Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

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With a single incision laparoscopic surgery by Aesthetic Travel only highly qualified surgeons using a single access point, normally, this will be your navel.

The Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

The single incision laparoscopic surgery is a new method and has advantages towards classic laparoscopic surgery. Postoperative pain is reduced and permits surgery without scars. The single incision laparoscopic surgery is also used with tubular gastric surgery and gastric bypass.

In the past, large incisions hat to be made for sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In the last few years, minimal-invasive techniques helped surgeons to get better results. We explain to you the progress in the minimal-invasive surgery with reduced recovery, fewer discomforts, and free of scars incision points. With this improvement is it possible for surgeons to insert the needed operative instruments through a small incision of about 10-15 millimetres. The single incision laparoscopic surgery replaces nowadays already in many procedures open operations.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery Kosten

To the Benefit of Patients Minimal-Invasive Surgery

The minimal-invasive surgery consists of some small incisions, instead of one large opening. The single incision laparoscopic surgery has taken another step forward, instead of some small incisions, there is only one. This new method results in many advantages to patients.

This method, also known as Single-Port-Surgery, Single-Port-Laparoscopy (SPL), Single-Port-Acess-Surgery (SAP), or One Port Umbilical Surgery (OPUS) has been made possible with the improvement of surgical instruments.

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    Advantages of SILS towards conventional Minimal-Invasive Surgery

    The biggest advantage of SILS to the keyhole surgery is the only one incision. Pain in the recovery period is reduced. Likewise, the risk for infection is less and regenerations is hastened. Since the SILS method doesn’t leave any scars, it has a more cosmetic effect. Operations for a sleeve gastrectomy with SILS method through the navel are successfully performed in our special hospitals. There will be no scars to see.

    Is the SILS method safe and proven?

    Although, the single-incision laparoscopic surgery is a relatively new surgery method, thousands of times it has been performed worldwide. Studies show, that patients are more satisfied with the cosmetic results and a reduced perception of pain. Another study with 100 patient showed, that SILS had better results with less pain after the operation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To the contrary. SILS reduces the risk of axonal injury. Axonal injury is a complication by open surgery and standard laparoscopy. Single-incision laparoscopic surges is a fast developing technique used by experienced surgeons for a successful sleeve gastrectomy with gastric bypass and gastric sleeve.

    SILS offers patients another advantage if there occurs the need for an additional operation for weight reduction. The surgeon has only to widen the one incision a little bit for a better view. This incision reduces the risk of an inner adherence of organs.

    For all advantages but SILS cannot be recommended in all cases. Especially with very adipose patients, this technique cannot be used. The instruments are not long enough for a safe procedure.

    The single incision laparoscopic surges are not for every form of sleeve gastrectomy suitable. If the operation needs sewing or to operate on organs hard to reach. There are other methods of minimal-invasive surgery.

    In cases, when organs are to close to a large blood vessel or a severe infection exists, only open surgery can be performed.

    Internationally it will take some time to replace the conventional laparoscopy surgery by SILS. Our surgeons in Turkey have excellent experience with this method and technique through many successful procedures. They know some essential tricks to avoid complications.

    In other countries, surgeons still prefer trusted operating methods. Associated with this are their disadvantages like scars, pain and the time of regeneration.

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