Penis Enlargement in Turkey

Psychical and physical problems are the result of a contest of today’s society. Surgeons for intimate surgery can help to optimise unaesthetic private parts in men.

Penis Enlargement turkey

Penis Enlargement in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Intimate Surgery for Men: Professional and sensible Procedure by Cosmetic Surgeons in Turkey

The male private parts have been for a long time a taboo topic. But what, when men are not happy with there private parts? The question is, do men know whom they can ask for professional answers?
Aesthetic Travel in Antalya has the contacts for them and knows of Turkish specialists for procedures at the private parts of men. Those cosmetic surgeons have longstanding experience with this kind of operations and perform under the latest medical and technical standards. They are well known to take your wishes as their priority for aesthetic plastic correction at the private parts.

Optimal esthetical and functional modelled

A penis enhancement and penis extension, thickening of the penis and thickening of the glans of the penis give men an aesthetican functional improvement of their private parts. Turkish cosmetic surgeons perform this kind of operations with rigour and sensibility to your wishes and ideas.

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Changes at the male Private Parts: Procedure and Techniqu

Penis enhancement and penis extension: With this procedure under general anaesthetic the fore and inner andretinaculum of the penis will be corrected. The necessary incision is set in the area of the pubic hair. By this operation, the outer part of the penis is enlarged and makes it longer. The existing skin on the penis and scrotum are enough for this.

Thickening of the penis: This is performed with fat tissue that comes from your thigh. It is prepared and then evenly placed under the skin of the penis. It needs a skilled hand of your surgeon to get a satisfying result. This is done under general anaesthetic.

Thickening of the glans of the penis: For this procedure, a special preparation of hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin by local anaesthesia.

Protective and Cautious Proceeding

The Turkish specialist takes protective and cautious care by all three techniques. The root of the penis, there where the male urethra, blood vessels, and nerves are, is not touched. The full functionality and sensibility of your penis are obtained.

Penis Enlargement turkey antalya

Penis Enlargement Turkey - FAQ

Mostly a penis enhancement or penis extension is the reason for an intimate surgery for men. Here are two methods used for treatment, often both in a combination. With a penis extension, the length of the penis is extended. With a thickening is the circumference of the penis enlarged. Obtained will this with autologous fat transplantation to be injected. An alternative is it to bolster up with hyaluronic acid, normally used for smoothing wrinkles.

Enhancement of the penis is done with an incision to separate penis shaft from the pubic bone. The penis shaft is through the weight of the cavernous body optical extended.

Important information on penis enhancement:

  • Operating time is from 60 to 90 minutes
  • The procedure is performed ambulant under local or general anaesthesia
  • Costs start at around 2,000 Euros
  • You need about one week for recovery
  • A bandage is used for Aftercare
  • Sporty activities are allowed after 4 to 6 weeks

More medical procedures for men by intimate surgery are the correction of a choreic penis and phimosis.

Cost for an intimate surgery for men depending on the needed method and treatment. For a thickening of the penis, the cost is around 2,100 Euros. With an additional penis extension, the costs can reach around 3,500 Euros.

A correction at the private parts by men can be done, when there is psychical stress with the size of the sexual organ. Especially, once a man is suffering from micropenis, and this an enormous burden for him is. Procedures of intimate surgery for men have some risks and a penis extension has to follow clear medical indication.

With the help of correction in private parts, men can achieve more satisfaction for his body. The delight of active sexuality is enjoyed. Men can get stronger self-confidence and wellbeing. tentativeness and also sexual dysfunction can be eradicated.

In contrast to women, intimate surgery is riskier. A penis extension can be unsuccessful. Also, a penis enhancement can fail by cutting the retinaculum. By thickening of the penis, it can happen, that fat cells fail to engraftment and a larger circumference is not achieved.

Here is a checklist to help you find a specialised clinic for intimate surgery for men:

  • Are they using cutting-edge medical equipment?
  • Are the surgeons specialised for intimate surgery for men?
  • Are hygiene standard followed?
  • Can I reach the clinic easily?
  • Do they have enough online ratings and testimonials?

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