Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) – more buttocks for more attractiveness

Brazilian Butt Lift - mehr Gesäß für mehr Attraktivität
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The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) – more buttocks for more attractiveness

Brazilian Butt Lift – more buttocks for more attractiveness

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

When samba is danced on the streets in Rio de Janeiro just in time for the carnival, the beautiful Brazilian samba dancers should not be missing. What particularly catches the eye is the well-formed buttocks of the women. Which woman does not wish to be blessed with such shapes as well.

A wish that can become reality with a BBL Turkey in a short time and with manageable costs. Experience has shown that the desire for more volume and an attractive silhouette of the buttocks is not limited to women. More and more men are also interested in this type of plastic surgery to make their appearance more attractive. The advantage of this is that it is easy to do.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) – more buttocks for more attractiveness – The term Brazilian Butt Lift refers to processes. The buttocks are surgically enlarged. In order to achieve the desired optical effect, the bottom is modeled. In contrast to breast augmentation, the Brazilian butt lift does not generally use an implant. As a rule, the body’s own fat is used for enlarging and modeling the buttocks. Implants are only used if the body’s own fat is not sufficient. It is also easily possible to combine endogenous fat and implants. The result is a shapely bottom and an increase in attractiveness.

How does a Brazilian butt lift work?

The Brazilian butt lift is preceded by an in-depth consultation. The risks, the procedure and the technology are explained in detail. This also includes checking whether the Brazilian butt lift is performed with your own body fat or with foreign implants. If autologous fat is used, two work steps are necessary: liposuction and the introduction of your own body fat in the buttocks. Your own body fat is prepared beforehand for the induction. During the consultation, the surgeon will inform you about the various advantages and disadvantages and which type is more suitable for the respective person. The body’s own fat is injected and implants are inserted.

Implants are placed under general anesthesia. So that nothing can be seen of the procedure later, the surgeon uses an incision technique that only leaves an inconspicuous seam in the buttock fold. The implants, previously selected in size and shape, are placed either under or in the gluteal muscle. The surgeon then professionally closes the wound with a multi-layered suture.

In your own interest, it is recommended that you spend the following night in the hospital for observation. The surgeon also explains to the patients how to behave correctly in the first few days after the operation and possible side effects. The healing phase of the surgical intervention is 6 to 8 weeks in the normal course. The patients can then move as usual again and enjoy their new, attractive appearance.

What are the advantages of a BBL?

The main feature of a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is aesthetic well-being. Many people with a small or flat butt want a more prominent buttocks for more attractiveness. Increased self-confidence and more joy in life are inevitably associated with a modeled and well-formed buttocks. Inserts in underwear or special bottom shapers only offer an emergency solution and cannot be used under certain conditions, such as in a bikini in the outdoor pool. The Brazilian Butt Lift offers a permanent solution with a high satisfaction factor for every situation in life.

The Brazilian butt lift with your own body fat is simple and sustainable. When modeling the buttocks, around 60 to 80 percent of the injected fat cells grow into the buttocks and thus ensure a naturally beautiful and permanent lifting of the buttocks. A butt lift with implants achieves the same effect. You can look forward to the final effect of the plastic surgery after about three to six months.

What are the risks of a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey?

Basically, among the various plastic procedures, the Brazilian butt lift is one of those with the lowest risks. Nevertheless, complications can also occur here, but they vary depending on the type of treatment.

If the buttock lift is performed by injecting the body’s own fat, this must first be suctioned out. Liposuction is often associated with bruising and swelling. With a normal healing process, these subside again after a few weeks. Other possible risks are postoperative bleeding, infections or disturbances in wound healing.

However, if implants are used for the Brazilian Butt Lift, capsular contracture can occur in rare cases. This means the hardening of the implants. Since capsular contracture can be treated well in its early stages, the risk is low.

BBL Türkiye – costs?

The Brazilian butt lift in Turkey costs are manageable and affordable. For a Brazilian butt lift at a renowned Turkish clinic, you can expect costs of 3,000 euros or more with BBL Turkey. As with the type of surgical procedure, patients are given a full consultation on the cost. An initial consultation on the costs can be given over the phone. The written offer contains a fixed price and a clear and transparent breakdown of the costs.