Hair Loss in Turkey

Our team from Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya will explain to you in detail the background and causes of hair loss. Simultaneously they will offer you the most effective method to have again shining, thick hair by a hair transplant with your own hair.

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How to get back full and thick hair loss in Turkey?

Full and shining hair is not only a sign of health and a balanced diet but it also shows the inner balance of a person. Who has less stress and takes care of his looks has most of the times also healthy and gleaming hair. But hair loss can strike anytime. Reasons can be hormonal or genetical. The team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can arrange for you in Turkey a hair treatment to get back your abundance of hair.

Besides the professionalism of our doctors, the holiday feeling in Turkey, and the essential hair transplant, you will save money. The costs for treatment in Turkey are only a fraction as in European countries. Call us and talk to us for detailed answers and an appointment in Turkey for your hair transplant.

Hair Loss – What now?

The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. A natural hair loss while combing or washing the hair is normal and is no cause to be concerned. When the loss of hair counts to 60 to 100 hair daily doctors talk about an unhealthy loss. If this is the case with you and you are loosing permanent and everywhere hair, you should consider a hair transplant with your own hair. This is the best way back to natural hair growth and to be self-confident again with a good look and healthy hair. We give a consultation by phone – give us a ring!

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What specific Kinds of Hair Loss are there?

The most common kind of hair loss is the inherited hair loss called androgenetic alopecia. It begins with a receding hairline above the temples. Up to 80 per cent of men effected but also some women. By men, it can begin already in their 20s and the hair can recede to baldness.

Beside a genetical disposition can hormones be the reason for hair loss. The density of the hair is declining and the scalp is to see. This is often the problem in women, triggered by pregnancy, breastfeeding, discontinuing of oral contraceptives or begin of the menopause. To watch the hair getting thinner and thinner is a psychical strain, since long, thick and healthy hair is an expression of femininity.

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What more Factors can cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is not always age-related. The diet is playing an important role by hair loss. Essential nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin D give hair a strong, shining look. The roots of the hair need in their growth period enough vital substance. If there is a shortage, hair becomes thin and brittle or maybe just fall off. Other causes can be smoking and not enough rest and sleep.

Man or woman, who not any longer want to suffer hair loss, we from Aesthetic Travel Team suggest an investment in a hair transplant!

We are happy to give you detailed information and awaiting your call or written inquiry.


Hair Loss in Turkey - Frequently Asked Questions

Hair is falling out and grows again. Hair loss is not equal to hair fall. Some people just lose hair on some areas at the head, others lose hair all over the head. Intensity can vary from a few small places to a fully bald head. Hair loss is for all affected people an unpleasant affair.

The most occurring mode of excessive hair loss is an inheritable cause. Not only genetically reasons but also medicines from chemotherapy, hormonal fluctuations, stress, vitamin deficiency and some other environmental factors can be the cause. Malnutrition can cause hair loss but is a rare phenomenon.
If you have a case of hair loss in your family, you have a higher risk to have also hair loss. Other persons with higher risks for hair loss are patients suffering from cancer and people with malnutrition. As a preventive, only a healthy diet and lifestyle can work.

One-third of the population suffer from hair loss. The biggest cause is genetically induced. Every seventh of ten men is losing hair on a genetical basis. In women hair loss occurs lesser but still every four in ten women has hair loss.

The most common forms of hair loss are:

  • Alopecia Androgenetica – (genetical hair loss)
  • Alopecia Areata – (round patches of hair loss)
  • Alopecia diffusa – (diffuse hair loss)

…more but rare forms are:

  • Alopecia actinica: (due to radiation hair loss)
  • Alopecia mechanis: (due to pull, push or friction hair loss)
  • Alopecia seborrhoica: (due to an over production of selbum hair loss)
  • Alopecia parvimaculata: (due to an infection hair loss)
  • Alopecia senilis: (due to an ageing of hair loss)
  • Alopecia congenital: (congenital baldness

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