Cost of an Eye Laser surgery in Turkey, Antalya

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Cost of an eye laser surgery in Turkey, Antalya

Ametropia is no cause for concern. About every second person is affected. It only becomes a problem when there is a high level of ametropia or the glasses or contact lenses cannot be worn or can only be worn to a limited extent. Then the eye laser in Turkey / Antalya will help. This is because it is possible to correct ametropia.

What happens with the eye laser surgery?

With laser eye surgery, the ametropia is eliminated or at least greatly reduced using the latest equipment. This has the advantage that, in the best-case scenario, glasses are no longer needed after the operation, even in the case of severe ametropia. And if the ametropia cannot be completely eliminated, then you only have to fall back on glasses that have significantly weaker values ​​and are therefore much more comfortable to wear.

Many rely on eye laser surgery to have a better attitude towards life. Because not everyone likes to wear glasses and not everyone can tolerate contact lenses. But laser eye surgery is about much more than just beauty. If you don’t have to wear glasses, you don’t have a limited field of vision, which is otherwise the case with glasses.

In addition, the glasses are very heavy, especially in the case of severe ametropia, and the appearance also suffers significantly as a result. With strong Plus lenses, the eyes are significantly enlarged. Extremely reduced in minus glasses. In addition, the visual acuity also suffers with severe ametropia and the wearing of glasses. This visual performance, which, despite being corrected, cannot be fully developed because the values ​​of the glasses are simply too high.

What must be considered with the eye laser in Turkey / Antalya?

There are four different methods that are offered for eye laser surgery in Turkey / Antalya. Lasik method, the PRK method, lens implantation and the ReLex Smile method. Before the operation, it is necessary to check which method is to be used. A consultation will help to chose.

What is the cost of an eye laser surgery in Turkey /Antalya?

The costs for an eye laser surgery in Turkey / Antalya vary depending on the method. A total of four different methods of eye laser surgery are offered.

The cost of an eye laser surgery for the PRK method starts at 900 EUR. The Lasik method is possible from EUR 1200 and lens implantation from EUR 1990. The costs of an eye laser surgery in Turkey / Antalya for the ReLex Smile method start from 2990 EUR.

These costs not only include the pure surgical costs, but also a wide variety of services such as picking you up from the airport and transferring you to the hotel and hospital. Likewise, all consultation appointments, medication and the stay in Turkey. The patient only has to pay for the flight itself separately. It is also possible to bring an accompanying person, but the flight and accommodation will have to be paid for.


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