Buttock Lift in Turkey

The whole optic of the Bottom to emphasize through a shaping. Lacking volume can simply be replaced and the outline of your bottom be optimized.

Buttock Lift in Turkey

Buttock Lift in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Buttock Lift: Get Treatment from experienced Specialists from Turkey

The classic buttock lift is reasonable when through weight loss excessive skin in the bottom zone is left and by the natural way not forming back. Other problems can result from ageing skin and tissue to decide for a tightening. Besides operative procedures, there are noninvasive methods available. These will be explained from the attending physician. Your doctor will find the optimal approach for your wishes and initial situation.

Crucial importance is the professionalism related to aesthetic plastic surgery of the cosmetic surgeon. That’s why Aesthetic Travel in Antalya offers only contacts of specialists in buttock lift in Turkey, who can give you assurance, convenience and optimal medical care. Please, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Buttock Lift in Turkey cost

Bottom Augmentation: Always specialized, competent and individually advised

The cosmetic surgeons working with us will inform you in advance about all possible operative measures and reconsider noninvasive methods. Risks and complications are explained as well cost for a bottom augmentation mentioned. You will find additional information on our website. Your medical history is recorded and a physical examination is done. From all this data a tailored treatment concept is worked out.

Your Bottom becomes an Eyecatcher

In your mind’s eye, you can see already your beautiful, rounded and taut bottom. It’s your good right, it will not take long before you reach this goal thanks to the Turkish cosmetic surgeons.

Buttock Lift in Turkey antalya

The classic Buttock Lift, performed by Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons

Our cooperating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey performing already a long time with an experience buttock lift. They work within the context of the latest medical and technical standards. Extremely caution and attention is taken to get a result to your satisfaction.

Classical bottom augmentation: Procedure and Technique

This kind of procedure is performed under general anaesthetic. Similar to a tummy tuck, excess skin and tissue are removed. An incision is set supraorbital or suborbital of the bottom in natural folds. In the course of operation, adipose tissue from here can be used for modelling the bottom. Otherwise, it can be removed by liposuction. Your surgeon achieves with the tightening of the skin a lasting aesthetic result. In simple words: You will have for a long time a well-formed bottom!

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Your luscious bottom: Finally you are wearing again Shorts and Mini-skirts

Enjoying the warm days of summer and cover your sexy bottom in tight shorts and mini-skirts. Stroll along the beach! A good idea is, to combine this small surgical procedure with a relaxable vacation at the beautiful coasts of Turkey!

Aesthetic Travel can help you to get in contact with our Turkish specialist for buttock lift.

On our website, we explain other themes you are may interested in. You get information about thig lift, upper arm lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. Sometimes it is advisable to combine some plastic procedures for optimal results.

Together with Aesthetic Travel and our specialists and experts in cosmetic surgery in Turkey, the goal is, to find for our patients a natural and harmonious appearance.

Buttock Lift in Turkey

Buttock Lift in Turkey Before & After Photos

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Buttock Lift Turkey Before After
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Buttock Lift in Turkey Before After
Gesäßstraffung Antalya Vorher Nachher
Buttock Lift in Antalya Before After

Buttock Lif Turkey - FAQ

It is natural for the skin to lose some elasticity by ageing. Heavy weightloss can also be the reason for sagging skin portions a the bottom. For many women and men, this results in emotional stress. With a buttock lift or bottom augmentation, the sagging skin can be tightened. The bottom will be formed with an attractive, tight optic.

Targeted gymnastics can improve the vascular muscles. But not always is the wanted result achieved. Once the skin and connective tissue are overexpanded, no sporting activity or massages can completely form back. In cases like this, doctors advice for a tightening of the skin with an operative procedure. A buttock lift is here the right thing to return to a well-formed bottom. This gives the patient also a new self-confidence.

The surgeon removes with a buttock lift excess skin and adipose tissue to tighten the bottom. The necessary incision is set most of the times above the bottom. This is to hide the scar under a slip. The best place for the incision has to be determined by the attending doctor from patient to patient. After the operation, the surgeon stitches the cut.

After a buttock lift patients have to use a medical compression for four to six weeks. This will hasten the healing process. It is very normal to have some light swellings or haematoma after a bottom augmentation. These will vanish after days or weeks. The final result you can see after three to six months.

You have to rest for two to three weeks after a buttock lift. Long sitting and sudden movements should be avoided. Heavy bodily work is not advisable before four to six weeks. Sporty activities are not allowed for at least six to eight weeks.

The buttock lift is a procedure with little risk when performed by qualified doctors. Any operation has a remaining risk. Post-operative haemorrhage and wound healing disturbance are reported in some cases. Some patients complained about numbness. All of this will vanish in a few days or weeks. In very rare cases occurs post-operative infections, intolerance or thromboses.

A buttock lift in Turkey will cost something around EUR 2,800. We can discuss detailed costs for this cosmetic surgery by phone, followed by a written offer with a fixed price. Aesthetic Travel ensures its patients of full transparency without hidden expenses and a first-class medical car to very fair terms. Wir is here waiting for your enquiry!

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