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Unattractive so-called bingo wings are a horror in the summertime. With a lift of the upper arms can you enjoy the sunny days again.

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Arm Lift in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Professional Upper Arm Lift with Surgeons in Turkey

Both, the natural skin ageing and the consequences of dieting can lead to atony of the skin and the tissues beneath. The excess skin can be removed gently by methods of aesthetic plastic surgery. Summerly tops and dresses with spaghetti straps can be worn again after the operation!

Aesthetic Travel in Antalya is in close contact with specialists for an upper armlift. These cosmetic surgeons have longterm experience with this kind of operations. They work within the latest medical and technical standards and take note of your wishes for an upper arm lift.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact our Team from Aesthetic Travel. We can name suitable specialists for skin tightening.

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Upper Arm Lift: Personal counselling with Treatment Concept

Before any treatment is started, our Turkish cosmetic surgeons will explain the procedure in detail for an upper llifts. On this occasion, patients will know ther surgeons and the whole team in the hospital in Turkey. At this time also preliminary examination is done. Your medical records are discussed and also a pre-operation discussion is held about the procedure, risks, possible complications and alternative methods as well as the costs of an upper arm lift in Turkey.

Aesthetically pleasing Upper Arms

Summer is here! The warmth is welcome to the skin and one is enjoying light clothing like sleeveless tops. It is understandable when the upper arms should be well-formed and have smooth skin. Our cosmetic surgeons will be glad, to illustrate several methods for an upper arm lift to you.

Arm Lift turkey

How do Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons do an Upper Arm Lift?

Our cooperating cosmetic surgeons in Turkey perform operations for an upper arm lift with experience and gentleness. All operations will be handled with a hundred per cent observance of European hygiene standards.

After the findings, our cosmetic specialist will take care of your individual wishes about a skin tightening, so that you will get a satisfying result.

Approach and Technique

Excess skin on the upper arms can be tightened ambulant. This can be done with local anaesthesia or under general anaesthetic. In case of a general anaesthetic, you will be assisted by a team of anaesthesia staff before, during and after the surgery. Necessary sections will be made in the armpits or the inner surface of the upper arms to be so much unremarkable as possible. Your surgeon will not only lift the skin by an upper lift, but als the beneath tissues for a longlasting result.

Arm Lift in turkey
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Smooth and taut Upper Arms

Let our Turkish specialists for upper arm lift convince you! They know their craft and will consider your wishes with concern. With smooth and taut formed upper arms you can enjoy summer to the fullest! Why not combine a wellness and beauty trip to Turkey?

Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can arrange for a counselling appointment with your Turkish specialist for an upper arm lift. There are more pages on our website to inform you about skin tightening. Get more information about thigh lift surgery, buttock lift surgery and tummy tuck.

Arm Lift turkey antalya

Arm Lift in Turkey Before & After Photos

Armstraffung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Arm Lift in Turkey Before After
Ober Armstraffung Türkei Vorher Nachher
Arm Lift Turkey Before After
Armstraffung Türkei Antalya Vorher Nachher
Arm Lift in Antalya Before After

Arm Lift Turkey - FAQ

With increasing age, the skin is losing some of its volumes and lift. This can show at the upper arms with recognizable excess skin and tissue. Other possible reasons could be inborn connective tissue weakness or weight fluctuations. Targeted training of the upper arms can be insufficient. Affected people suffer and feel unappealing and often wish to hide their upper arms all year long under long-sleeved clothing. The goal of an upper arm lift is the slackened skin to lift and give the patient his self-confidence back.

By an upper arm lift, also called a brachio-surgery, excess skin and tissue are removed to tighten the skin. The needed section will be done at the inside of the upper arm, normally from the armpit to the elbow joint. Carefully the soft tissues are tightened. At the end of the procedure, the doctor occludes the section with fine stitches.

A lipectomy is best placed to do remove stubborn fat deposition. But this method has no impact on the skin. With an upper arm lift sagging skin is removed and formed into an aesthetic shape. Cosmetic surgeons recommend an upper arm lift when there is an excessive amount of skin and tissue. In some cases, an additional lipectomy can have a positive effect together with an upper arm lift.

By carefully set sections there are barely viewable scars after an upper arm lift. There will be little plain lines within the first few months after the procedure. They will fade with time. Our highly qualified doctors know very well to estimate where to set the sections for an optimal result.

After an upper arm lift, you will be given a compressing dressing. This will help in with a quick wound healing. You will have to rest for ten to fourteen days. No intensive sunbathing or a sauna is allowed for the next eight weeks. Any heavy efforts on the muscles in the arms should be avoided in the first six weeks after an upper arm lift.

An upper arm lift when performed by an experienced surgeon has a high success quotient and a very low complication rate. But there is still a residual risk. Postoperative can occur feeling of tension, secondary haemorrhage, or wound healing disturbance. Some patients report numbness in the upper arms. These effects normalize after a few months. In very rare cases there is light sensibility disorder to stay.

The average costs for an upper arm lift in Turkey are EUR 2.400. The exact and detailed price you can get after consultation by phone. After that, you will receive a written offer with a fixed price. With Aesthetic Travel there are no hidden costs! We will be glad to assist you with your queries!

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