Nose Job | Nose Correction in Turkey

Nose Job | Nose Correction in Turkey / Antalya: With a pleasant form of the nose, you will have a harmonious and sympathetic facial expression. Attractive facial expression eases success and a relaxed lifestyle.

Nose Job Turkey

Nose Job | Nose Correction in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Nose Job | Nose Correction in Turkey / Antalya – Nose Correction by a Specialist in Turkey

Form and size of your nose are essential to your face profile for the harmony of the face proportion. When you have recognized, that your nose is very dominant in your face or the opposite, your nose is less marked, you need a nose correction. A nose correction is also called rhinoplasty or nose reshaping. This is done with a surgical procedure by cosmetic surgeons in Turkey.

Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya knows most renowned specialists for nose correction in Turkey. We are here to help you to establish a contact for an appointment. Give us a call and talk to us!


Nose Correction: Full Consultation and a very special Treatment Concept just for you

Before a nose correction is performed, there is counselling from your cosmetic surgeon about your wishes for a modelling of your nose with all medical opportunities. All possibilities are explained in detail before the procedure. Your medical history is considered and recorded and an examination takes place. The team for anaesthesia outlines to you the procedure.

Needless to say, you will be informed about risks and complication, alternatives to an operation, as well as the costs of a Nose Job | Nose Correction in Turkey / Antalya.


Nose Correction – What is possible?

How Turkish Plastic Surgeons proceed?

The plastic surgeons in Turkey have a longstanding knowledge and expertise in nose-correction and perform with modern standards of medicine and technique.

Nose Job | Nose Correction in Turkey / Antalya – The Surgical Procedure

The teams for preparing the operation, implementation, aftercare, and anaesthesia are well trained and professional skilled.

A procedure for nose-correction is done under general anaesthetic. Depending on the treatment cartilage or bone mass will be removed or padded. Also, the nasal septum can be straightened out. the incision is set inside the nose to avoid scars.

After the operation, the nose is tamponaded and a cast made. The last will be replaced by a plaster later. Your surgeon will explain side effects. The healing process is attended by doctors. Patients should after a nose correction avoid activities to prevent after-bleeding.

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Nose Correction has to be performed by Specialists

Aesthetic plastic procedures at the nose are sophisticated operations and require surgical skill and a lot of expertise. Trust our cooperating Turkish cosmetic surgeons with their professional competence for a rhinoplasty.

The team from Aesthetic Travel will advise you about all opportunities for a rhinoplasty in Turkey performed by an experienced specialist in Turkey. Please, contact us! On our website, there are some more interesting themes about cosmetic surgery. Maybe you are interested in a chin correction or a facelift?



Nose Job | Nose Correction in Turkey Before & After Photos

Nasenkorrektur Türkei Vorher Nachher
Nose Job | Nose Correction in Turkey Before After
Nasenkorrektur Türkei Vorher Nachher
Nose Job | Nose Correction Turkey Before After
Nasen OP Türkei Vorher Nachher
Nose Job | Nose Correction in Antalya Before After

Nose Job | Nose Correction Turkey - FAQ

You think, your nose is too large, too wide or noticeable too crooked? A nose differing too much from the ideal of beauty can depress and undermine one’s self-confidence. If you are not happy with your nose, decide to have a nose correction performed in Turkey. Deformation like a hooked nose, saddle nose or crooked nose can be corrected by a cosmetic procedure. This is also advisable by the result of an accident. By a functional nose correction, the function of the nose has priority. E. g. a crooked nasal septum has to straighten for better nasal breathing.

There is the closed technique, all incisions are set inside the nose. The open technique needs one more cut at the columella. With the closed technique there less viewable scars. The advantage of the open technique is, the surgeon has a better view of the area he is operating on. The precondition of the patient is the deciding point, which method your surgeon will use.

An expertly performed nose correction is a low-risk procedure. In rare cases occur serious complications. Occurring post-operative haemorrhages and swellings can be treated easily. Post-operative pain is not expected. A pain reliever can be given in case of the feeling of pressure. Competent and affectionate aftercare in a single room of our hospital ensures a maximum on wellbeing.

In the first few days after the procedure swellings around the nose and eyes maybe occur. Bruises are normal. Impairment of breathing through the nose has been reported. Rare are infections and problems in wound healing. After about two weeks most swellings have vanished.

As usual, after a procedure, a physical rest is needed. You should not report for work for the next 10 to 14 days. Bedrest is not needed. Why not combine your nose correction with a holiday in Antalya and some relaxing days at the Mediterranean Sea? Light exercise can be done after 2 to 3 weeks, but martial arts and any ball games are prohibited, an injury of the just corrected nose is great.

Priority of a nose correction is to get a satisfying result for a natural look. Our qualified doctors take care, that your nose will fit aesthetically to your face profile. After the healing process has ended, outsiders will not recognize you had a nose correction.

The tissue of the nose heals slowly and needs after a surgical procedure about 6 to 12 months to heal completely. All viewable indications of a nose corrector like swellings, redness, and haematoma are gone within 2 or 4 weeks.

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