Introduction to Weight Loss Surgery – Why is it Necessary?

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Introduction to Weight Loss Surgery – Why is it necessary?

Weight Loss Surgery – why is it necessary?

Overweight and obesity are a growing health problem worldwide. Stomach surgery is one of the most commonly performed bariatric surgeries to help severely overweight people lose weight and improve their health. In this post you will learn all about the different methods, benefits and risks of stomach reduction surgery and why Turkey is a popular destination for this surgery.

Methods of gastric reduction – gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric balloon

There are several types of Weight Loss Surgery Turkey, which are performed in different ways. Here are the three main types:

  • Gastric Bypass: In this operation, a small part of the stomach is cut off and connected directly to the small intestine. This results in less food being consumed and fewer calories being absorbed by the body.
  • Sleeve Stomach: In this procedure, a large portion of the stomach is removed, leaving only a narrow, tube-shaped stomach. As a result, patients can only eat small amounts of food, which leads to a reduced calorie intake.
  • Gastric Ballooning: Gastric ballooning is a non-surgical procedure in which a balloon filled with liquid or air is inserted into the stomach. The balloon fills part of the stomach, giving you a feeling of fullness, which leads to less food intake and weight loss.

Who is a good candidate for Weight Loss surgery?

Not everyone who is overweight is a suitable candidate for a Weight Loss surgery. Doctors consider several factors before making a recommendation, such as:

Body Mass Index (BMI): Patients with a BMI over 35 or over 30, with serious health problems related to being overweight are considered suitable candidates.

Health Status: Patients with serious medical conditions that may be improved by weight loss surgery are preferred candidates.
Motivation and Commitment: Patients must be willing to embrace their lifestyle and changing their eating habits after surgery and sticking to regular follow-up visits.

The process of a stomach reduction – preparation, implementation and aftercare

Preparing for weight loss surgery in Turkey includes a thorough medical examination, gathering information about previous medical treatments, and discussing expectations and risks. Patients may need to adjust their diet and quit smoking before undergoing the procedure.

During the operation, depending on the method, either part of the stomach is removed or bypassed, or a balloon is inserted. The duration of the procedure varies depending on the procedure and individual circumstances.

Follow-up care is critical to the success of gastric reduction surgery. Patients need to change their diet to accommodate the changing conditions in their digestive system. You should also exercise regularly and attend follow-up visits to identify potential complications early.

The risks and complications of stomach reduction surgery

As with any surgical procedure, stomach reduction surgery carries risks and potential complications. These include:

  • Infections
  • bleeding
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Scarring or adhesions
  • Leaks in the digestive system
  • Choosing an experienced surgeon and a reputable clinic can help minimize these risks

The advantages of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery can result in significant weight loss and provide numerous health benefits, such as:

  • Improving Cardiovascular Disease
  • Better blood sugar control in diabetes
  • Joint pain relief
  • Improving breathing and sleep quality in sleep apnea
  • In addition, the operation can contribute to an increased quality of life and increased self-confidence.

Success strategies after stomach reduction surgery – diet, exercise and lifestyle adjustment

The long-term success of gastric reduction surgery depends on the patient’s willingness to make lifestyle changes. These include:

  • A balanced, nutritious diet
  • Regular physical activity
  • Compliance with follow-up examinations and medical recommendations
  • Support from family, friends and possibly a self-help group

Choose Turkey as your stomach reduction destination? Quality, price and experience

Turkey has established itself as a leading country for medical tourism, particularly for bariatric (obesity) surgeries. The reasons are:

  • Highly qualified doctors and surgeons who are internationally recognized
  • World-class clinics and facilities that meet the highest standards
  • Cost-effective treatments compared to many western countries
  • The opportunity to combine the recovery phase with a relaxing holiday in an attractive environment

Medical Tourism Agencies in Turkey – Trusted Options for Your Health!

There are numerous medical tourism agencies in Turkey specializing in stomach reduction surgery. When choosing a clinic, you should consider the surgeon’s experience and qualifications, the quality of the facility, and testimonials from previous patients.

Travel tips and preparation for your Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

Before you travel to Turkey for Weight Loss surgery, you should make some preparations:

  • Visa: Check the visa requirement for your country of origin and make sure your passport has at least six more months of validity.
  • Accommodation: Book suitable accommodation close to the clinic to facilitate access to follow-up visits and medical care.
  • Flight Tickets: Organize your flight tickets and make sure you allow enough time for recovery after surgery.
  • Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical expenses related to your surgery.
  • Communication with the clinic: Maintain regular contact with the clinic to be informed of all necessary preparations and instructions.


Weight Loss Surgery offers an effective way to lose excess weight and improve health. Turkey is an attractive destination for these surgeries as it offers quality medical care, experienced surgeons and affordable prices. There are specialized medical tourism agencies so that you can find best clinic Turkey help you medical tourism -Agencies like Aesthetic Travel and Med Center Türkiye who organize the whole process and support patients in the Assist in travel planning, accommodation, appointment scheduling and aftercare.

These agencies facilitate access to world-class medical care and provide a convenient solution for patients undergoing Consider stomach reduction surgery abroad. Many clinics and agencies offer all-inclusive packages that cover the cost of surgery, accommodation, transfers, and aftercare. These packages are priced between 1990 and 3990 euros, which makes them very attractive compared to the costs in many western countries.


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