Hair Transplantation in Turkey

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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Did you recognize hair loss or common male baldness or female pattern baldness?

Your hair does not have the same body of hair as before? Are you sporting already a bald head?

Healthy and thick hair is a general idea of beauty. One-third of the European population is affected by hair loss sooner or later.

Do not just accept your hair loss, you can invest in hair transplantation with your own hair. That way you can walk with full hair through life again!

hair transplant turkey cost

Are you affected by hair Loss? You are having less and less hair?

You are searching for an answer to your problem?

It does not matter, you are woman or man, intense hair loss or baldness can lead to a lack of self-confidence. Loss of hair can have several reasons, it can be the result of genetically, hormonally effects or stress factor. Menopause is normally a time for intensified hair loss. We from Aesthetic Travel can help you with a hair transplant of your own hair to beautiful and thick hair again.

Evidently is a hair transplant one of the most effective methods to regain a full and natural growth of hair. Better forget other methods like tablets against hair loss or hair replacement like wigs and toupets. With a hair transplantation in Turkey, you will get a natural result without any side effects.

There are two microsurgical techniques by hair transplants with your own hair. The FUE technique (Follikel Unit Extraction) is essential more comfortable as the FUT technique. It is a fact that the extraction of single hair takes longer with the FUE method, but it is much more precise and gives a better result. This is the reason, why we use only the FUE technique.

Once you decide to have a hair transplant in Turkey with Aesthetic Travel, you can be sure, that everything is well considered and professionally organised. The most important for medical tourist is to be in good hands!

Aesthetic Travel gives his patients all the modern techniques, equipment, and specialists for a procedure performed to your satisfaction in selected clinics.

There is no economizing on quality! But our patients save on money for treatments in Turkey. The differences lie in the different running costs of clinics for hair transplants to countries in Europe. This price advantage is your saving.

Combine your holiday with your hair transplantation in Turkey by Aesthetic Travel.

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Do you want Sun, Beach, and Sea? No Problem!

We offer you the possibility to have before or after your treatment a relaxing holiday to your desire.

You will get your hair transplantation arranged by Aesthetic Travel with full care. Beforehand you receive a proficient consultation by phone in English. While you are in Turkey you can avail of our English speaking service as well as the organisation of hotel, clinic and transfers.

Once you decide on one of the Aesthetic Plus Travel holiday packages you will not occur other costs as your travel expenses to Turkey. You will enjoy the sun, beach, sea and fun in your holiday with Aesthetic Travel.

We are pleased to answer your inquiries and calls!

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey cost

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