Orthodontia in Turkey

Innovative and intelligent, that are the results by tooth displacements. Treatment is appropriate for any age.

Orthodontia turkey

Orthodontia in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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General Orthodontia for Young and Old

The team form Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will facilitate for you orthodontist in Turkey you can trust. Depending on whether you want to have tooth displacement treated, need a teeth protector or a snoring therapy, we are here to find the right specialist for you!

Nice and straight teeth are an advantage for your appearance and your health. The one who is taking care of his teeth with correct dental care, using a balanced diet, and appreciates the ease of mind, is booming in wellbeing.

Pity, not everybody has by nature healthy and straight teeth. Tooth displacement is common by traumata or genetically inborn. This dysbalances show effects on the whole body with pain in the head, neck or back.

The Aesthetic Travel team in Antalya offers you all the possibilities for a stay in Turkey with time to have this all cured. Think about the savings on an orthodontia treatment, which is not covered by your health insurance from a certain age on.

Orthodontia in Turkey

Orthodontia in turkey cost

Types of Orthodontia in Turkey

In general, there are several types of orthodontic treatments in Turkey. it depends on the initial situation of the patient.

This means, if you had some kind of treatment recently, had an accident or you have reached a certain age, that there is no more natural growth to use, our specialists will find an individual treatment just for you.

We offer in Orthodontia in Turkey the following:

  • General orthodontia
  • Holistic orthodontia
  • Functional orthodontia
  • Functional diagnostic
  • Teeth protector
  • Anti-snoring appliance

Needless to say, you receive here all dental services for adults, children, adolescents, and the first check-up for babies.

Orthodontia in Turkey

Orthodontia in turkey
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Orthodontia in Turkey Before & After Photos

Kieferorthopädie türkei vorher nachher
Orthodontia Turkey Before After
Kieferorthopädie türkei vorher nachher
Orthodontics in Turkey Before After
Orthodontia in Antalya Before After

Orthodontia Turkey - FAQ

Depending on the form of treatment and the time needed are the cost variable from case to case and person to person. Generally, you save on expenses because of lower prices in Turkey as in other European countries with orthodontic treatment.

Holistic Orthodontia means to have an overall treatment possibility not only for tooth and jaws but for other symptoms as well. E. g. can an additional treatment by a physiotherapist help to get over with the gnashing of teeth.

With children and adolescents, the specialist has to reconsider the growth of them and can use it on the treatment. A good sample is braces. Over time the growth is correcting the tooth displacement.

Adults do not have this advantage anymore. The lingual technique is used which means, a fixed brace is used from inside.

Orthodontia in Turkey

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