ReLEx Smile in Turkey

This is the most innovative high-tech laser method to remove gently your defective vision or ametropia. The minimally invasive treatment is done without an incision even by a difficult visual defect.

ReLEx Smile in Turkey

ReLEx Smile in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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Eye Laser with ReLEx Smile in Turkey

Do you want to have sharp eyesight again and don’t want to use aids like spectacles or contact lenses? The prices in your home country are too high but you don’t want to compromise on quality and technology? Then you have come to the right place to meet our Aesthetic Travel Team in Turkey. Beside other premium surgical measures we are also specialised on the correction of eye defects though laser technique. We offer the classic PRK technique, the more new LASIK method plus the ReLEx Smile technique to our patients. If you are interested, please contact us immediately. We advise you on all the possibilities!

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ReLEx Smile in Turkey cost

ReLEx Smile – What is it?

The ReLEx Smile method (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is not only very gentle and almost pain-free, rather it can be relinquished of the callous flap. With this modern technique, offered from the Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya, visual impairments like shortsightedness up to -10 diopters can be compensated and astigmatism up to 5 diopters can be compensated. With the ReLex Smile method, only a minimal incision from 2-3 millimetres has to be made with almost no existent risks or side effects. This means, even patients with a tiny cornea or suffering often from dryness of the eyes can be operated with this eye laser in Turkey.

The advantage of other laser techniques like LASIK is, that ReLEx Smile is a minimally invasive method and needs no flap or microkeratome.

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ReLEx Smile in Turkey antalya

The procedure of a ReLEx Smile Treatment

With this eye laser operation, only a small incision of 2-3 millimetres is made in the higher corneal layers. The precision with this method does not depend on the thickness of the cornea, state of the cornea and moisture content as with other eye laser techniques. The focus with the ReLEx Smile method is the so-called femtosecond laser. The method is used in a closed system, the patient has not co-operated, like with the LASIK method.

Furthermore, the eye-tracking control system recognizes eye movements and treatment can be interrupted immediately to prevent errors. After treatment with this method is simple. The treatment takes with the ReLEx Smile method about 5 minutes is almost pain-free.

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More Advantages of the ReLEx Smile Treatment in Turkey

Since the high precision with the femtosecond laser, the almost pain-free procedure, the minimal incision, and that the patient must not active co-operate, the whole procedure takes only around 10 minutes. Another advantage is, that after 20-30 minutes after the ReLEx Smile treatment no more restrictions are necessary. You can take a shower, have sporty activities and can sleep without an eye patch. The biggest advantage is, that with an eye laser arranged by Aesthetic Travel in Turkey you save on costs!. Do you have some more questions? Don’t hesitate to call us and we will be glad to answer all your questions in detail.

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relex-smile in der türkei

ReLEx Smile Turkey - FAQ

ReLEx: Refractive Lenticule Extration
SMILE: Small Incision Lenticule Extraction

For the innovative ReLExSmile Methode you need the following dioptres:

  • Shortsightedness: -10 to -1 dioptres
  • Astigmatism: -5 to -1 dioptres

For hyperopia or longsightedness, this method is not suitable. If a ReLExSmile treatment is adviseable and suitable for you will be cleared with a pre-examination by your surgeon in Turkey.

The ReLExSmile technique is an innovative improvement of the Femto-LASIK method. With this an Excimer laser is needless. Eye laser with the ReLExSmile ist much gentler, faster and safer. This laser needs only a minimally opening of 2 millimetres for the operation. These are the reasons why the ReLExSmile technique is especially good for patients with intolerance of contact lenses or dryness of the eyes.

No! The eyes receive a local anaesthetic with eye drops. Normally you will not feel any pain during treatment. If you wish, you can take light tranquilliser. The performing eye surgeon informs you during the treatment of all of his steps.

Patients react individually on eye lasering. Some get the feeling as if there is a foreign object within the eye. Normally patients are pain-free within one day. After a ReLExSmile treatment, you should rest and take eye drops regularly.

Only a minimal lesion is left after a ReLExSmile method treatment. This will be healed about 20 minutes after. After that, there are no more precautionary measures to take and you can shower and have sporty activities. You will not need eye protection overnight. After a follow-up check, you should follow the directions of your surgeon. After 2-4 days you have your full eyesight back.

For an eye laser with the ReLExSmile method, you should be prepared to pay 1,800 Euros for each eye. Sometimes the costs are covered by private health insurance policies.

Serious complications with this high-tech laser technology are extremely rare. For an optimal healing process, you should keep your aftercare appointments and follow the instructions of your surgeon and his schedule of eye drops. Concomitant effects are harmless, short and easy medicable after an eye laser treatment.

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