When Can I Get Pregnant After Bariatric Surgery?

When can I get pregnant after bariatric surgery?
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When can I get pregnant after bariatric surgery? Lets open this answer with the good news: Even though you will learn about different precautions after any kind of bariatric surgery, statistics show that most of the pregnancies resulted in a healthy happy baby and mum. To understand the potential danger, we need to get a little into how our body absorbs nutrition. When we eat, our body is constantly dealing with the absorption of vitamins, mineral nutrients and such.

Along the whole gastrointestinal passage, every cell has its part in that. If you now consider, that with any kind of a bariatric surgery the inner volume of the stomach has declined, it is easy to understand, that there are now less cells doing the same work. This means, the nutrition absorption gets worse right after the surgery. But with time your body gets used to it and the absorption will be just fine again.

When can I get pregnant after bariatric surgery?: How long until the nutrition absorption is back to normal?

The recovery time you will need depends on your very own individual circumstances. For instance there is the method which was chosen for you. Then you have to take into consideration your overall health state – and in the end, it will depend on how fast you loose weight. Yes, you might loose some pounds while pregnancy. Though this might seem counterintuitive and simple wrong – there is more than one case showing that it is possible to loose weigh while caring a child. The reason is, of course, the forgoing bariatric surgery. You will eat way less because you feel satisfied with small portions due to your new tiny stomach volume. So instead of eating more and gaining wait, you might see the pounds drop.

Which time should pass after the surgery from a medical standpoint?

Doctors recommend a planed pregnancy around 18 months after the surgery. If you plan on receiving, go and see a doctor. Tell all about your treatment to make sure he or she has all informations necessary to provide you with the best advice. You might need some extra vitamin A and folic acid. Both are crucial for your babies health. Vitamin A is needed until you give birth. The folic acid is the central micro nutrition for the development of the organs during the first three months.

After all: Any bariatric surgery will improve your health and with that your babies-to-be health! You don’t have to worry about wether you should or should not. Every ounce you are closer to your normal body weight comes with higher life quality and health. Your chances of getting seriously ill or even die earlier decrease – that is the best you can do for your child before it is born.


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