Face Lifting by Specialists in Turkey

The natural ageing process of the skin and the beneath tissue is not stopping at your face. The mirror reveals from time to time a fold here and some wrinkles or excessive fat deposits there. You begin to think of opportunities to get back a natural and juvenile look with a gentle method on your skin and think of a face lifting.

Facelifting Kosten

It is common knowledge, that Turkish cosmetic surgeon performs with high sensibility and valid expertise cosmetic surgery of the face. Incisions have to be set if possible invisible. After the healing process, the face has not to look mask-like.

Our Aesthetic Travel team in Antalya have contacts to well-known Turkish specialist for face lifting and are happy to arrange for an appointment with one of the cosmetic surgeons of Turkey. Give us a call for easy access!

Face Lifting: Professionally qualified Consulting and an individually Treatment Concept

Before a Turkish cosmetic surgeon performs any face lifting he will get into details about your ideas and visions, then he will explain to you in detail the opportunities of aesthetic plastic surgery. He has to study your parts of the face: Eyes and forehead region, the middle thirds of the face, the region around the mouth, and the neck and chin area. The procedure is performed with the goal to give a harmonious result of all areas and regions of the face.

Beyond this, you are interviewed about your medical history. Everything is explained to you by the surgeon for the procedure about risks, complications, costs and even alternatives about face lifting in Turkey.

Rejuvenation of the Face

Our cooperating cosmetic surgeons in Turkey compiling an individually and tailored concept for a rejuvenation of the face. it gives your face a lasting natural and youthful dynamic. The following structures can be modelled with face lifting:

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How Turkish Cosmetic Surgeons perform a Face Lifting?

All procedures for a face lifting by Turkish cosmetic surgeons are performed with modern and hygiene standards.

Implementation of Face Lifting

Facelifting Türkei Kosten

For the operative tightening and rehabilitation of parts of the face, you will be under general anaesthetic or twilight sleep. Normal is a stay after the procedure of one day in hospital scheduled. During the operation the facial skin is carefully tightened, excessive fat removed or lacking fat tissue formed. New contours are modelled for a natural and youthful look. Age-related wrinkles or folds of facial expressions are successfully smoothed.

Ideally, this operation can be combined with other cosmetic surgery concepts like a nose correction or chin correction. With this combination, the result is a tightening of the facial skins and a harmonisation of your face profile.

Face Lifting gentle performed with professional Expertise

Cosmetic surgery concepts adapted to your needs and a result with changes people will not recognize as an operative procedure. The time clock has been reversed and you will have a younger look. Enjoy it!

The team from Aesthetic Travel will give you information for a successful face lifting in Turkey performed by specialised plastic surgeons. Don’t hesitate, and contact us. We are glad to help you!

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Face Lifting – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    2 - 6 Hours

  • Hospitalization

    1 - 2 Day

  • Regeneration

    1 Week

  • Costs

    from 2,800 EUR

What happens by a Face Lifting?

Face lifting or Rhytidectomy is an effective method to smooth the whole face region and the neck area. Sunken skin patches are lifted by an operative procedure and brought back to the original position. The face receives new elasticity and youthful vitality. Jowls, sagging facial skin and deep folds at the neck can be corrected with a face lifting. With this cosmetic surgery, several indications of ageing skin are dealt with, as there is deterioration of elasticity and volume depletion.

What Age is ideal for a permanent Face Lifting?

When your facial skin shows viewable Atony, you are a candidate for a face lifting. A facelifting is recommendable and reasonable for people from the age of 40 and more. This kind of plastic surgery is popular by women and men and counts for one of the most performed cosmetic operations to have a more youthful facial expression.

Is a Face Lifting a lasting Rejuvenation of the Facial Skin?

Face lifting is a long-lasting procedure for smoothing skin and tightening of the face. The duration depends on the lifestyle and the genetic condition of the patient. Results of face lifting are recognisable for 8 to 15 years. It is to understand that the skin is still ageing and this cannot be stopped by face lifting. But after years can a new face lifting be performed.

Where are the Incisions are set by classic Face Lifting? Are there viewable Scars?

With a classic facelifting the incision is made at the hairline at the temple and proceeds around the ear and ends at the hairy part of the back of the head. Naturally, every incision has to be adjusted to the patient. Your doctor will inform you about the incision before the operation. All scars after a face lifting healing normally within 2 to 6 month and are barely visible. For the time before scars can easily be concealed with a skilful hairstyle or by makeup.

Is the Face Lifting a painful operative Procedure?

Every face lifting is done under general anaesthetic in a renowned clinic. Post-operative pain is not expected. Many patients recognise an unpleasant feeling of tension in the face. This has to be treated with a pain reliever. Bruises, swellings or light numbness can occur. This should vanish within 10 to 14 days.

When can I return to Work and have sporty Activities?

A period for the rest of 2 to 3 weeks is recommendable. Short walks in the fresh air are allowed to support the healing process. Sporty activities with rising blood pressure are not allowed before four weeks after a face lifting.

Will Friends Workmates recognise my Face Lifting?

Our face lifting in Turkey is performed from seasoned and experienced doctors. After the healing process, there are no noticeable scars or the feared mask-like effect. Your colleagues and friends will notice your more youthful and vital look.

Face Lifting Before After

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