PRK Method in Turkey

Improvements in self-confidence and lifestyle through the PRK method by difficult eye defects. Enjoy your life unburdened by contact lenses or spectacles

PRK Method in Turkey

PRK Method in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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PRK Eye Laser Treatment

For corrections of poor eyesight, there are modern laser techniques available today. Because of technological renewals and actual scientific research can patients get their eyesight permanently and efficient back. Bothersome spectacles misting up or troublesome contact lenses while swimming and diving belong to the past. With the help of Aesthetic Travel in Antalya, you will get the highest professionalism in eye laser treatment inclusive large savings if you compare costs for the same treatment in other European countries. Try us and give us a call. We are happy to give you detailed information on eye lasering.

PRK Method in Turkey

PRK Method in Turkey cost

PRK – The classic Eye Laser Method: Studies proof Effectiveness

There are several kinds of eye lasering techniques available. The photorefractive keratectomy, in short PRK or the more new and modern methods of ReLEx Smile or LASIK. By a PRK eye laser treatment, a laser is used to plane the cornea. Astigmatism up to 5 diopters, shortsightedness up to -6 diopters, and longsightedness up to +4 dioptres can be with this method corrected. The exact parameters depending on the thickness of the cornea.

With the removal of tissue of the cornea, the light incidence is bundled at the focal point and an ametropia corrected. Since the PRK eye laser treatment is in use from the 1980s, there are a great number of studies, which show efficiency and long-term experience and success of this method.

PRK Method in Turkey

PRK Method in Turkey
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The procedure of a PRK Eye Laser Treatment

Before any operation with the PRK technique, the eyes are undergoing an extensive examination from our team of eye surgeons. The thickness of the cornea is an important factor and curves and deformations have to be determined and identified. The pupil and intraocular tension have to be measured. The light refraction inside the eye needs a validation.

After this, the covering skin is removed and the cornea exposed. Now the Excimer laser can do its work and place the cornea to the computed figure. In the last step, a contact lens is put in place. This is for protection until the corneal epithelium is grown again. This takes usually a few days and can cause sometimes pain.

Eye laser treatments in Turkey are performed ambulant and patients can leave the clinics the very same day in Antalya. Already after a short time, you will recognize the first success with your own eyes and the result will be permanent in a few days.

PRK Method in Turkey

PRK Method Turkey antalya

PRK Method Turkey - FAQ

When your cornea is not thick enough for the classic LASIK treatment, the PRK method can be of help. Also like the other laser techniques the correction of your visual disorder will be healed. You can be relaxed to have a life without spectacles and contact lenses.

If you are suitable for a PRK eye laser treatment depends primarily on the intensity of your eye defect. Generally, the following eye ailments can be corrected by the PRK technique:

  • myopia up to -8 diopters
  • hyperopia up to +3 diopters
  • astigmatism up to about 6 diopters.

The PRK method (photorefractive keratectomy) is not done at a depth of 0,1 millimetre but directly under the upper layer of the cornea. For this, a flap is needed. The corneal epithelium has to be removed and is softened before it can be moved sidewards.

Once the area for treatment is cleared, the surgeon will use the Excimer laser and plane the cornea. About forthy to fifthy micrometres are removed. The treated area will be covered with a medical contact lens until the corneal epithelium has grown again. With this special laser treatment, you will need a longer time for rehabilitation than the LASIK method treatment.

No! You better take a taxi or let a friend or family drive.

That depends on your kind of job. Work at the computer can be done right the next day, but you should take 1-4 days rest.

For the day of the treatment and the following day, you will have to take leave. Your doctor can’t give you a sick note. Some of the eye centres or clinics offer Thursday, Friday or even the Weekend for eye treatment.

Usually, the costs for a laser treatment with the PRK technique are a little lower than with the LASIK method. Expenses for treatment can vary through a differing operating level. Some private health insurance policies pay partly or even wholly the costs for eye treatment. You will have to contact your insurance beforehand.

After treatment with the PRK method, you can have pain in your eyes for a few days. A strong dryness and itching can occur. Seldom are there any under correction or overcorrection of your eyesight. In rare cases can it come to complications with the healing of the epithelium through folding or ingrowth. Your eye specialist can advise you in this case.

PRK Method in Turkey

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