LASIK Method in Turkey

Within a few days best eyesight with the classic eye laser technique. Your aides like spectacles or contact lenses are a part of the past.

LASIK Method in Turkey

LASIK Method in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Eye Lasering with the LASIK Method

Almost every person will recognize earlier or later, that his eyesight is waning and pays his optician a visit to get spectaculars or contact lenses. But for some work and special hobbies, this aides can be bothering. Elder people will tend to have increasing problems with their eyesight. Here can be of big help an eye lasering for a better quality of life. Let us inform you about all the possibilities.

LASIK Method in Turkey

LASIK Method in Turkey cost

The Procedure of a LASIK Methode Treatment

It depends on the diopters how long the treatment will take and can last for a few minutes up to about 20 minutes. You should plan for 1-2 days for a preexamination, so all important parameters for your eye operation can be documented. The real procedure for a LASIK treatment begins with a local anaesthetic of the eye by especially eye drops. A general anaesthetic is not needed since the procedure is normally almost pain-free and takes only a short duration. To keep the eye open for the operation it has to be fixed with an eyelid speculum.

Following a flap is created with a microkeratome, that is a fine cutter tool. This flap can be folded to the side, so the surgeon can operate with the Excimer laser. The laser is doing its job on his own by the latest technology and planing the needed places on the corneal. The last act is to close the flap, which works as a cover to protect.

LASIK Method in Turkey

LASIK Method antalya turkey
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What I have to do after an Eye Laser Operation with the LASIK Technique?

One day after a LASIK eye laser treatment you will undergo a follow-up examination. Theoretically, the patient can go directly to work after the treatment, but we recommend to give your eyes a few days rest. You should in the first two weeks after an eye operation not has make-up, to have a sauna or have sporty activities. More detailed info you will receive while undergoing a preexamination, by mail or on the phone.

LASIK Method in Turkey

LASIK Method turkey antalya

LASIK Method Turkey - FAQ

With the aid of a LASIK eye laser method hyperopia up to +5 diopters, myopia up to -12 diopters and astigmatism up to 4 diopters can be corrected.

All treatments by the LASIK method are performed ambulant. You receive eye drops for local anaesthesia before your LASIK treatment. To keep your eye open for the operation, it has to be fixed by a speculum.

Once the local anaesthesia is effective a flap from the cornea detached and opened up for the laser.

The laser is planning and modelling the cornea in the micrometre range for a perfect curve to correct the eyesight disorder. The flap will be placed back to his position. The natural vacuum keeps the flap in place. The LASIK eye operation is done. After excessive advice from your surgeon, you can leave the clinic.

Intensified lacrimation and redness of the eyes can occur. These reactions are normal and vanish fast. Later it can occur reactions to the contrary, like dry eyes and the feeling of having a foreign object in the eye. For relief, you get artificial tears to apply. Some patients complain about glares or haloes around lights. In no way should strong pain occur. A follow-up check is done the next day, after seven days and after three months.

Patients don’t normally need spectacles or contact lenses after a LASIK operation. For night driving or intensive work with the eyes sometimes these aids are needed. With ageing and increasing presbyopia beginning with the age of about 45, LASIK patients may still have to eyesight correct with reading spectacles.

Two days of rest after a LASIK eye laser treatment should be adequate. You should avoid all dusty places including at your work for at least the first seven days. Driving a car is allowed once your eyesight is restored. This will be determined in a follow-up examination.

You can do light sporty activities after 2-3 days after a LASIK operation. Avoid too much wind and/or dust by wearing safety spectacles.

With some private health care insurances, a LASIK treatment is partly or wholly covered. You will have to inquire about this with your insurance.

Even when the LASIK method is one of the safest to correct eyesight disorders, in 10-20 percent of patients an under-correction or over-correction can occur.  Seldom a misalignment is possible in the treated area or the epithelial cells between the rim of the cornea and the flap. A correction after three to six months of the eye operation can bring remedy.

LASIK Method in Turkey

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