Sex Transformation from Woman to Man in Turkey

Woman to Man transformation in Turkey : No more loutish Behaviour, no discrimination for masculine oriented women after a sex reassignment surgery and your wish to live a life as a man.

Geschlechtsumwandlung Mann zu Frau türkei

Sex Transformation from Woman to Man in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Woman to Man Transformation in Turkey

You have already for a long time the desire for a sex transformation from woman to man because you don’t feel well in your body and your role in society. In Turkey, we have specialists in urology, gynaecology, psychology and aesthetic plastic procedures with experienced know-how to perform this kind of operations. Our experienced surgeons give you a detailed explanation from the first interview with a psychologist for the hormonal change, the first surgical steps to remove the breasts, uterus, and ovaries. It comes up for discussion the aesthetic plastic modelling of your new masculine body. They are there as you’re progressing into your completely new period in life.

We from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya are here to help you in your search for a suitable aesthetic plastic surgeon. We are always in contact with Turkish cosmetic surgeons with great experience and know-how it sex transformation from woman to a man. Please, contact us!

A sex reassignment surgery from woman to man in Turkey is a process of change in well-coordinated steps.

One part of the whole process is the aesthetic plastic procedures in Turkey to change your feminine appearance to masculine. At the first appointment with your surgeon, you will know your doctor and his team personally. You will be interviewed about your medical history for the record, alternatives are explained, risks and side effects are discussed and the costs for a sex transformation from woman to men in Turkey is stated. You will undergo an examination and from all these data the surgical steps are worked out to an individual treatment concept tailored just for you.

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Geschlechtsumwandlung Mann zu Frau türkei antalya

Sex Transformation: From Woman to Man – Your Wish comes true!

You have always felt to be a stranger in your body. You have encountered a lack of understanding for your wish to change your sex. As an affected person you receive a lot of stress from society and looking for experienced surgeons who can make your wish come true. In several steps, this can be achieved. There is a change from feminity to masculinity possible and can be done in Turkey.

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Geschlechtsumwandlung Mann zu Frau in der türkei

Woman to Man Transformation in Turkey: Details to the aesthetic plastic Aspects

The cooperating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey performing operations of this kind for a long time and have professional expertise in sex transformation from woman to man. They perform under strict most modern, medical and technical standards. Rigour and attention is their priority to attend to your wishes and ideas to have a change of your body.

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Sex Reassignment Surgery from Woman to Man: What are the Possibilities with aesthetic plastic Surgery?

Your Turkish surgeon informs you about all the opportunities for an aesthetic plastic surgery after your body has gone through the hormonal therapy, the removal of breasts, ovaries, and uterus to give your body the desired masculine appearance. First the facial shape, this can be done with a nose and/or chin correction.The important thing here is also to imitate the natural masculine hair growth, as the growth of a beard. At the pubic region, a lot of aspects with the construction of the penis and testicles together with a prosthesis for erection can be achieved.

You can enjoy your new physical feeling and show off your new manhood.

Our Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya is here to support you all the way!

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Geschlechtsumwandlung Mann zu Frau antalya türkei

Woman to Man Transformation Turkey - FAQ

For 18 months the patient needs a psychotherapeutic therapy with a routine test. Six months of therapy with hormones has to be implemented. There are two independent expert opinions needed with the diagnosis of transsexuality.

Additionally, an indication is needed for an operation from a medical viewpoint by a doctor who has experience with transsexual treatment.

Costs can add up from 6,000 to 12,000 Euros for a sex reassignment surgery.

The whole costs depending on the volume of operations and account often only to the half of the amount in other countries as Turkey with the same accomplishment.

Patients with the age of 18 or above can have a sex transformation. Before this the needed hormone therapy is advisable from the age of 14. For this, patients need the sure diagnosis from two independent of each other’s medical experts.

  • Uterus and ovaries are removed and/or the vagina closed and/or a penis constructed out of the clitoris with the construction of a male urethra for later urinating in a standing position.
  • The surrogate penis is constructed from a lappet from the inner forearm. This is done under anatomical possibilities and the individual wishes of the patient.
  • The helmet is modelled and one or two prostheses of testicles are implanted. Maybe a scrotal sac is formed.
  • A prosthesis for the penis is placed for erection purposes.

Yes? The nerves in the transplant are connected to the autochthonous nerves. That way a sensible structure at the new penis is created and a sexual physical erection can be reached.

Yes! The clitoris is an important erogenous zone and stays completely intact. You decide if this is integrated within the new penis or external.

You should give much time. Physicians advise for some time between the two operations of several months. The tissues need enough time for healing.

Except for general complications after operations are some specific risks with sex reassignment surgery:

  • often occur complications like fistulas around the urethra. Also reported are bulging or narrowing of the urethra. Sometimes another operation is needed.
  • Implants can trigger infections, shifting, chronic pain or mechanical complications. In some cases, the implants have to be removed and changed or be implanted later again.

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