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Bariatric Revision in Turkey / Antalya - Costs & Procedure

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Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Revision Update Around a couple of years following a gastric sleeve procedure or sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach’s capacity may enlarge. With the growth of the stomach, certain patients begin to consume more food. These individuals might find a second bariatric surgery beneficial.

Gastric Sleeve Revision With the escalating numbers of sleeve gastrectomies across the globe, the frequency of secondary bariatric operations is also on the rise. Prospective patients for a revision operation commonly fall into two overarching groups. One includes patients who have experienced anatomical or health-related complications over time post their initial bariatric surgery, and the other is those who experience weight regain after bariatric surgery. At Aesthetic Travel, we are available to address your queries and assess if you are suitable for a revision operation.

Roughly two years post a gastric sleeve procedure or sleeve gastrectomy, there’s a possibility that the stomach’s size may increase. As the stomach enlarges, certain patients may start consuming more food. These individuals might find a second bariatric surgery beneficial. Aesthetic Travel takes pride in catering to the needs of patients from around the globe and providing you with the appropriate revision choice. Get in touch with our team at the earliest opportunity for complimentary consultation and guidance.

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Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

Revision In a weight loss surgery, often referred to as the “sleeve” procedure, around 70 to 80 percent of the stomach is excised, resulting in a new, tubular, and elongated stomach shape. As years pass, the surgically reduced stomach may increase its volume, potentially leading to weight regain. To tackle this issue, the surgeons at Aesthetic Travel Turkey can adjust or convert your initial gastric sleeve operation to a gastric bypass or duodenal switch procedure.

Diverse Revision Possibilities in Turkey Re-Sleeve

This denotes a procedure where the medical practitioners at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya, Turkey re-adjust a portion of the stomach to restore the enlarged stomach to its tubular form. However, this is a less common procedure as it fits the circumstances of only a few patients.

Transforming Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass An alternative approach could involve transforming the gastric sleeve surgery into a gastric bypass procedure. For instance, severe acid reflux that remains unresponsive to medical treatment may necessitate revision to gastric bypass surgery in Turkey.

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Gastric Sleeve to Duodenal Switch

The skilled surgeons at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya, Turkey can also undertake the task of revising a gastric sleeve procedure to a duodenal switch, particularly for patients battling insulin-dependent diabetes. The duodenal switch can be implemented as a single anastomosis or a double anastomosis. In essence, the single anastomosis duodenal switch yields similar weight loss results to the standard or double anastomosis DS, without the risk of bowel obstruction. The success of this procedure relies heavily on the patient’s dedication to lifelong lifestyle modifications, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. Ayhan Mesci boasts the skills and reputation to be among the top bariatric surgeons in Turkey.

Reworking a Gastric Sleeve Surgery after a Previous Gastric Sleeve Procedure (Re-sleeve) Implementation of a Gastric Band through Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery Conversion of a Gastric Band Surgery into a Gastric Sleeve Procedure Extension of the Intestinal Junction following a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Bariatric Revision Turkey Pricing

Are you seeking top-quality yet economical Bariatric Revision? Aesthetic Travel in Turkey is your dependable ally. We’re recognized for our transparent, cost-effective, all-inclusive packages. What sets us apart?

Financing with Installment Payment We offer flexible payment options! Indeed, you read that right. With us, you can finance your bariatric revision surgery in Turkey by opting for installment payments. No pressure, no hidden charges, just a simple monthly payment plan that helps you comfortably manage the expense of your procedure. Trust Aesthetic Travel for your bariatric revision needs and take advantage of our convenient installment payment option.

Kindly be informed that the financing is facilitated through third-party providers. Aesthetic Travel doesn’t have control over the approval decision for an installment payment plan, as it’s based on the respective provider’s credit policies. Nonetheless, we remain available to assist you throughout the process and answer any questions you may have.

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Preparation and Procedure Based on the specifics of your impending revision surgery, you may be advised to halt the use of blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Plavix, or Eliquis. A session with the nutritionist will encompass a recap of dietary guidance and long-term recommendations.

Revision Surgery Post Gastric Sleeve On your revision surgery day, you’ll have a chance to visit Prof. Dr. Ayhan Mesci before your operation and clarify any last-minute inquiries. In revision scenarios, a typical hospital stay usually lasts for 3 nights. Prof. Dr. Ayhan Mesci places high value not only on the technical aspects of the case but also on patient-centric care, such as proactive measures to manage discomfort and nausea, ensuring your speedy recovery.

Healthy Recovery and Follow-Up Care Approximately three weeks post-surgery, you should expect to regain physical activity.

The recovery journey varies, depending on the extent and nature of the surgery. We at Aesthetic Travel are leading providers of Bariatric Surgery and Weight Loss Revision Surgery, with a strong emphasis on patient safety and excellent outcomes in Antalya, Turkey.

Schlauchmagen Op in der Türkei

Impressive Outcomes Nobody knows your body better than you do. If your past weight loss efforts have been compromised due to a stretched gastric sleeve, you are entitled to a revision that aligns with your anatomical requirements. Aesthetic Travel’s work is grounded in the principles of safety and client satisfaction. We are humbled by our patients’ positive feedback and remain committed to delivering top-notch service.

Revision from Gastric Sleeve Surgery to Duodenal Switch A sleeve gastrectomy can also be revised into a duodenal switch operation. The duodenal switch is a fusion of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass techniques. Some years back, the duodenal switch was a standard procedure for patients with a high body mass index (BMI).

Numerous patients achieved such excellent outcomes with the gastric sleeve surgery alone that they didn’t require a secondary procedure.

In a patient who has previously undergone a sleeve gastric surgery and requires further weight loss, surgeons may conduct a closure, also referred to as a second stage duodenal replacement. In general, the duodenal switch has demonstrated superior weight loss outcomes when compared to a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. Therefore, a patient who does not attain satisfactory weight loss results with the primary sleeve gastrectomy could be a suitable candidate for conversion to a duodenal switch.

Bariatrische Revision
Bariatric Revision Turkey - Frequently Asked Questions

No, gastric sleeve removal is generally not reversible.

Reasons for gastric sleeve revision surgery include inadequate weight loss, weight regain, complications or side effects from the initial surgery, development of medical or anatomical issues, or the need for additional weight loss.

Insurance coverage for gastric sleeve revision surgery depends on your specific insurance plan. It is important to check with your insurance provider to understand the coverage and requirements for the procedure.

When preparing for a consultation, consider bringing relevant medical records, previous surgery reports, diagnostic imaging results, information about medical conditions or medications, and your insurance information.

It is highly advisable to stop smoking before any surgical procedure, including gastric sleeve revision surgery, to optimize healing and minimize the risk of complications.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with gastric sleeve revision surgery. These risks can include infection, bleeding, anesthesia-related complications, blood clots, leaks, strictures, and adverse reactions to medications.

The expected results of gastric sleeve revision surgery vary depending on individual factors and goals. The surgery aims to address issues from the initial surgery, such as inadequate weight loss or weight regain, with the desired outcome being improved weight loss, resolution of complications, and overall better health and well-being. Individual results can vary.

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