An aesthetic Neck Lift by cosmetic Surgeons in Turkey

The natural ageing process of our skin to make itself felt normally at the neck. The neck is seen usually together with the face, except in winter, when it is maybe covered, and skin alterations are immediately noticeable. The skin is losing elasticity. Wrinkles are forming. Many want these wrinkles smoothed by specialists.

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Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya has the best contacts to renowned cosmetic surgeons in Turkey. They boast valid know-how and longtime experience in this field. We would love to help you to get in contact for a first counselling interview. Please contact us!

Neck Lift: Extensive Consultation with individualised Treatment Concept

The Turkish cosmetic surgeons offer thorough information for a neck lift. You will not only know your team personally but receive a first physical examination and a recording of your medical history. That’s also the time doctors will explain several techniques for a neck lift. Risks and alternative methods will be explained to you and also the costs for a neck lift in Turkey.

Individually to an aesthetic beautiful Neck

After the examination, several methods come into consideration to get rid of the wrinkled structures. A cosmetic surgeon selects the most effective method. It can be, that a face lifting together with a neck lift is performed.

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The Practice of the Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons in Case of a Neck Lift

Turkish plastic surgeons doing a neck lift with professional skill and experience with European standards.

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They accomplish an individual convincing long lasting result. Get convinced. We are working with the most capable and reliable Turkish surgeons.

Neck Lift: The Practise and Technique

Normally a neck lift can be performed ambulant together with local anaesthesia. Often excessive fat is tapped and redundant skin is lifted. A special suture technique is used beneath the chin or behind the ears for unobtrusive scars. Together with the skin can muscular tissue be lifted. Defined forms of wrinkles can be treated with therapy of injections.

Back to a “Swanlike Neck”

There are a few forms for therapy for a neck lift available. Important is to select the best, most effective long lasting one. Trim and smooth gives you a younger and more vital look.

Trust our cosmetic surgeons in Turkey. Your neck lift will be performed with the highest professionalism. After a period of regeneration, you can enjoy your swanlike neck.

Aesthetic Travel likes to mediate for you an appointment for counselling with one of the Turkish specialists for a neck lift. You can enjoy a beauty treatment and recreation in one of the metropolis of Turkey.

Neck Lift – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    2 - 4 Hours

  • Hospitalization

    1 Day

  • Regeneration

    2 Days

  • Costs

    from 2,300 EUR

Is a Neck Lift for me possible?

Already with the age of 35, the skin in the neck area slackens, even when the facial skin still has enough volume and lift. Women and men, concerned with their looks, will not accept this aesthetic flaw. After all, contributes a flawless neck to an attractive appearance. A neck lift works like a visual rejuvenating cure.

Can a Neck Lift be combined with other Cosmetic Operations?

A neck lift must not be considered as an isolated case. In some cases, it is useful to combine a neck lift with a face lifting for a longlasting effect. Many patients suffer from a distinct double chin. This can be removed with liposuction. Your surgeon will you advise and explain to you, which one of the methods gives the desired result.

How a Neck Lift is performed?

With the operative procedure, the slackened skin in the neck area is lifted. Sometimes the surgeon has also to position sagged musculature to get an aesthetic result. Too much fat in the chin can be corrected by liposuction. A section is often made behind the ears or beneath the chin. This can vary from patient to patient.

What do I have to observe after a Neck Lift?

In the first few days after a neck lift, the mobility of the head can be limited. Maybe patients will have swellings, but these will be gone after a short time. Patients will be applied with a compression bandage to support wound healing. You have to keep your neck area steady and to avoid unnecessary movements.

When can I after a Neck Lift work again?

You should rest for ten to fourteen days before you return to work. Physical work should not be done before two or three weeks after the operation. After four to six weeks you can do sports unrestricted.

Is a Neck Lift posing a Risk?

It is very normal that after a neck lift to have light haematomas, swellings or numbness. These will be gone within days or weeks. In rare cases, it comes after a neck lift to postoperative haemorrhage, circulatory disorder or problems with the wound healing.

How much is a Neck Lift in Turkey?

The cost for a neck lift in Turkey is about EUR 2.300. The exact price goes by the necessary effort of the neck lift. We can discuss costs in details on cosmetic surgery by phone. After that, you will receive a written offer with a fixed price. You will receive a superb treatment to fair conditions. You can be confident, that you will be in good hands with Aesthetic Travel!

Neck Lift Before After

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