Liposuction in Turkey

The ideal way to reduce Fat Cells, especially when sports and a changed diet are not successful. Your body can be new defined.

Liposuction turkey

Liposuction in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Liposuction by your Specialists in Turkey

After a few looks into your mirror, you decided you have a few fat pads too much and want to have these removed with fat removal. You need a specialist for liposuction with experienced know-how about body shaping.

Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya has many contacts to professional and competent specialists for liposuction in Turkey. We are glad to broker an appointment with one of them. Don’t hesitate to contact and talk to us!

Liposuction: Extensive and detailed Advise with individual Treatment Concept

The Turkish cosmetic surgeons offer their patients extensive and detailed advice before fat removal. The highest priority is your wishes. These are implemented with great professional expertise. That’s the time to meet your surgeon and his team personally. You will undergo a thorough examination and questions you about your medical history. Details of your coming operation will be discussed.

You will receive information about risks, complications, and alternative methods. Information about the cost of liposuction in Turkey is given. The anaesthesia team is on stand-by for you. From all this, your surgeon prepares your treatment concept.

Liposuction turkey cost

Aesthetic Appearance thanks Liposuction

The method of liposuction can be used very accurately on specific body areas. Treatments are defined in advance. With the targetted removal of adipose tissue, your body will get harmonious contours and forms a beautiful physique you can show off. Overall you will have after the procedure and healing process a juvenile and vital aura.

How Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons perform a Liposuction?

Our cooperate cosmetic surgeons in Turkey can look back at a longstanding experience in the field of liposuction and performing within most modern standards for medicine and technique.

They are concentrating on each case to get an aesthetically satisfying and longlasting result. Let us convince you. We work only together with the most competent and dependable Turkish surgeons.

Liposuction turkey antalya

Liposuction in Turkey – The Surgical Procedure

Depending on the size of the liposuction can the procedure be done ambulant with local anaesthesia or with a general anaesthetic with a stay of one day in the hospital. Fat removal is today almost at every body zone possible thanks to modern development. They are performed gently and with little risk. With the Tumeszenz-method, a degreaser solution is combined with a local anaesthetic agent. With this, the fat cells are dissolved and aspirated through small openings in the tissue. Your surgeon is using very fine hypodermic needles for this to shorten the healing process. After the procedure, you receive instructions for the time after the operation. A doctor will supervise the post-operative care.

Liposuction in turkey
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Harmonious Body Contours

With fat removal, the treated areas stay free from fat pads. Your cellulite is reduced. After the healing process, you will enjoy an aesthetically formed body.

The Team from Aesthetic Travel will be glad to advise on all possibilities of fat removal in Turkey by specialists with professional expertise. Contact us! We would be pleased to receive your call and to help you with a successfully performed liposuction.

Liposuction in turkey cost

Liposuction in Turkey Before & After Photos

fettabsaugung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Liposuction in Turkey Before After
fettabsaugung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Liposuction Turkey Before After
fettabsaugung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Liposuction in Antalya Before After

Liposuction Turkey - FAQ

All persons who are wishing for a shapely appearance, but suffering from stubborn fat pads, can benefit from liposuction. Liposuction is connected with a general loss of weight. This method of treatment can reduce fat pads on problematic areas. Liposuction in Turkey is suitable for women and men for an attractive appearance.

At the beginning of liposuction, a Tumeszenz-solution is given with a local anaesthetic by injection into the tissue. This solution prepares the body for the suction. The suction takes place free of pain. Our doctors using high-quality hypodermic needles.

Many different zones of the body are suitable for liposuction. This can be the belly, legs, buttock, hip, and upper arms. With this method, even a double chin or sagging cheeks can be corrected easily. Many patients want to lose their saddlebags (fat deposits at the outside of thighs) with liposuction. In a detailed counselling with one of our specialist will explain the capabilities but also the limitations of aesthetic plastic surgery.

No. Once suctioned fat cells cannot grow again. Their numbers are determined by birth and stay life long constant. If you will gain weight, there will be no new fat cells but the volume of existing fat cells are expanding. Once liposuction has been performed, you will have permanently less fat cells in this region of your body.

Human skin has by nature the ability to regression. The best evidence is how the skin behaves after a pregnancy. Your skin will form around the tissue after liposuction. Normally, there will be no excessive skin. In the first weeks after the procedure, you have to wear a compression garment, this will help in the regression of the skin.

Diets and liposuctions are different ambitions. A dietary change will reduce weight, but don’t brings always the so much wished dream body. Sometimes, diets and sports are not enough to fight stubborn fat deposits. With liposuction, fat pods can be removed precisely accurate. The aesthetic plastic surgery of liposuction has one more advantage: The once suctioned fat cells are permanently gone. Liposuction in Turkey is not for a reduction of weight but to form the body and his proportions lasting.

In the first few days after liposuction, you should avoid any intense physical labour. You have to wear for four to six weeks a medical compression garment for a hastening of skin regression. Already after a few days, you can recognize your new body form. The final result of liposuction is to see after three to six months.

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