey

Veneers turkey cost

The Veneer – Feature and Procedure

A Veneer is a thin shell (mostly made of ceramic). It will be permanently attached to your tooth. This method is used for beautification, but also the completion of the stability of teeth.

What Kind of Veneers are available?

In general, there are Komposit-Veneer and Ceramic-Veneer. With the so-called direct Veneering with Komposit, the material in the colour of your teeth is attached directly to the tooth and hardened with a special lamp. To get an optimal foothold the tooth will need to have a roughen. To give the Veneer a natural lustre, a special polishing is used in aftercare.

Veneer made of synthetics is used with small defects, e. g. when protruding teeth can be brought in shape with a few layers of composite.

The most use of veneer is the one with ceramic veneer. They are made of full ceramic and are used in larger defects, e.g. to enlarge to small eyeteeth and incisor teeth. Another use is by corrections of form to protect the substance, e. g. by occlusion problems.

Veneers in Turkey

Veneers in turkey

Progress of the Dental Treatment with Ceramic Veneers

The dentist team in Turkey will develop a carefully targeted plan for your Veneer treatment with ceramic. Your teeth will be prepared for the procedure. The next step is an impression accurate in every detail from your teeth. If required you will have a temporary appliance. After that, a professional dental laboratory will produce by hand your ceramic dental workpiece for an optimal appearance.

Besides the structure and form, also a natural shade of colour is selected. Now it’s the time to remove the temporary appliance and time for the first fitting. If the veneers fitting well, they can be permanently fixed with special adhesive technology.

The durability of your ceramic veneers are depending on your oral hygiene and varies from patient to patient. Who is taking good care of his teeth and regularly additional for precaution a professional tooth cleaning and a balanced diet has can have his veneers up to 15 years longer.

Veneers in Turkey

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Veneers in Turkey Before & After Photos

Zahnveneers Türkei Vorher Nachher
Veneers Turkey Before After
Zahnveneers Türkei Vorher Nachher
Veneers in Turkey Before After
Zahnveneers Türkei Vorher Nachher
Veneers in Antalya Before After

Veneers Turkey - FAQ

Besides the normal veneer und den composite veneer, there are the “veneers-to-go” (instant veneers). They are made of plastic or ceramic. They can be fitted directly on your teeth.

One of the disadvantages of normal veneers is the removal of the healthy substance of teeth for the preparation. After receiving veneers, patients will always need a veneer.

With most modern ceramics and effective adhesive technology, veneers are very long-lasting (15 years and more). But this depends on the personal mouth and teeth hygiene.

The costs for veneers are calculated individually and depending on material, place and method of production. Average patients pay in some European countries 600-800 Euros for a normal veneer. In Turkey, the costs are much lower!

Veneers in Turkey

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