All-on-4 in Turkey / Antalya

all on 4 in turkey
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All-on-4 in Turkey / Antalya

The loss of teeth is an enormous burden for those affected. Because a beautiful smile is not only attractive to outsiders, but often contributes significantly to one’s self-confidence and a high quality of life. The All-on-4 method in Turkey / Antalya is a quick and permanent solution that will finally make you feel good again.

What is the All-on-4 method?

Just like conventional dental implants, it is a fixed denture. The difference, however, is that the complete arch is implanted directly into the jaw in one day. This immediate supply saves both time and money. A detailed consultation takes place beforehand – then the treatment can begin. In the first step, all teeth that cannot be saved are removed. Then 4 implants are anchored in the jawbone. Two are used in the anterior region and two in the posterior region. Because the rear implants are inserted at an angle, it is not necessary to build up the jawbone first, which is time-consuming. You will then receive a temporary denture in the same session. The treatment only takes one to two hours and you will have new fixed teeth immediately. After a healing phase of three to six months, a custom-fit denture can be made by the specialists and then inserted.

What are the merits of All-on-4 in Turkey / Antalya?

As already mentioned, the greatest advantage is that the treatment can be carried out without complex bone augmentation. Nevertheless, the dentures offer a very high resilience and durability. The implants used in this method are also biocompatible, so your body does not classify them as foreign objects. Another advantage is that less time is required, since the treatment can be carried out in one session and fewer implants have to be inserted. The healing phase is also shorter than with conventional dental implants. All-on-4 is also suitable for you if you have a narrow or thin jawbone.

All-on-4 in Turkey / Antalya: these costs will come your way

Since the method requires less time, the costs are of course also much cheaper than conventional dental implants. If you decide to get treatment from the specialists in Turkey, you have to reckon with a price from 2500 euros. In UK, on the other hand, the costs for a corresponding standard supply are between 8,000 and 15,000 pounds. The much lower price in Turkey is related to the lower cost of living there. All-on-4 in Turkey / Antalya is also influenced by government funding. This means that costs can be kept low without having to forego high quality.


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