Rhinoplasty in Turkey – a good choice even in old age

Nose Job Turkey
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Rhinoplasty in Turkey – a good choice even in old age: the human face changes over the course of life. The human nose is also affected by these changes, as are the lips, ears and other parts of the human body. The nose is at the center of every face and has a significant impact on how a person looks and feels. A rhinoplasty in Turkey is a cheap and efficient way to give your appearance a new expression even in old age and to rejuvenate your face. A nose job also has a number of health benefits.

So is a rhinoplasty worthwhile in old age?

Gravity affects the human organism in many ways. The alar cartilage of the nose is exposed to gravity and weakens over time. With age, the nose sags and loses its shape. The tip of the nose moves towards the lips and soon can no longer correspond to personal aesthetic ideas.

But not only the external appearance of the nose is affected by the aging process. Structural changes are also taking place inside. These can impair the ability to breathe acutely or even in the long term. Inflammatory events, pronounced formation of polyps or a crooked nose can lead to difficult nasal breathing or even loss of smell. A rhinoplasty in Turkey can have a positive effect on your quality of life, even in old age, and give you a youthful, fresh and healthy appearance.

How is a nose job done in Turkey?

In the first step, you contact the clinic and discuss all the necessary information, desired results and surgical techniques for a nose surgery in Turkey. For this, the clinic needs all relevant patient data as well as pictures of your nose. You should have your health checked by a general practitioner before departure and have it certified as to whether you are fit to fly.

If everything is in order, everything important will be discussed again in a personal meeting at the clinic on the first day of your arrival. You get in touch with your anesthetist and surgeon. The medical staff will examine your health in detail. An ECG, a complete blood count and other medical tests are carried out. Your safety and health is our top priority. If you are fit for a surgical procedure and all medical data, the desired result and the necessary surgical techniques have been discussed, the date for the operation will be set.

On the day of the operation, you will be closely monitored and provided with all necessary medication. After a few days, your surgeon will remove the nasal splint and cover your nose with special tape. Before you leave, you will be treated and examined several times by a doctor. After about a week and a final discussion, you can start your journey home. After the operation, you must refrain from sports and strain on your nose for a few weeks. Doctors in Turkey will advise you on all important measures.

What costs can you expect? – Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty prices in Turkey vary depending on individual condition and desired result. As a rule, such interventions are carried out from as little as 2,500 euros. Because of this low price, rhinoplasty is affordable even for seniors. You get a high-quality operation in modern clinics at a fair price.