Sleeve Gastrectomy: What Will My Lifestyle Be Like After?

Sleeve Gastrectomy
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What will my life be like after a sleeve gastrectomy? Let us cut a long story short: Your life will be way better. So much really, that you might not be able to grasp it right now. Every single patient who had a sleeve gastrectomy immediately started to loose weight. They soon came and still come to the point where they make up jokes about saving up upfront the next time. Why? Because you will need a whole new wardrobe. In hindsight you will probably do best if you lean into second hand or low-price pieces. These things won’t fit you long anyway.

Right after the surgery you will suffer from the ordinary pain after a surgery. Depending on the method chosen for you, you will have to wait a few weeks until every wound is completely closed. But besides that, there is no more pain to expect – given that there are no complications.

Your body made the change – now it is time for your mind to take the step.

After so many years of binge eating and suffering from hormonally problems that let you feel hungry all the time. It is only your mind left telling you, you must be starving.In fact, your are not – you are fuel because your stomach is so small now.

It might occur a sensation of inner emptiness or even a slight depression. Other patients are just fine and celebrate their new life. But please go and see a doctor as soon as you feel your mind can’t deal with the situation. The reason for the obesity is often found buried deep inside the soul. And if this outlet of binge eating – which is nothing more than a cope mechanism – falls off, you have to deal with the problems. If not, your more lily to develop some new, unhealthy coping mechanisms instead. A psychiatric doctor can help you with that.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Happy, heathy and mostly really good looking These are the three most keywords former surgery patients give you when asked about their life after their sleeve gastrectomy. Almost everyone is more than grateful to be able to take part in the family life again. They can raise their children like everyone – visiting zoos, going for a swim and simply taking them to playdates. The younger ones always stress how much easier it is now to find new contacts both romantic and platonic.

Some people actually can take their life back and continue an earlier started career. It is never too late. Even if you are around 60 years old for example, think about your knees, your joints and just how much a more slim you would improve your life.