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Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey / Antalya – costs & procedure: During sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is reshaped into a tube. This type of bariatric surgery reduces the size of the stomach by between 75 and 85 per cent and ensures weight loss in obese patients.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey / Antalya – Costs EUR 2,590

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Türkiye / Antalya – Cost & Procedure

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Gastric Sleeve Antalya

Achieving lasting success with bariatric surgery in Türkiye: Severe obesity is a monumental issue for many. Almost everyone who weighs significantly more than what’s typical of their height experiences shame, often leading to complete isolation from others. When one doesn’t participate in life, the descent into depression is swifter. Yet, feeling overweight and improper is just one side of obesity.

From a health perspective, obesity, termed “Adiposities” by specialists, leads to even graver outcomes. When the Body Mass Index (BMI) surpasses 40, it results in joint problems, shortness of breath, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Thus, morbid obesity doesn’t just complicate life; it drastically shortens it.

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 Sleeve Gastrectomy Türkiye

Don’t be disheartened if you’re grappling with obesity. Stop the numerous futile diets. Don’t be deterred by those who doubt your capacity for positive bodily and life transformation. Because a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye can be the solution. In this journey, Aesthetic Travel in Antalya is here to assist. We offer Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye at affordable rates.

The benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye/Antalya

A Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye is a surgical method to reduce the stomach’s size. In medical circles, this procedure is also known as Sleeve Resection or Sleeve Gastrectomy. Approximately 80% of the stomach is surgically removed. The remaining smaller stomach takes the form of a sleeve, holding only 100 to 150 milliliters post-surgery. In contrast, a regular stomach can accommodate 2–3 liters.


Gastric Sleeve Turkey – Cost

Gastric Sleeve Eco Package

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey Eco Package Costs
  • All Preliminary Examinations
  • English-Speaking Support
  • Transfer Service
  • 4 Nights in Hospital

Gastric Sleeve Medium Package

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey Medium Packg. Costs
  • Everything From the Eco Package
  • Medication After Surgery
  • Vitamins for 2 Months

Gastric Sleeve All-Inclusive Package

Gastric Sleeve Surgery All-Round Carefree Package
  • Everything From the Eco Package
  • Medication After Surgery
  • Vitamins for 4 Months
  • Proteins for 10 Days

Gastric Sleeve Surgery – General Information

A gastric sleeve in Turkey is a restrictive surgery of the stomach. With this, a part of the organ will be removed. A surgeon will reduce the stomach of 80-90 percent of its volume. The intact part looks tubular and has a size of 2–3 cm. That equals to about 85–150 milliliters. By comparison, a natural stomach has usually 2–3 liters of volume.

How a gastric sleeve operation is done?

The gastric sleeve operation is a minimally invasive surgery method, called laparoscopically. This means, surgeons will use the keyhole method under general anesthetic. The hospital stay will take 5 days.

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How can a gastric sleeve surgery reduce weight?

The gastric sleeve operation in Türkiye belongs to the metabolically surgeries. Because with the actual reduction of the stomach, the part of the production of the gastrointestinal hormones will be removed. The hormone normally produced to make you hungry is here, the hormone Ghrelin. This means that you will feel the effect of a reduced stomach and also the loss of appetite.

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Gastric Sleeve Turkey - Cost (All Inclusive package)

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Execution

You will hardly notice anything of the weight loss surgery in Turkey. This is because you will be under general anaesthetic for the entire duration of the gastric surgery in Turkey. The keyhole method is also less complex. As a result, the costs of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey are much lower than for a “major” stomach operation.

The duration of the hospital stay for your gastric surgery in Turkey is around 4 nights in total. The service, accommodation and catering are also included in the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey.

The path to successful sleeve gastrectomy: from the initial consultation to the follow-up examination in Turkey

Before the sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey, however, you will need to undergo a few medical tests. Experienced specialists will examine your liver, pancreas and gallbladder in preparation for the procedure. This is to make sure that you are not suffering from any hidden inflammation or that no tumours have formed. These medical services are also included in the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey.

You can actively support your bariatric surgery with good preparation. Prepare yourself for the sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey with a special diet around 10 to 14 days before the stomach reduction. A protein-rich liquid phase is recommended, which helps to reduce a possible fatty liver, among other things. A follow-up examination, which is also included in the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, takes another three to four days.

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How can gastric sleeve surgery help?

Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey belongs to the field of “metabolic surgery”. This means that it affects metabolic processes and thus achieves positive effects on health. During weight loss surgery, the surgeon removes the large stomach engorgement. This is where gastrointestinal hormones are produced, such as the hunger hormone ghrelin. As well as reducing the volume of your stomach, this also curbs your appetite.

In the long term, your gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya can help you lose between 30 and 80 per cent of your excess weight. Long-term results are not yet available. However, the chances of success are already good.

Aesthetic Travel your partner for plastic cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery, dental treatment, ophthalmology, and hair transplant in Turkey in Antalya. Contact via WhatsApp.

Equipment and Cost Variations

The pricing spectrum for this operation can fluctuate, contingent on the surgical equipment implemented. Typically, post-surgery recuperation necessitates a hospital stay of a day or two. Notably, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery’s price tag in Türkiye is markedly more economical than in the UK. The procedure is in the adept hands of surgeons, many of whom have a commendable record of over, 10000 successful surgeries.

 Sleeve Gastrectomy Pricing in Türkiye/Antalya

How much does a Sleeve Gastrectomy cost in Türkiye at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya? The ballpark figure hovers around 2,790 EUR (£2.490 or $2.990). This starkly contrasts the exorbitant UK prices, where the surgery can skyrocket up to 9,000 GBP. To complement this, Türkiye proudly hosts some of the globe’s premier medical facilities.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey – Reviews

Dive into the firsthand experiences of individuals who have chosen Türkiye for their Gastric Sleeve surgery. These reviews offer genuine insights and testimonies of their journeys and outcomes.

Martina Brady
Read More
I went to Aesthetic travel for Gastric sleeve. I also need my gallbladder removed I was running to hospital in Northern Ireland 🇮🇪 for years with pain. I also had a hernia and the Surgeon was amazing he did Gastric sleeve and took my gallbladder out and repaired hernia. I'm feeling great. They were Amazing and the nurses and Ash and Yasim the interpreters were Amazing 👏 I would recommend Aesthetic travel to Anyone. Thanks Guys for Everything 💯😍🥰
Pierre Bosch
Read More
I had gastric sleeve surgery at this clinic. I dont know what I expected but I did not expect the amazing hospital or amazing staff. Omer is heart of the operation as our guide and translator he did a phenomenal job. But he was is much more than that. He was honest and transparent the entire time and did check ups on me even when he did not need to. I would not consider any other place to do the surgeries they offer. I feel I got a good value for money
Dina Vace
Read More
Hello to the doctors, nurses and all the staff at the hospital. My name is DV and I am from the UK. I am deaf and I communicate using sign language. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all and share my thoughts about my experience here at your hospital where I had Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. From the moment I arrived at the airport you took care of me. I was met at the airport by a car who took me straight to the hospital.
Yayna Maduro
Read More
First of all, I want to say that every staff including the driver were super nice and very understanding !!! I got the gastric sleeve surgery and so far it’s been great ! It’s life changing decision ! I would recommend this hospital but keep I mind that you have to the your research before hand, do what’s best for you and your health ! I give this a 100 of 10

Gastric Sleeve in Türkiye Before After Photos

Discover the remarkable transformations of patients who have undergone Gastric Sleeve surgery in Türkiye. These before-and-after photos vividly illustrate the positive changes and the success of the procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Before After
Gastric Sleeve Before After
Gastric Sleeve Before After
Gastric Sleeve Turkey Before After
Gastric Sleeve Turkey Before After

Gastric Sleeve Türkiye – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Gastric Sleeve is the most popular bariatric surgical procedure (stomach reduction) in Türkiye. Its advantages lie in the relative simplicity of execution on the surgical side and the preservation of normal gastrointestinal function in patients. We believe it’s vital to address the various questions our patients pose about Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye.

A Gastric Sleeve refers to the shape of the stomach following a specific type of bariatric surgery known as Sleeve Gastrectomy. In this procedure, a large portion of the stomach is removed, leaving the remaining stomach in the form of a narrow tube or “sleeve.”

Here’s a more detailed overview of the procedure and its outcomes:

Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve Surgery)

  • Procedure: During the Sleeve Gastrectomy, approximately 75–80% of the stomach is surgically removed. The stomach left behind is in the shape of a narrow tube or “sleeve,” giving the procedure its name.

  • Function: The reduction in stomach size significantly limits the amount of food an individual can consume. This helps to restrict food intake and aids in weight loss.

  • Hormonal Changes: The procedure can also influence hunger by altering the production of certain hormones associated with hunger and satiety. This can result in reduced food intake and increased feelings of fullness.

  • Advantages Over Other Bariatric Procedures: Unlike gastric bypass, the Gastric Sleeve doesn’t involve any changes to the intestines. This minimizes the risk of certain complications and nutritional deficiencies associated with procedures that reroute the intestines.

  • Long-term Outcomes: Many patients experience significant weight loss following a Sleeve Gastrectomy. However, as with all bariatric procedures, it’s crucial for the patient to adhere to dietary and lifestyle recommendations to maintain the weight loss and reap the health benefits of the procedure.


Overall, the Gastric Sleeve refers to both the shape of the stomach post-surgery and is colloquially used to describe the procedure itself. It’s among the more popular bariatric procedures and is often chosen by patients aiming for significant weight loss but unwilling to accept the more complex risks and potential dietary restrictions associated with other surgeries like the gastric bypass.

Aesthetic Travel in Antalya, nestled along the Turkish Riviera, offers not only medical excellence for the Gastric Sleeve Surgery but also aesthetic benefits. This elegant procedure removes a significant portion of the stomach, reshaping it into a sleek sleeve, leading to a profound transformation of the body. This modified stomach ensures a strong feeling of fullness after small meals, laying the foundation for healthy weight loss.

Transparent Pricing with Aesthetic Travel

With Aesthetic Travel’s all-inclusive packages, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or unexpected expenses. Every step of the process, from consultation to aftercare, is included in your package. Our experienced staff will thoroughly consult you beforehand and provide a precise breakdown of the costs.

Financing Options for Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery

We understand that such a surgery represents an investment in your health and well-being. Hence, we offer you the option to finance your Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Antalya in comfortable installments. Let’s collaboratively devise a financing plan for your Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye that aligns with your needs and capabilities.

The amount of time you should wait post Gastric Sleeve Surgery before resuming work depends on various factors, including:

  • Type of Job: Those who perform physically strenuous tasks might need to wait longer before returning to their jobs compared to those engaged in office work or other less physical activities.
  • Post-surgery Complications: If any complications arise post-surgery, it could prolong the recovery period.
  • Individual Recovery: Recovery duration can vary among individuals. Some might feel fit sooner, while others might need more time.

In general, you can consider the following timeline 

  • Office Work or Sedentary Jobs: Many patients might be able to get back to work after roughly 1-2 weeks, provided they’re comfortable and there are no post-operative complications.
  • Moderately Physical Jobs: It might be advisable to wait 2–4 weeks before resuming such tasks.
  • Heavily Physical Jobs: For these, patients might need to wait 4–6 weeks or even longer, depending on their comfort and their doctor’s recommendations.


It’s imperative to consult your surgeon and medical team before returning to work. They can provide an accurate assessment of your recovery and give specific guidelines or recommendations based on your unique situation.

Moreover, it’s advisable to listen to your body upon your return to work, ensuring you’re not pushing yourself too hard too soon. Discussing a phased return to work or temporary adjustment of job duties with your employer might also be beneficial.

Choosing between the Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy) and Gastric Bypass Surgery depends on various factors, including individual health needs, weight loss goals, and potential co-morbidities. Each procedure comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s an overview:

Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy)

  • Simpler Procedure: It involves only reducing the size of the stomach, without rerouting the small intestine.
  • Fewer Nutritional Deficiencies: With no intestinal rerouting, nutritional deficiencies are less likely than with the gastric bypass.
  • Fewer complications with certain medications: Some drugs are absorbed in the stomach and might be better tolerated after a sleeve gastrectomy than after a bypass.
  • Possibly Less Weight Loss: Although many experience significant weight loss with a sleeve gastrectomy, the total weight loss might be lesser compared to the gastric bypass.
  • Reflux: Some patients report an increase in reflux post-operation.

Gastric Bypass Surgery (Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass)

  • Greater Weight Loss: Many experience a more substantial initial weight loss with a gastric bypass compared to a sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Improved Co-morbidities: Conditions like Type 2 Diabetes and other co-morbidities might improve faster and more effectively than with a sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Reduced Appetite: Rerouting the small intestine can lead to altered hormone production that influences appetite.
  • More Complex Procedure: Gastric bypass requires both reducing the stomach’s size and rerouting the small intestine, leading to a more intricate procedure.
  • Increased Risk of Nutritional Deficiencies: Due to the intestinal rerouting, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can occur, requiring lifelong supplementation.
  • Possibility of “Dumping Syndrome”: Too rapid intestine passage of food can result in nausea, sweating, and diarrhea.

Factors in Decision-Making

  • Health Condition: Those with severe diabetes or reflux might benefit more from a gastric bypass.
  • Weight Loss Goals: The gastric bypass might lead to more substantial initial weight loss.
  • Willingness to Supplement: Those opting for gastric bypass might need to perpetually supplement vitamins and minerals.


It’s crucial to discuss options with a bariatric surgeon and a nutritionist and make an informed decision based on individual health needs and goals.

Absolutely, it’s possible to regain weight following a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye. Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a bariatric procedure designed to reduce stomach size, thereby decreasing food intake. This typically leads to significant weight loss. However, it’s pivotal to comprehend that the surgery itself isn’t a lasting weight loss guarantee.

Reasons for Weight Regain Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • Body Adaptation: Over time, the gastric sleeve might stretch, increasing its capacity, leading to larger food consumption.
  • Eating Habits: Reverting to old dietary habits, especially indulging in high-calorie foods, can trigger weight regain.
  • Lack of Exercise: A sedentary lifestyle might decelerate weight loss or result in weight gain.
  • Metabolic Shifts: In response to decreased calorie intake, the body may reduce its energy expenditure to balance out weight loss.

Preventing Weight Regain after Surgery in Türkiye

To minimize weight regain risk post Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye, patients should:

  • Frequent Medical Check-ups: This aids in tracking weight loss progress and making early adjustments.
  • Nutritional Counseling: Professional dietary guidance can assist patients in cultivating and maintaining healthy eating patterns.
  • Physical Activity: A consistent workout regimen can not only expedite weight loss but diminish co-morbidity risks.
  • Support Groups: Engaging with peers who’ve undergone similar journeys in Türkiye can provide motivation and support.

In Conclusion

While the Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye can be an efficient weight reduction strategy, it’s ultimately up to the individual to institute enduring lifestyle shifts to retain the lost weight and maintain optimal health. It’s essential to remember that the surgical procedure is merely a tool, and persistent effort and commitment are necessary to achieve lasting outcomes.

Yes, after a Weight loss surgery (Gastric Sleeve Surgery), it’s possible to become pregnant. Many overweight women who face challenges getting pregnant often notice improved fertility following significant weight loss. However, there are essential aspects to consider:

Waiting Period for Pregnancy Post Surgery

  • Waiting Time: It’s generally advised to wait at least 12 to 18 months after Gastric Sleeve Surgery before attempting to conceive. This period allows the body to recover from the surgery and achieve most of the weight loss, reducing potential pregnancy complications.
  • Weight Stabilization: Pregnancy should ideally be contemplated when weight has stabilized. Continuous weight loss during pregnancy can pose challenges for both the mother and the unborn child.

Potential Challenges and Considerations

  • Nutrient Deficiencies: Post-Gastric Sleeve Surgery, nutrient deficiencies can occur due to the reduced stomach size and limited food intake. These deficiencies might impact fetal development. Proper nutritional counseling and routine checks are crucial to ensure both mother and baby receive necessary nutrients.
  • Medical Monitoring: Pregnant women who’ve undergone Gastric Sleeve Surgery should be closely supervised by a multidisciplinary team, including gynecologists, nutrition experts, and bariatric surgeons.
  • Birth Complications: While many women experience normal pregnancies and deliveries after weight loss from the Gastric Sleeve Surgery, there might be an elevated risk for specific birth-related complications. Discussing this with the attending gynecologist is vital.


Becoming pregnant after Gastric Sleeve Surgery is feasible and can be safe for many women. However, being aware of potential challenges and risks is essential, and closely collaborating with a medical team is crucial to ensure optimal care during pregnancy.

Recovering from Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye varies among patients, but there are general timelines and considerations one can anticipate:

Immediate Post-Operative Phase

Most patients in Türkiye stay in the hospital for 4 days following their Gastric Sleeve Surgery. During this time, doctors monitor patients for any complications and ensure they can tolerate liquids before discharging them.

Initial Recovery

The first two weeks post-surgery are crucial. Patients are typically on a liquid diet and might experience mild pain, fatigue, and digestive changes. It’s essential to follow all dietary guidelines during this period.

Intermediate Recovery

Between weeks 3 to 6, patients usually transition to pureed and soft foods. By this time, most individuals feel more energetic and can resume light daily activities. However, heavy lifting or strenuous exercise should still be avoided.

Full Recovery

After 6 to 8 weeks, most patients are fully recovered and can return to regular activities, including moderate exercise. By this stage, they have often transitioned to a more regular diet, focusing on small, protein-rich meals.

Ongoing Adjustments

While the primary physical recovery might be complete within a couple of months, adapting to the new eating patterns and lifestyle changes is an ongoing process. Regular check-ups with healthcare professionals in Türkiye and support groups can be beneficial.


Recovery from Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye typically spans several weeks, with patients gradually resuming normal activities and adjusting to new dietary habits. It’s essential to closely follow post-operative guidelines and regularly consult with medical professionals to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal weight loss results.

Following Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy, patients may experience varying levels of pain. This is a regular part of the healing process, but it’s essential to understand what to expect and how to manage pain effectively.

Type and Intensity of Pain

Most patients report feelings of discomfort or mild to moderate pain around the surgical incisions. This pain is often described as sharp or pulling in nature.

Healing and Duration of Pain

Immediate post-operative pains typically subside within the first few days after surgery. However, it’s not uncommon for some patients to feel slight discomfort for several weeks.

Effective Pain Management

Patients are typically prescribed pain medications to alleviate discomfort post-surgery. It’s crucial to take these medicines as directed by the doctor, ensuring they are not overused or taken longer than necessary.

Additional Post-Operative Discomforts

Besides pain, patients might also experience other discomforts like bloating, nausea, or a feeling of fullness in the stomach area.

Tips and Tricks for Relief

Gentle movements and short walks can help promote circulation and reduce post-operative discomforts. However, it’s vital to gradually increase physical activities and adhere to the doctor’s instructions.

Warning Signs: When to Consult a Doctor?

Severe pain not alleviated by painkillers or a sudden spike in pain levels could be indications of complications and should be immediately reported to a doctor.

In conclusion, it’s essential to emphasize that post-operative well-being varies from patient to patient. Open communication with the medical team and adhering to post-operative instructions are key to optimizing the healing process and minimizing potential discomforts.

Following Weight Loss Surgery, whether it’s a Sleeve Gastrectomy or another bariatric procedure, the stomach is smaller, necessitating adjustments in food selection and intake. Here are some foods and beverages that you should avoid or consume only in limited quantities post-surgery:

Foods to Avoid

  1. Sugary Foods and Beverages: This includes sodas, sugar-sweetened juices, candies, some desserts. They can not only lead to weight gain but can also trigger the dumping syndrome, which manifests symptoms such as nausea, sweating, and diarrhea.

  2. High-fat Foods: Foods with a high-fat content like fried foods, certain fast-food products, full-fat dairy, and oil-rich dishes can be hard to digest and may cause stomach discomfort.

  3. Dry or Tough Foods: This encompasses nuts, popcorn, certain meats like pork or steak that can’t be chewed well. These can block the small stomach.

  4. Bread, Rice, and Pasta: Especially when not chewed thoroughly, these can expand in the stomach, leading to discomfort.

  5. Carbonated Beverages: Sodas or sparkling water can cause gas and bloating, stretching the small stomach.

  6. Alcohol: It gets absorbed faster, resulting in a more intense effect. Plus, alcohol carries many empty calories.

  7. Raw or Poorly Chewed Vegetables: Some vegetables can be hard to digest, especially if they’re raw or not chewed properly.

  8. Caffeine: Some patients become more sensitive to caffeine post-surgery, hence might need to limit or avoid its consumption.

  9. Dairy Products: Some individuals develop lactose intolerance after the surgery and might not tolerate dairy well.


It’s crucial to note that not all patients are alike, and what causes discomfort in one might not be an issue for another. After gastric bypass surgery, one should reintroduce new foods cautiously, observing the body’s reactions closely. It’s highly recommended to work closely with a nutritionist to ensure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients while avoiding problematic foods.

Gastric sleeve surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy) in Türkiye is as safe as in Germany, the UK, or the USA, provided you opt for a reputable clinic and a qualified bariatric surgeon. Over the past years, Turkey has gained prominence in the medical tourism sector, especially in fields like cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and obesity surgery.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Clinic in Türkiye

  • Accreditations: Ensure the clinic holds internationally recognized accreditations that confirm they meet specific quality and safety standards.
  • Surgeon’s Experience: Research the qualifications, experience, and patient reviews of the surgeon.
  • Clinic Reviews: Look into patient reviews and testimonials for both the clinic and the surgeon.
  • Aftercare: Some clinics provide comprehensive aftercare services, essential for the success of the surgery.
  • Communication: Ensure you can communicate effectively with the medical team and surgeon, whether in English or another language you’re fluent in.

How Aesthetic Travel Can Help

Aesthetic Travel is one of the providers offering medical tourism services in Turkey. If you choose Aesthetic Travel or a similar service, they can assist in the following ways:

  • Consultation and Information: They often offer consultation services to inform you about the procedure, the surgeon, and the clinic.
  • Organization: They can handle all aspects of your trip, including flight bookings, accommodation, and transfers.
  • Coordination: They’ll coordinate your appointments, ensuring you are informed about where and when you need to be.
  • On-the-Ground Support: Many service providers, like Aesthetic Travel, offer on-the-ground support through multilingual staff who can assist with questions or concerns.
  • Aftercare: Some services, like Aesthetic Travel, can also assist with aftercare, providing follow-up appointments and consultations.


While gastric sleeve surgery can be safely performed in Türkiye, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and ensure you’re opting for a top-quality facility with an experienced surgeon. Availing services like Aesthetic Travel’s can simplify the process, but it’s imperative to conduct your own due diligence and ensure you feel comfortable and secure.

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery (Gastric Sleeve Surgery) in Türkiye, the stomach is significantly reduced, limiting the amount of food one can consume. Therefore, dietary adjustments are essential to ensure that all necessary nutrients are obtained. Below are some guidelines and considerations regarding diet and vitamin intake post-surgery:

Dietary Phases Post-Surgery in Türkiye

  • Liquid Phase: Immediately after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery, patients should consume only clear liquids. Within a few days, they can transition to thicker liquids such as protein shakes or soups.
  • Puréed Food: After the liquid phase, patients can commence with puréed foods, including soft fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.
  • Soft Food: A few weeks post-surgery, patients can transition to soft, solid foods.
  • Regular Food: Typically, around 8 weeks post-Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye, patients can revert to a regular diet, being cautious about the texture and quantity of the food.

Key Dietary Guidelines

  • Small, Frequent Meals: Given the reduced stomach size, meal portions should be small. It’s recommended to consume 5–6 small meals a day.
  • Protein: Protein should be the focal point of the diet to minimize muscle breakdown.
  • Fluids: Staying hydrated is crucial. However, fluids should be consumed separately from meals to avoid overfilling.
  • Avoid Sugary and Fatty Foods: These can lead to intolerances and the “dumping syndrome.”

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements in Türkiye

Due to altered food intake and digestion post-Gastric Sleeve Surgery, deficiencies can arise. It’s imperative to supplement with specific vitamins and minerals:

  • Multivitamin: A daily multivitamin can help meet most basic nutrient requirements.
  • Calcium: Often recommended to support bone density and health.
  • Iron: Particularly essential for menstruating women or patients with anemia.
  • Vitamin B12: Its absorption can be affected post-surgery; hence supplementation is often required.
  • The Vitamin D: Supports bone health, with calcium.
  • Folic Acid: Crucial for DNA synthesis and can lead to anemia if deficient.


Regular blood tests are vital to monitor vitamin and mineral status, ensuring no deficiencies exist. A nutritionist or doctor in Türkiye can provide specific supplementation recommendations and should be consulted when planning a post-Gastric Sleeve Surgery diet.


Gastric sleeve surgery is typically performed as laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery. This means that rather than a single large incision, several small incisions are made, through which surgical instruments and a camera are introduced. This technique reduces the risk of complications, recovery time, and leaves smaller scars than traditional open surgery.

Scarring after laparoscopic surgery

While the laparoscopic technique results in smaller scars, it does not mean there are no scars at all. Every incision, even a small one, can lead to scarring. However, the size, shape, and visibility of the scar can vary and are often less noticeable than larger incisions.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)

SILS, also known as Single Port Access Surgery (Gastric Sleeve Scar-Free), is an advanced laparoscopic technique where only one small incision, typically in the naval region, is made, through which all necessary surgical instruments and the camera are introduced.

Benefits of SILS

  • Aesthetics: Since the procedure is performed through the navel, the resulting scar is typically barely visible, offering a more aesthetically pleasing result than traditional laparoscopic methods involving multiple incisions.
  • Less pain: Some patients report less post-operative pain after SILS compared to conventional laparoscopic methods.
  • Quicker recovery: With only one incision made, recovery time can be shorter.

Aesthetic Travel and scar-free gastric sleeve surgery

Aesthetic Travel is a service provider offering medical tourism services in Türkiye. If you’re considering a gastric sleeve without scar and want minimal to no visible scars, Aesthetic Travel can assist in connecting you with clinics and surgeons offering such advanced, scar-minimizing gastric sleeve techniques.


While no surgical technique is entirely scar-free, there are methods that can minimize the visibility of scars. If this is a primary concern for you, you should discuss this with your surgeon or a provider like Aesthetic Travel to clarify your options and expectations. It’s also essential to remember that post-surgery care, such as avoiding sun exposure and using scar creams, can help minimize the appearance of scars.

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