With the Help of Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons to taut and sporty Thighs

It is not unusual that with the years the elasticity of the skin is ceasing. Affected are not only the skin but also beneath the tissue.

There is a remedy with the help of today’s modern aesthetic cosmetic surgery. You recognized the phenomena of sagging skin at your thighs and looking for a thigh lift in Turkey performed by a specialist?

Oberschenkelstraffung Türkei Kosten

Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can be of help to you. We are in constant contact with Turkish specialist for a thigh lift. Our cosmetic surgeons are experienced and reputable and performing under the newest medical and technical standards. They work gently and considering your wishes for a thigh lift. We facilitäte you with a plastic surgeon of your desire.

Thigh Lift: You receive a detailed Counselling with an individual Treatment Concept

Before any cosmetic surgery is performed, patients have to undergo an extensive consultation or a tailored medical concept. At this time you will know your surgeon and his team. Your doctor will take the time to explain the procedure and takes your medical history into consideration. Also clarified will be risks of the operation, possible complications, alternatives and costs of a thigh lift in Turkey.

Aesthetic and attractive looking Thighs

Particularly in the months of summer, women want to enjoy the warm days in skirts and shorts and to show off well-formed thighs. Our cosmetic surgeons in Turkey will help you to put your wishes to come true.

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How the Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons perform a Thigh Lift?

Oberschenkelstraffung Kosten

We from Aesthetic Travel working only with Turkish cosmetic surgeons together who have years of experience with thigh lift and are knowledgeable with this kind of operations. It is granted that they will perform to European hygiene standards.

Thigh Lift: Process and Technique

It depends on the examination of the patient if the procedure will be performed ambulant or with a short stay in the hospital under general anaesthetic. Your performing surgeon will explain to you the details of the operation. The doctor will pay close attention to where to set the section for unremarkable scars. The section will be on the inside of the thigh.

Smooth and taut Thighs

That you can take delight for a long time in your newly attractive formed thighs, it is advisable to have gymnastics and exercise. This will be good for your health and has effects on your body as a whole. Sports will strengthen your muscles and ligaments. It also stabilizes your anat.cardiovascular system.

Aesthetic Travel in Antalya knows the Turkish cosmetic surgeons who can perform aesthetic operations with the best results for their patients who wish to have a thigh lift. You can inform yourself on this website also about an upper arm lift, a buttock lift surgery, and a tummy tuck.

Thigh Lift – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    2 - 4 Hours

  • Hospitalization

    1 Day

  • Regeneration

    1 - 2 Days

  • Costs

    from 2,400 EUR

What takes place with a Thigh Lift?

In an advanced stage of life, the skin of the thigh will lose some of its juvenile vigour. Even hormonal disorders or weight fluctuations can favour changes in the area of the thigh. Sagging skin at legs is not only an aesthetic flaw but can lead to strong inferiority complexes. A tightening of thighs will improve the appearance of the legs. You will boost a new self-confidence, enjoy more vitality and have a more positive physical feeling.

How an operative Tightening at the Thigh is practised?

With the one-incision-technique, the surgeon will set the section from the groin area to the intergluteal cleft. Then he will remove the excess tissue and the skin will be carefully lifted. When there is much to much excess tissue a second incision has to be made at the inside of the thigh. A large accumulation of fat can be removed before by lipectomy.

Is there a Difference between a Thigh Lift and a Lipectomy?

A thigh lift is not a lipectomy. A lipectomy has a forming effect but cannot tighten the skin. Liposuction is done to remove persistent fat pads. In performing a thigh lift the doctor is removing excess skin and tissue to give the legs a juvenile look. Usual both procedures can be combined. Your surgeon will advise you on this matter.

What do I have to consider after a Thigh Lift before the Operation?

After a thigh lift, you have to use compress pants for four to six weeks to put consistent pressure on the wound to hasten the healing process. Hot baths or visits to a sauna should be avoided for about eight weeks. Protect your fresh scars from direct sunlight.

When can I work and do Sports after my Thigh Lift?

Take a time out for ten to fourteen days, bevor you start desk work and heavy bodily works and sport not before six weeks after the operation.

What Complications can occur by or after a Thigh Lift?

Experienced doctors perform our tight lifts in Turkey. Still, an operative procedure is never entirely free of risks. In rare occasions can occur thromboses, after-bleeding, or complications in wound healing. Some patients reported numbness. Normally this will vanish by itself within a few weeks.

What is the Cost of a Thigh Lift in Turkey?

For a thigh lift in Turkey, the average cost is around EUR 2,400. In this price are included two nights in a one-bedroom and full board in a hospital with medication, and costs for the laboratory. All your stay in Antalya you have access to an interpreter. We stand for cost transparency. After an initial clinical interview per phone, you will receive a written offer with a fixed price with guaranteed no hidden costs. Look forward to a first class medical treatment to fair terms.

Thigh Lift Before After

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