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Why Dental Health is important and essential?

There are several reasons why we should take care of our dental health. First, we have to consider, that our teeth are in our mouth, and that’s in the middle of our face. Whether we talk or laugh, our teeth are helping us with the articulation and leave an aesthetic impression.

But also from a medical view is the health of our inner mouth very important. Inside our mouth are millions of bacteria. These reach the mouth with the food. Some of these bacteria can attack your teeth and gums, and even scatter over your whole body to do some harm.

What Kind of Dentistry is available?

All medical treatments of a dentist (except material expenses and cost for laboratory) belong to dental treatment. Dentures are e. g. implants, caps, and bridges. Removable dentures are complete dentures or partial dentures. Tooth displacements are corrected with dental braces as part of orthodontics. Cosmetic dentistry offers possibilities for beautiful, white teeth and with it for a beaming smile. Feasible is bleaching or Veneers (thin shells made of ceramic).

Teeth Bleaching in turkey

Why is a Dental Treatment in Turkey by Aesthetic Travel commendable?

We are working with the latest equipment and experienced dentists. You don’t get a lesser quality for your dental treatment, but you pay much less as in other European countries for dental works. Why? Because in Turkey you receive the advantage of lower costs for personnel and overhead with the price.

If you have already a quotation from your dentist in your home country, just send it to us by fax. We are sure you will save hundreds if not thousands of Euros with our offer from Aesthetic Travel to a comparable service.

Utilise this price advantage and give us a call. By Aesthetic Travel in Antalya, you will have for whole stay an interpreter and our organisation of hotel, clinic, and transfers.

Invest in the health of your teeth and enjoy life in self-confidence!

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