Bone Grafting in Turkey

Bone Grafting in Turkey : Solid bones can incorporate implants much better as cancellous bones. That’s why is bone grafting an important step before the implanting of implants.

Bone Grafting turkey

Bone Grafting in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Bone Grafting for Tooth Implants

That our teeth have a strong footing in the jaw, a certain consistency and stability are crucial. Especially the volume in height and width as the quality of jaws are critical factors. These are the fundamental preconditions before implantation of dental implants can be considered. The implant from our dentists in Turkey can only be implanted, when they are firmly installed into the bone.

What are the Reasons for Loss of Substance of Bones?

Atrophy is the medical term for this and one of the reasons for tooth loss. Genetic strain or different ailments, as accidents can lead to tooth loss. It is natural for our biological system to react to changes and to start to deteriorate the bone substance. To reflect on this and to compensate for the loss, we offer in Turkey a professional bone grafting in Turkey. More information on this you will get from our Aesthetic Travel team in Antalya.

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Bone Grafting in turkey

Which surgically Methods are available for Bone Grafting?

After extensive consultation, diagnostic, and planning, our team of dentists can begin to rebuild your bones for an optimal foothold in your jaws. We in Turkey using as a surgical method primarily sinus-lifting. There are differences in intern and extern sinus-lifting. The goal of a sinus-lifting is to fill a small area in the paranasal sinus with bone grafting material. With the intern sinus-lifting, the bone substitutes are transplanted through the drilled hole into the jaw. With the extern sinus-lifting, a small opening is cut in the paranasal sinus for the integration of the bone substitutes.

Another method for bone grafting is bone splitting. For this, the residual bone of the patient is divided. The gap will enhance the body to produce new bone cells.

There is also the method of socket preservation. This is done right after tooth extraction by filling the dry socket and sealing the tissue to prevent bone loss.

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What are the Differences in Bone Grafting Materials?

There are four differing bone grafting materials: the body’s own bone material, alien bone material, a natural bone substitute, and an artificial bone substitute.

The most efficient method is the one with the body’s own bone material. This can be extracted from several body sites to reduce the risk of infection. A whole block of bone can be used from the lower jaw, but also the hip. The latter is done minimal invasive under general anaesthetic. Next step is to fix the extracted bone to the jaw by employing titan screws. At this point, it is very important to have the mucosa of the mouth covered for prompt healing.

For a procedure with alien bone, the material is it important to find a suitable person for the extraction of bone material. This will be integrated like before described with the body’s own bone material.

Bone grafting with natural bone material is of animal origin. Usually, it is used for this purpose from cattle.

Bone grafting with artificial bone material is made of bioactive glasses or ceramic based on calcium. The stability of these materials is not so high and are mostly used for smaller dental defects.

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Bone Grafting turkey antalya

Bone Grafting Turkey - FAQ

To prevent infections and to encourage the healing process, patients receive antibiotics and pain reliever. Patients report only slight pain.

Reappearing infections, slightly pain or treatment complications are just theoretically possible.

The largest risk group are smokers. They are tending to a higher risk of infections and the healing process is slowing down. We recommend from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya possibly to stop smoking or at least reduce smoking before a bone grafting.

As most medical administrations, there are several factors to consider for the costs of bone grafting: There is the material used, the quality of the jaws and the used method up to the length of stay in the hospital.

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