When the pounds just don’t want to tumble

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Stomach reduction in Türkiye – Perhaps you have already tried a number of diets, sports courses or even dietary changes without achieving long-term success? Tired of annoying yo-yo effects? Then stomach reduction surgery in Türkiyecould help you start a new life. How come? You can find out in the following text.

The more weight, the more serious the health consequences

A high BMI and a high number on your scale do not affect the aesthetics of your body, but more importantly your health. They run the risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and circulatory diseases. In addition, you literally always carry your extra weight around with you and cannot put it down. As a result, your bones, joints and tendons are very stressed.

Your ability to move may decrease, which in turn may mean that you move less because of your pain. This creates a vicious circle that you can often no longer break on your own. In addition to the physical and health hazards, your soul can also suffer from this ballast. Feelings of guilt or fear of failure, simply not having managed to reduce your weight on your own, can trigger a veritable spiral that can lead to depression. Thus, being overweight has far-reaching consequences for you, which you should not ignore.

The Benefits of Stomach Reduction in Türkiye

Before you decide on a stomach reduction in Türkiye, you would of course also like to find out about the advantages of the procedure, because after all it is a more or less large operation. There are no large scars after the procedure, as it is invasive, i.e. it is carried out with small incisions and devices. The weight loss is usually very large, especially in the early days, so you will notice successes in the first few months that will help you to pursue and keep an eye on your goal in the long term.

The heavier you were before the surgery, the more weight you will lose after the stomach surgery in Türkiye. Due to the fact that your stomach has been reduced in size, you will also feel less hungry or full. You no longer need large portions to feel full. You also consume fewer calories, which is a prerequisite for losing weight.

With every kilogram you lose, your health conditions will also change: the risk of developing diabetes or high blood pressure is reduced. This also applies to an existing fatty liver or other cardiovascular diseases, which you can reduce yourself with your weight loss successes. This naturally increases your quality of life and – to put it in a nutshell: your life expectancy as well.

Relief for the joints, increase in your self-esteem

With weight reduction, of course, less weight is placed on your bones and the entire musculoskeletal system. You will be able to move indoors and outdoors for longer and with more agility. Even light sport, walking, jogging or swimming will no longer be a problem for you and this additional movement will help you lose weight. With these successes, your self-confidence will also grow as you lose more dress sizes and gain in agility and mobility.