Intimate Surgery for Women in Turkey

from 2,500 EUR

A new pleasurable sensation through vaginal rejuvenation. By tightening and narrowing of the vagina can sexuality anew experienced and enjoyed.

Intimate Surgery for Women: Professional and sensible Approach of Cosmetic Surgeons in Turkey

The private parts of a woman can be changed by modern standards in aesthetic plastic surgery gentle and almost without pain today. Procedures at the private parts can give women a new physical feeling, and define femininity new. A positive effect on pleasure with sexuality can be achieved.

Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya has contacts to Turkish specialists for procedures at for intimate surgery for women. These cooperating cosmetic surgeons have long years of experience and working by modern medical and technical standards. Your wishes of aesthetic plastic surgery have priority in their consideration.

Intimate Surgery: Individually Consultation with a Treatment Concept

With a good portion of the ability to empathize, profound know-how and expertise, Turkish cosmetic surgeons welcome you in their clinics. As part of a discreet, but detailed consultation the doctor find out your wishes and changes you want at your private parts. At this time the surgeon explains to you the different opportunities of intimate surgery and together you will decide on the method for your treatment. He will interview you with the anaesthesia team about your medical history for the record.

Your doctor informs you about possible risks and complications with this procedure, and show you alternative and explains the costs for an intimate surgery in Turkey.

Intimchirurgie-Frau Kosten

Private Parts – optimal aesthetic and functional moulded

The goal of the procedure is, to take your wishes for functional improvement in your private parts. With instinctive feeling and a high qualification perform Turkish cosmetic surgeons your wishful thinking to an optimal result.

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    Changes at the Private Parts: Procedure of Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons

    It is beyond all question, that our cooperating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey perform procedures at private parts of women have are professionally qualified. They perform with routine under European hygiene standards for surgical procedures.

    Operations at the female Private Parts: Procedure and Technique

    Nymphoplasty or labia reduction surgery: This procedure to reduce the labia majora. Excessive tissue has to be removed very gently for a harmonious proportion of the inner and outer labia.

    Enlargement of the labia: This can be done by autologous fat transplantation or else with a special hyaluronic acid solution. For the first-mentioned version liposuction from stomach or thigh is needed. After preparation will this be injected to your labia. This is performed under local anaesthesia.

    Mons pubis operation: The surgeon has here two opportunities for the procedure. He can use liposuction from the mons pubis or he can inject phosphatidylcholine for decomposition of fat cells.

    Enlargement of the G-spot: This procedure has the purpose to increase the sensibility of the mons pubis near the vaginal introitus. This small operation can be done under local anaesthesia.

    After all the procedures you receive competent aftercare with instructions for the healing period and maybe some appointments for follow-up examinations.

    We from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can arrange for appointments with your Turkish specialist for aesthetic plastic correction at private parts. Please have also a look at our other themes on our website. Maybe you are interested in breast augmentation or breast reduction.

    Intimchirurgie-Frau Türkei Kosten
    Intimate Surgery for Women – At a glance

    Duration of Procedure

    1 - 3 Hours

    Hospital Stay

    0 - 1 Day

    Recovery Time

    0 - 1 Day


    from 2,500 EUR

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The modern intimate surgery is getting more popular in the last years and many patients enjoying new self-confidence with a positive physical feeling. Maybe you are one of those women, who are not satisfied with the length or shape of your labia? Are you avoiding swimming baths or sweat baths or do you have because of this aesthetic flaw relationship problems? Then it is high time to see a plastic surgeon. He will explain to you all operative methods of intimate surgery, this all under strict confidence.

    More and more women suffering under an asymmetry of the visual appearance of their labia. That’s why correction of the labia counts of one of the major procedures by the intimate surgery. Long or sagging labia can compromise physical feeling by sports and sex. Besides this, many women see it as unaesthetic. With a labia reduction surgery or nymphoplasty can the shape of the labia effectively and permanently corrected.

    With a labia reduction surgery, the surgeon removes excess tissue from the outer and inner labia. With this, a satisfying result can be achieved to the individual wishes of the patient. A careful technique for the incisions ensures for no noticeable scars.

    The intimate surgery gives women aesthetic private parts accordingly to their wishes. Our patients recognize after this operative procedure a new sense of life. Self-doubts or inferiority complexes are a thing of the past. visits to sweat baths and swimming baths as also relations on a personal level can be enjoyed.

    After the surgical procedure, the private parts have to be kept abacterial. You need to rest for 1 to 2 weeks before you go to work again. You should avoid intercourse for 3 to 4 weeks and also not doing sporty activities.


    It is normal, that after a surgical procedure to have light swellings. Some patients report about temporarily numbness. These will all vanish in a few days or weeks. In rare cases, it comes to secondary haemorrhage, infections or problems with wound healing. Our procedures of intimate surgery in Turkey are all performed in renowned clinics and hospitals. With these risks are minimised.


    An intimate surgery in Turkey can be performed for low as 2,100 Euros. The exact cost will be known after a detailed computation. But we can assure you, there will be no hidden fees. All women, who are interested in an intimate surgery in Turkey can contact us by phone and will be advised by trained staff. Afterwards, they will receive a written offer with a fixed price.