Gastric Sleeve in Turkey / Antalya

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey / Antalya: With this sleeve gastrectomy, because of obesity, there will stay only a tubular remnant, with the result that while having a meal the feeling of satiety will ensue quickly.

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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey / Antalya

Many people suffer about their heavy body weight. Oftentimes, it happens, that it leads to bodily health in general and can cause cardiovascular problems, also problems with the knees, hips and spine as well as diabetes, nightly apnoea or heavy snoring. if this situation occurs already, then the body is already badly affected and experts refer to adiposity. This will conform to Body-Mass-Index (BMI) of 40 or more (40 kgs/m²).

But not only the physical health is affected, to a greater degree it also affects the psyche. Many don’t like to participate in everyday routines. They will have a hard time to find sitting place in public transports. Society and colleagues at work, maybe start to marginalize them. Experiences like this can trigger to fall back into old habits, even when adjustments to life has been made already.

We at Aesthetic-Travel in Antaly are glad, that you have decided to change something in your life!. We readily offer you several methods of treatment with operative surgery associated with wide-ranging therapy programs to reduce your weight bit by bit. Interested? Our Team will give you overall counselling.

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Gastric Sleeve Costs (All Inclusive Packages)

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Specialist in Bariatric Surgery
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Gastric Sleeve Costs (All Inclusive Packages)

Combine your weight loss surgery with an all inclusive holiday in a 5 star hotel in Turkey / Antalya!

Your Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey / Antalya

A sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey / Antalya is a restrictive surgery of the stomach. With this a part of the organ will be removed. A surgeon will reduce the stomach of 80-90 percent of its volume. The intact part looks tubular and has a size of 2-3 cms. That equals to about 85-150 milliliters. By comparison a natural stomach has usually 2-3 liters of volume.

How a sleeve gastrectomy operation is done?

The sleeve gastrectomy operation is a minimally invasive surgery method, called laparoscopical. This means, surgeons will use the keyhole method under general anaesthetic. The hospital stay will take 5 to 7 days.

How can a sleeve gastrectomy reduce weight?

The sleeve gastrectomy operation belongs in Turkey to the metabolically surgeries. Because with the actual reduction of the stomach the part of the production of the gastrointestinal hormones will be removed. Here is normally produced the hormone to make you hungry, the hormone Ghrelin. This means, that you will feel the effect of a reduced stomach and also the loss of appetite.

Another advantage with a Gastric Sleeve in Turkey / Antalya is, that you don’t have a foreign object in your body like a gastric band. Also, this method doesn’t need to replace entrance and exit of the stomach. The natural function of the stomach is kept intact. Patients with a gastric sleeve can after a few weeks after the operation consume all kinds of food. Studies show that a gastric sleeve can help to reduce diabetes effects.

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How is the sleeve gastrectomy operation connected to other obesity therapies?

Quite often is the sleeve gastrectomy operation only a module within an obesity therapy. The reason is, that the sleeve gastrectomy especially by very severely overweight patients very efficient is, but not sufficient is when the patient a problem has to adopt to new dietary habits. These include sugary food and drinks. In a case like this its recommended to think about a gastric bypass.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey / Antalya – Prices Costs & Procedure

Duration of Procedure

1 Hour

Hospital Stay

4 Days

Recovery Time

2 Days


from 2,490 EUR

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey / Antalya – FAQ

With a sleeve gastrectomy the stomach will be reduced, so they will be only the size of a small banana be left. This will reduce the intake of nourishment, because the stomach will be easily filled up. The feeling of of satiety will be reached faster. Additional less hormones will be produced to reduce appetite.

Before the operation the patient has to undergo some pre-examinations. It’s to make sure to locate infections or tumors if there are. Additionally the liver, pancreas, and gall bladder have to be examined. Patients with a BMI of more than 40 have to take a protein-rich liquid diet for 10 to 14 days ahead of the operation. This will reduce the results of a fatty liver.

The sleeve gastrectomy operation will be performed under general anaesthetic and will last for about an hour. The surgeon will use the keyhole method for the operation. He will make some two centimeter long cuts in the abdominal wall. Here will be inserted the camera and instruments. With a stapler a large part of the stomach will be cut and sewed. For a follow-up check patient have to stay in the medical center for 3 to 4 days.

Suitable are patients with a BMI of more than 40. If the patient suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnoea the operation is advisable for patients with BMI of 35. The operation can only be performed when all non-operative methods like excersise training or diet counceling for six to twelve month has failed.

For the obese with an intake of high-calorie food and drinks, sweets, and alcoholic beverages this is not an option.

There are no long term studies with the sleeve gastrectomy. Indeed, observation shows very high success changes. You can lose between 33 to 83 percent of your overweight.

After a sleeve gastrectomy operation the intestine can’t produce enough vitamin B 12 and this have to be taken as a food supplement.

Compared with other operations the risks are minimal. Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and adhesions can occur. Risks depend largely on the health of the patient.

The sleeve gastrectomy is a very effective adjuvant, but you will have to permanently change your lifestyle and diet. It is advisable to consult a nutritionist.

In the first to two weeks after the operation you are only allowed strained or liquied food. in the long-run you can eat all food, if the meals portiened to five to seven small meals over the whole day.

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