Breast Reduction in Turkey

A large shapeless breast causes pain and often taunts. By reducing the size of the breast, you regain control over your feminine body.

Breast Reduction turkey

Breast Reduction in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Breast Reduction at well-known Plastic Surgeons in Turkey

While a beautifully shaped breast with ideal proportions is a real eye-catcher, contributing to the woman’s physical well-being and self-esteem, a breast that is too heavy and voluptuous can become a real stress test. Women often not only suffer from it psychologically, but also have physical symptoms, such as muscle tension, headache, neck and back pain, depending on the severity of the breast.

Your breast will be a burden and you are looking for a specialist who will help you professionally? If you are looking for a suitable aesthetic plastic surgeon, our team of Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will be pleased to assist you! We are in close contact with Turkish plastic surgeons, who are very well versed in the field of breast reduction. Please contact us immediately.

A comprehensive advice and individual conception of your treatment are preparatory steps for breast reduction. As part of the consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, among other things, the right time of breast reduction is considered. You should have completed your physical growth. Ideal conditions are also given if the family planning is completed before the operation, because then the result of the intervention remains sustainable and constant. However, if the burden is already very high at a young age, you should also think about an operation at this time.

An addition to a through physical examination and the recording of your medical history explains your aesthetic plastic surgeon from Turkey his approach and leads in this regard, a comprehensive discussion with you. This includes, among other things, the advice about possible risks of surgery, alternative treatments and the costs of breast reduction in Turkey. For this you will find separate information on our website. This ultimately results in the creation of your personal treatment concept.

Breast Reduction antalya turkey

Your Breast Reduction – expertly performed by Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons

Our cooperating aesthetic-plastic surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience in the field of breast reduction and, of course, carry out the procedures in accordance with the most modern medical and technical standards. They act by your wishes and shape your breast according to your personal wishes and ideas.

Breast Reduction in turkey

Breast Reduction: Procedure and Technique

Normally, you will be placed under general anaesthetic surgery for breast reduction. An inpatient stay of one to two days is recommended by Turkish cosmetic surgeons. The procedure can vary slightly depending on the size of the breast. This raises the question of whether the only excess tissue must be removed, in addition to the nipple is laid or beyond a liposuction takes place. Your Turkish cosmetic surgeon will explain you in detail. Before, during and after the operation, an anaesthesia team is also available to support your care.

Breast Reduction turkey antalya
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Relief across the Board

About six months after the plastic surgery, it is time to finally assess the outcome of your breast reduction. Look forward to your tailor-made breast, which is well-shaped and contributes significantly to the relief of your psyche and your body.

Our team of Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will gladly arrange a consultation with your Turkish breast reduction specialist.

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Breast Reduction in Turkey Before & After Photos

Brustverkleinerung Türkei Antalya Vorher Nachher
Breast Reduction Turkey Before After
Brustverkleinerung Türkei Antalya Vorher Nachher
Breast Reduction in Turkey Before After
Brustverkleinerung Türkei Antalya Vorher Nachher
Breast Reduction in Antalya Before After

Breast Reduction Turkey - FAQ

Every woman wants full and shapely breasts. Excessive femininity, however, becomes a permanent burden on the body. Large and heavy breasts can cause neck and back pain, skin inflammation, muscle tension and even permanent postural damage. The psyche also suffers when a big bosom disturbs the well-being and subsequently leads to inferiority complexes. No woman should accept this unpleasant life situation. A breast reduction in Turkey helps you reliably to your personal dream breast!

The surgical breast reduction is suitable for women who suffer both physically and mentally from the size and weight of their breasts. An oversized breast not only restricts freedom of movement, but also has a negative impact on the elasticity of the skin. This promotes the early emergence of sagging breasts. A breast reduction can be done at a young age or only in advanced age. In case of pronounced signs of skin slackening, a breast lift is also recommended.

No. Only you alone decide with which breast size you feel attractive and self-confident. However, when the chest volume causes pain, there is often a desire for surgical size correction. Our qualified doctors will be able to show you the possibilities and limits of a breast reduction after an initial examination. In addition, the attending physician will explain to you how your age, the natural shape of your breasts, and the texture of your skin can affect your surgical outcome. However, we can assure you that after breast reduction in Turkey you will feel much lighter, happier and more vital.

A breast reduction is intended to reduce the oversized volume of the breasts to an appropriate level. Excessive breast and fatty tissue as well as irritating skin are therefore surgically removed. Also, the nipple complex is brought back into an aesthetically pleasing position. As part of a breast reduction, skin incisions are set, reminiscent of a keyhole pattern. The so-called I-cut runs around the nipple and then leads vertically down to the lower inframammary fold. T- or L-sections additionally leave a small horizontal scar in the area of the lower inframammary fold. Finally, there is the periareolar incision, which is placed in a circle around the areola. Doctors have to decide on a case-by-case basis, which cut is best for the patient.

Each surgery involves some risk, but it can be reduced to a minimum by modern surgical methods. Our breast reduction programs in Turkey are performed exclusively in renowned clinics and by experienced doctors. In rare cases, however, postoperative bleeding, wound healing disorders, bruising or swelling may occur after breast reduction. In addition, there may be a temporary decrease in nipple sensation.

The postoperative wound dressing is removed after just a few days. Afterwards, you must wear a support bra until all skin incisions have healed. After your breast reduction, physical protection is required. You should let your work rest for ten to fourteen days. Exhausting sports activities are only allowed again after six to eight weeks.

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