All-on-4 in Turkey

from 2.500 EUR

Anodont jaws receive with an innovative bridge again a decent look within one day. The treatment concept consists of only four dental implants.

The All-on-4 in Turkey / Antalya

Besides the conventional method of inserting dental implants, the all-on-4-concept has been developed. This is an efficient treatment method to implant fixed dentures in the jaws within one day. Not only the costly bone grafting is not needed, but also the expenditure is reduced by around 30 per cent.

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How is the Procedure with the All-on-4 Treatment Concept?

First at all patients will receive an elaborate consultation for your implantology dentist. You will receive detailed information and you can ask all your pressing questions. After this, an examination of the jaws is following.

All-on-4 Kosten

With the help of all this data, an individual mock-up is crafted, so your dental implants can be positioned and implanted at the right places. After that, with the all-on-4-concept two implants are placed parallel in the front area and two more in the side area up to an angle of 45°. Patients can select between local anaesthesia or be under general anaesthetic.

In one more step, the structures for the implants are fixed. The last step, the new custom-built implants can be attached. These are immediately stressable. Thanks to the All-on-4-concept you have a pleasant appearance with natural looking teeth.

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    Advantages of the All-on-4-Concept

    Generally, dental implants as fixed artificial teeth are disruptive within dental history. Now, there is also the All-on-4 treatment method at the market, and no more has to suffer from missing teeth together with a low quality of life!

    With the dental implantology of All-on-4 method, only four dental implants have to be implanted to each jaw. This is all done within one day!

    Your Advantages if you decide to have your All-on-4 Methode done in Turkey:

    All-on-4 – at a Glance

    Duration of Procedure

    4 - 8 Hours

    Hospital Stay


    Recovery Time



    from 2.500 EUR

    Frequently Asked Questions

    With this dental implantology method and only four dental implants for each jaw, without bone grafting, the implants are implanted within one day only.

    Even when treated with conventional dental implants is not possible, implantation with the All-on-4 method can be done in Turkey.

    Smokers have with the All-on-4 concept a lesser risk of complications, as with other implantology. Specific medicaments can have a drug interaction and be maybe problematic. For patients with the diabetic is the cooperation of your family physician necessary.

    The price can vary and depends on the condition of the bone and the implants. Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can give you detailed information – just call us!

    As with all fixed dentures, health insurance maybe covers a fixed amount. Private health insurance maybe covers and reduces your costs for an All-on-4 method treatment.