Your Eyelid Correction in Turkey

You are wearing a dull look and your eyelids permanently hanging down, even after enough sleep, a healthy diet, and a good stress balance. Makeup cannot masking this and you have the feeling, you’re constrained in your quality of living?

Augenlidkorrektur Kosten

We here from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya have a solution for you! An eyelid correction with a professional performed surgical procedure to give your eyelids a lift and rectification of dark eye circles. With an eyelid correction in Turkey, you save on costs for cosmetic surgery! You have still questions? Don’t hesitate and contact us for a counselling.

Eye Bags, dark Rings under the Eyes and sagging Eyelids – What can be done?

Especially eye bags and so-called hooded eyelids giving a face a look of early ageing. The nature of the skin matters and plays a prominent role. Because irregularities, swellings and dark wrinkles are seen easily at the delicate eyelid. For a new refreshing look with new personal wellbeing, we from Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya offer you the right plastic surgery for your face in Turkey.

It is not only for a successful eyelid correction and younger look, but this operation also has the advantage to remove constant pressure and normalisation of your field of vision. Contact lenses are nor more to chafe and to apply makeup is no problem anymore.

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How is the Process of an Eyelid Correction in Turkey?

Augenlidkorrektur Türkei Kosten

For an energetic look, the Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya suggests an eyelid correction. With this procedure excessive skin, muscle tissues and too much fat is removed. First, incisions will be marked by your surgeon on the skin. After this follows the sedation. So that no scars will be visible, the incisions will be parallel to the edge of the eyelid. Microfine stitches are used to close the margin of the wound.
You suffer from eye bags, a classic problem of the lower eyelid. Doctors call it ectropion of the eyelid or entropion of the eyelid. From these will develop the ageing process. In Turkey, you can have your aesthetic correction of the eye bags. With advancing age the fat wanders to the lower eyelids and bulging the thin skin of the eyelid. With an unremarkable incision at the edge of the eyelid, the surgeon opens the skin and can remove fat tissue. Important to know, to prevent a malposition at the lower eyelid, it is fixed to the bone. A lower eyelid correction takes more time as an upper eyelid correction (about 90 minutes), we from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya advise our patients to have a general anaesthetic. An alternative to this procedure, operations can be performed through the conjunctiva bag without leaving any scars.

How are dark Rings under the Eyes removed?

If you suffer from ‘real’ eye bags with bulging lower eyelids, the most efficient correction is by a lower lid plastic surgery. There are alternatives for treatment in Turkey without an operative procedure and cosmetic surgery tightening. In this case, hyaluronic acid or your fat can be injected. the hyaluronic acid method comes cheaper, especially in Turkey, but the results with own fat injection are much more favourable. To get fat for injection by dark rings under the eyes, doctors will get fat from the knee, stomach or legs by liposuction. This process will weaken the body additionally.

Eyelid Correction – at a Glance
  • Duration of Treatment

    1 - 3 Hours

  • Hospitalization


  • Regeneration


  • Costs

    from 1,800 EUR

What transpires by an Eyelid Correction and when is this Procedure needed?

With increasing age, the skin is affected by an increased wrinkle formation at the upper eyelid. This makes ones look tired and sad. It can result in a restriction of the field of vision. With an eyelid correction or in medical terms blepharoplastic, sagging skin parts and excessive fat and tissue removed, to result in an effect of rejuvenation.

How developing slacking Eyelids? Can these be operatively corrected?

Slacking eyelids develop in the ageing process when on forehead or eyebrows the skin loses volume and lift. This phenomenon can occur also in young years and is of genetic origin. The moveable part of the eyelid is not to be seen anymore and is covered, producing a less open and fresh sight. This is a cosmetic flaw. Heavy sagging eyelids can restrict the view and strain the eye. With an eyelid correction, these problems will be revised.

Will be Eye Bags permanently removed with an Eyelid Correction?

Eye bags are a visible sign of ageing. They develope with the slackening of the skin and bulging of fat deposits at the lower eyelid. Naturally, these striking changes can be corrected with an operative procedure (lower eyelid correction). The surgeon setting a small incision at the lower eyelid and tightens the skin and removes excess fat tissue.

Is the Result of an Eyelid Correction permanent?

Yes! With an eyelid correction, aesthetic results are permanent. Patients, who have decided for an eyelid correction in Turkey, had a much fresher and more vital look after the procedure. This effect is obtained for many years and gives enhanced wellbeing.

What are the Risks for this Operation?

An eyelid correction is one of the low-risk operations and is done under local anaesthesia. Very seldom it comes to complications. There are no postoperative pains to expect. A few days after the procedure, light swelling, haematoma, or numbness can occur.

When can I go back to work after an Eyelid Correction?

After an eyelid correction, patients should rest for five to seven days. You have to avoid sportive activities and heavy works for at least two to three weeks. An eyelid correction in Turkey offers you the advantage to combine this cosmetic surgery with a relaxed vacation in Antalya.

Eyelid Correction Before After

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