Bariatric Surgery in Antalya Turkey: My Diet and Exercise After Surgery?

Bariatric Surgery in Turkey
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Lifestyle after Bariatric Surgery in Antalya Turkey (also called weight loss surgery in Turkey) is the name of some medical procedures, recommended for people with obesity. As a result of the procedure, your body will start loosing weight and in time your BMI will come down to normal.

Does that mean, you can life the same life as before?

This questions are being asked by many people, because they are used to a certain (unhealthy) lifestyle. That means for example eating a lot of fast food, red meat, drinking alcohol and spending most of the time either in front of the TV or the computer. The answer to that question is a clear No. If you don’t change your unhealthy habits, you are going to endanger the success of your surgery. Long term studies have shown, that a significant percentage of people gain weight again a couple of years after bariatric surgery. The reason in most cases is an unhealthy lifestyle.

What should you do – eating and drinking?

The first thing you should do is, to talk with your doctor. He will give you expert advice how to improve your lifestyle. In generally that means preparing meals from fresh incredients and reduce fast food or ready-to-eat meals, which you just heat up in the microwave. Eat more fruits and vegetables instead of meat. If you like meat very much, substitute red meat with chicken or turkey. They are also tasty but much leaner.

Reduce the amount of food you eat. To fill your stomach, eat a bowl of salad (prepared from fresh vegetables). Change your drinking habits also. Avoid softdrinks, ice tea and industrial prepared fruit juices, because they contain a lot of sugar. Substitute them with mineral water or coffee or tea with little sugar or sweeteners. Alcohol, especially sweet wines or liquors is very nutricious. Take it only occassionally.

Bariatric Surgery in Antalya Turkey: What about exercise?

Exercise is part of a healthy way of living. You should exercise at least several times a week. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that you should join a fitness club or become a member of a sports club. It is enough, if you go for a walk as often as possible. Leave your car and use your legs instead. In this way you can do some small shopping for example or just go for a stroll in the park or a nearby forrest. Why don’t you get yourself a dog? The dog needs to be taken out every day, no matter how the weather is. If you walk your dog it won’t be long before you meet other dog owners and make contact.

Bariatric Surgery in Antalya Turkey: What should you care about?

Don’t make too abrupt changes in your lifestyle. Talk with your doctor about it. Don’t use pills to boost your metabolism or to loose appetite. They have bad side effects. Be patient and give the changes you made to your lifestyle, some time to take effect. Don’t loose hope, if you don’t see changes immediately. It will take a couple of months, but then you’ll feel better.


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