Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Gastric Bypass in Turkey / Antalya: If all classic therapies fail to reduce considerable body weight, the surgical method of a gastric bypass shall ease the obese loss of weight and hereby enhance the quality of life.

Gastric Bypass Turkey / Antalya – Costs 3,490 EUR

gastric bypass turkey

Gastric Bypass in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Gastric bypass in Turkey / Antalya

There are many bariatric surgery procedures (e.g. gastric balloon, gastric band) – each with different advantages and disadvantages. They are all aimed at overcoming obesity and continuously relieving physical impairments. In addition, professional gastric bypass surgery in Turkey aims to achieve an inner balance in the patient, which helps to eliminate psychosocial stressors and create a controlled personal well-being.

The gastric bypass techniques that we also offer in Turkey help, for example, to reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates to such an extent that you can permanently minimise your weight. Our Aesthetic-Travel team in Antalya generally differentiates between the following types of gastric bypass techniques:

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gastric bypass in turkey

Gastric bypass in Turkey – efficient and permanent weight loss guaranteed

Gastric bypass in Turkey is the bypass technique that is most commonly used in Turkey and other countries. However, it is also the most complex gastric surgery in Turkey. In gastric bypass, the stomach is reduced in size by a specialised surgeon so that it only holds around 15-20 ml. The remaining stomach is then sutured to a deeper loop of small intestine so that the duodenum is excluded from digestion.

This is also known professionally as a bypass. Due to the exclusion of the duodenum, food and digestive juices, i.e. the secretions responsible for enzymatic breakdown, are only mixed in the middle small intestine. This is the primary reason for the lower calorie intake.

We at Aesthetic-Travel in Antalya are your personal contact for all questions concerning gastric surgery Turkey, gastric bypass, balanced diet and exercise (including professional diet and exercise plans). We are always happy to advise you in detail. Simply contact us or send us an e-mail.

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Important factors associated with gastric bypass in Turkey

As with any other surgical procedure, our specialists in Turkey will need to discuss all the key details with you beforehand. In addition, it is incredibly important for Aestehtic-Travel to provide you with comprehensive advice so that you feel comfortable and safe during your treatment and throughout your stay with us. In addition, our surgical team of doctors will take a general medical history of you and examine you thoroughly so that any complications can be largely ruled out.

Who is considered suitable for a gastric bypass in Turkey?

In general, anyone who is obese – i.e. has a body mass index (BMI) of at least 35 (35 kg/m2) or has severe physical deficits – especially over a long period of time – with a BMI of 30 may undergo bariatric surgery for health reasons.

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What are the disadvantages of a gastric bypass?

Above all, a restrictive procedure should be carefully considered, as it cannot be reversed afterwards. Everyone must realise that this is an anatomical change that will last a lifetime.

However, a qualitative improvement in quality of life is guaranteed at the same time, as you will definitely lose weight little by little! It is also important to mention that a gastric bypass in Turkey not only restricts the intake of calories and fat, but also significantly reduces the absorption of nutrients. This means that without additional intake of nutritional supplements, a deficiency can develop.

Do you still have questions? – No problem. Contact us, your Aestehtic-Travel team is always there for you.

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Gastric Bypass Turkey Reviews

Anela Ajdari
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I underwent gastric bypass surgery. My dear companion who looked after me was there for me non-stop, no matter what I needed or wanted to know whether before or after the operation. The surgery itself went well. The hospital is very modern and clean, you always see someone cleaning and the nurses and doctors are incredible, which unfortunately I wasn't able to experience here in Germany. So all in all I was super satisfied. Great praise and thanks to the entire team.
Corinna Lotsch
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I felt cared for from the first minute. It is rare to find such competent staff. The gastric bypass operation went really well and I've already lost a lot of weight and everything is fine for me. Two days later I was feeling so well that I was able to leave the clinic after just two days. Thank you very much you gave me a new life 😘

Gastric bypass Turkey – Before and after pictures

Experience the impressive transformation: Our gallery of before and after pictures gives you a real insight into the results of gastric bypass surgery in Turkey. Recognise the life-changing effect of this surgical treatment and convince yourself of the high quality of our medical services.

Magen Bypass 1
Gastric Bypass Turkey Before After
Magen Bypass 2
Gastric Bypass in Turkey Before After
Magen Bypass 3
Gastric Bypass Antalya Before After

Gastric Bypass in Turkey – FAQ

With a gastric bypass operation a part of the stomach will be separated and only a small part will remain. The small intestine will also be cut. One end will be connected to the active part of the stomach, the other end will be diverted, so the nutrients will be merged in the middle of the small intestines.With this method not all components of the nourishment can be resolved and this food residue will be moved to the large intestine. Thanks to this diversion the gastrointestinal tract can absorb less. A feeling of satiety is achieved earlier. Beside of this you can eat less.

A gastric bypass operation takes normally between 90 and 150 minutes. The operation will be performed under general anaesthetic. Medical prevention and rehabilitation will take about a week in the hospital. Patients will be incapable of working for 2 to 3 weeks.

The operation for a gastric bypass will be performed as a keyhole surgery. This means, it will be made several about 2 cms large cuts in the skin. The needed camera and instruments will be inserted here. First a part of the stomach will be severed with a stapler. After this the small intestine will be cut and the lower end will sew to the active part of the stomach. The upper end will sew to the third part of the small intestine and will form a Y.

This surgery is adequate for people with a BMI over 40. If you also suffer from diabetes, hypertension or sleep apnoea an operation is advised with a BMI of 35. However, this operation is only when you have tried all non-operative measures like movement training or nutrition consultation without success for at least six to twelve months.

This is especially advisable as a surgery for people with an excessive consumption of high-calorie foods like sweets or extra fat food and having severe overweight.

It has been proved that a gastric bypass operation achieved very good long-term results. Averagely can be a loss of weight from 65 to 70 percent be achieved.

With the change of the whole physiology of the digestion it is possible that the body will not absorb enough vitamins and it will be necessary to take multivitamins. Furthermore, it can come to flatulence and diarrhoea, less common to circulatory problems after taking sugary foods or drinks. Over time the effect of the small stomach can lessen and larger amounts of food can be consumed.

Within the first six months after the surgery it is advisable not to drink any alcohol. It can lead to an unpleasant feeling of pressure. At this time a complete blood count should be made and the vitamin balance checked to avoid long-term deficiencies. The nourishment should have been changed and the body is to be observed.  Too much fat will result in strong perspiration or cause general discomfort and should be avoided. Principally it is recommendable to get the help of a dietary adviser to make sure the diet is adjusted.

With Aesthetic-Travel you don’t have any additional costs. All our prices are inclusive prices.

Enlargement of the pouch is extremely rare in gastric bypass surgery. In the case of a gastric sleeve, on the other hand, there can be a dilatation, an enlargement or stretching of the rest of the stomach. This expansion can be triggered by continued dietary errors, for example when a patient does not follow the instructions of the nutritionist advising him postoperatively and eats uncontrollably.

It is usually not necessary to take medication after the procedure. After the operation, however, the body must be given lifelong multivitamin preparations to prevent deficiency symptoms and to replace missing vitamins and minerals. Since you have to bear the costs yourself, we would be happy to advise you on cost-effective options.

If you are very overweight, such an operation may be necessary after bariatric surgery. You can always clarify more details in the follow-up appointments with your treating doctors. To learn more about plastic surgery in Turkey, you can visit our page.